Paying for your education can feel like an overwhelming hurdle, but the team at Bluefield State can help. Most of our students receive aid of some kind, and we’ll direct you to the best option for you, whether that’s through federal or state funding or a scholarship opportunity.

The most important thing to do, which begins the process, is fill out a free application for federal student aid (or FAFSA). For consideration for the WV Grant (for West Virginia residents only), your application must be submitted by April 15. Be sure to complete all sections of the form and list the Bluefield State school code (003809) in the appropriate box.

Visit the FAFSA website

Once you’ve filed your application, you will receive a report for your records. Bluefield State's Financial Aid office will receive a copy for their records. If we need any additional information, we’ll get in touch. Once all materials are submitted, you can expect to receive a decision letter in around two to three weeks (though the timing depends on when you apply).

Payments Related to Financial Aid

Tuition, fees and other college expenses (such as book loans and parking fines, etc.) will be collected from the first available source(s) of aid. 

Students must attend all classes so that the total number of semester hours equals the hours upon which the aid award is based. Those reported for non-attendance may have to repay a portion or all of their awards. 

If students officially withdraw from the college, institutional refunds will be applied to financial aid accounts first, in accordance with federal and institutional policy. Students may be required to repay a portion of the balance of a grant depending on the date of withdrawal or the date of notified non-attendance.

Tuition & Fees