The presence of the Student Life Office is evidence of the commitment of Bluefield State to the belief that education extends beyond the classroom.

In addition to academic enrichment, we are committed to the social, cultural, and physical development of our students. The Student Life Office, working closely with other offices within Student Affairs and across the Campus Community, is dedicated to assisting students to gain as much as possible from a "total" college experience. We accomplish our mission through providing outlets for students interest, leadership opportunities, cultural and educational activities, entertainment and intramural activities, among other events.

Mission Statement

The Offices of Student Life is committed to providing the services needed to help Bluefield State students enhance and enrich their own social cultural and physical development and is dedicated to assisting the student gain as much as possible from a ‘total' college experience. We accomplish this by working with and providing support for the students as they participate extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities and other related learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Vision Statement

A vision statement should describe how we would operate in a perfect world. Basically, if the Student Life Office were just as we wanted it, what would the result be? The answers to these questions provide our vision of what we need to be striving toward and what would ideally happen as we accomplish our mission. In doing so, we strive to create a campus...

...where students are not "uninvolved" or "over-involved."
...that graduates students who have developed a sense of activism and civic responsibility.
...where programs and activities both entertain and educate.
...where faculty and staff are involved in the education of students outside of the classroom.
...where student success and retention are increasing.
...where students have the opportunity to gain leadership skills and abilities.

Our Mandates

Mandates are the issues we address as we work toward our mission. These are the primary functions of the Student Life Office.

  1. Leadership Development: To expose students to situations that will allow them the opportunity to exercise leadership and management skills and apply knowledge from the classroom in other situations.  

  2. Off-Campus Housing: To provide referral services for students who seek housing in the Bluefield area and to educate students in matters relating to finding and maintaining a place of residence.  

  3. Service Learning/Volunteerism: To assist students in developing a sense of community responsibility and civic-mindedness that will carry over into their careers and encourage them to be active community members.  

  4. Greek Council: To provide resources and advisement for the Greek organizations of Bluefield State College.  

  5. Support for Other Areas: To assist with the programs of other areas within the Bluefield State College Community, i.e., orientation, registration, graduation, Emerging Scholars, etc. 

  6. Activities/Programs: To provide not only entertainment and social and cultural enrichment for the students of Bluefield State, but also provide a learning process by facilitating the students in planning, implementing and evaluating their own campus programming. This is one of our most "visible" mandates and the one in which we are able to be of primary service to our secondary stakeholders (alumni and community).  

  7. Student Publications: To provide advisement and resources for the student newspaper and the yearbook and publish the Student Life Calendar, the Student Handbook, and other documents as requested.  

  8. Student Organizations: to facilitate the growth and development of our students by helping them organize with other students who have similar interests and then serving as a base of resource for those organizations.

Values Statement

The purpose of our values statement was to answer a couple of key questions: How do we want to relate to the people we serve? What is important in our relationship with them and how do we want to conduct our business? Simply put, what is important to us? This process resulted in the development of a list of six concepts that we deemed to be of the most value. We then defined those words as they pertained to our operation:

  1. Education: The advancement of the knowledge base of our students through the life-application of their academic pursuits.

  2. Support: To affirm and endorse the education of the students we serve as well as the programs and goals of other offices within the Bluefield State College Community as they accomplish their own mission and goals.

  3. Growth: The mental, social, physical and emotional development of our students.

  4. Service: To develop a sense of "active citizenship" and generate a feeling of community responsibility among our students.

  5. Involvement: The promotion of the idea that student involvement is important and leads to enhanced retention and academic success.

  6. Teamwork: That we will plan with, and not for, the students as we work to accomplish our mission.

Offices of Student Life

Student Programs & Publications (Room 203)

Housing Coordinator (Room 203)

Voter Registration (Room 203)

College Newspaper - "The Bluefieldian" (Room 201)

Intramural Sports (Room 103)

Game Room (Room 106)

Pay Phone (Second Floor)

Program Activities

Bluefield State College Program Activities are coordinated through Student Life.

Student Handbook

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