Emergency phones

As you navigate through campus, you will notice that there are numerous phone’s located around campus. Should you need any assistance, or have an emergency, press the “call” button on these devices. Speak loud and clear into the device in insure the operator can hear and understand you. Be prepared to state your name, location, and type of emergency. In case of emergency, call 911.

Emergency Phone Locations

  • Student Center Parking Lot
  • In front of Brown-Gilbert Basic Science Building
  • In the garage underneath the Brown-Gilbert Basic Science Building
  • The “Pit’ parking lot
  • The Route 52 parking lot
  • Dickason Hall upper parking lot

Escort Service

Here at the Bluefield State College Office of Public Safety, your safety is our top priority. If you feel your personal safety is at risk while walking to your vehicle, call the Office of Public Safety, and an officer will escort you to your vehicle.

When walking on campus during the evening hour, you are encouraged to walk with another person; and use well-lighted and well-traveled routes. The service is provided free of charge to members of the Bluefield State College community and may be obtained by calling 304-327-4000. Be prepared to state your name and location, and an officer will be dispatched to meet you.

Alternatives to Escorts

  • Try walking in pairs with a fellow classmate or coworker. Being in a group is always safer than walking alone.
  • Try to park as close to where you work or go to class as possible.
  • Try to break up your pattern of travel. Predators can memorize your travel patterns and attack you when you least expect it.
  • Walk in well- lit areas and near areas often traveled.
  • If at any time you feel unsafe and need assistance, call our office number, 304-327-4000 or 911 and an officer will be dispatched to you.

Please note: Officer assistance is based on availability, and there might be a slight wait time.

Lost and Found

The Bluefield State College Office of Public Safety maintains campus lost and found for specific items. Due to limited space and personnel we accept only the items listed below.

  • Serialized items
  • I.D. cards
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Wallets
  • Cash
  • Items valued at over $100
  • Keys

Lost and Found items are stored in the Office of Public Safety

Check during normal hours of operation.

Claiming Lost and Found Property

If you have lost an item, please call 304-327-4000 or stop by our department, located on the bottom floor of Conley Hall. You will need to provide a thorough description of the item(s) lost and a photo ID.

To report small issues on campus, please email the Office of Public Safety at publicsafety@bluefieldstate.edu.