The following policies are released by the Board of Governors for a 30-day comment period.

Executive Orders


Executive Order 20-005

Executive Order 20-006


Policy No. 1: Change in the organization of colleges, schools, divisions, departments or other administrative units

Policy No. 2: Naming or renaming of buildings or organizational units

Policy No. 3: Harassment

Policy No. 4: Sabbatical Leave

Policy No. 5: Program Review

Policy No. 6: Grade point average for associate and baccalaureate degrees

Policy No. 7: Assessment, payment and refund of fees

Policy No. 8: Holidays

Policy No. 9: Staff Development

Policy No. 10: Alcoholic beverages on campus

Policy No. 11: Awarding of undergraduate and graduate fee waivers

Policy No. 12: Use of institutional facilities

Policy No. 13: Social justice

Policy No. 14: Student rights and responsibilities

Policy No. 15: Student academic rights

Policy No. 16: Faculty development

Policy No. 17: Classified employees

Policy No. 18: Employee leave

Policy No. 19: Academic freedom, professional responsibility, promotion, and tenure

Policy No. 20: Ethics

Policy No. 21: Standards & procedures for undergraduate admissions

Policy No. 22: Travel

Policy No. 23: Assignment of academic credit & financing noncredit instruction

Policy No. 24: Presidential appointment, responsibilities and evaluation

Policy No. 25: Personnel administration

Policy No. 26: Employment of adjunct part-time faculty

Policy No. 27: Measles And Rubella Immunization

Policy No. 28: Inter-institutional cooperation & sharing between public & private higher education in West Virginia

Policy No. 29: Purchasing

Policy No. 30: Reduced tuition & fee program for state residents who are at least sixty-five years of age

Policy No. 31: Credit card solicitation on the Bluefield State College campuses

Policy No. 32: Making agendas available to the public

Policy No. 34: Disposition of obsolete and unusable equipment, surplus supplies, & other unneeded materials for Bluefield State

Policy No. 35: Catastrophic leave

Policy No. 36: Textbook list

Policy No. 37: Enforcement & penalties for traffic and parking

Policy No. 38: Bluefield State College faculty salary pay plan

Policy No. 39: Employment innovations

Policy No. 40: Grievance procedure

Policy No. 41: Salary policy

Policy No. 42: Hiring policy

Policy No. 43: Research & scholarship misconduct

Policy No. 44: Enrollment management council

Policy No. 45: Institutional bookstore return policy

Policy No. 46: Chemical hygiene

Policy No. 47: Bluefield State College archives & records management policy

Policy No. 48: Campus safety policy

Policy No. 49: Employee wellness

Policy No. 50: Drug & alcohol-free campus & workplace

Policy No. 51: Policy on policies

Policy No. 52: Employment of relatives (nepotism)

Policy No. 53: Extramural grants and contracts administration

Policy No. 54: Information technology acceptable use policy

Policy No. 55: Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

Policy No. 56: Financial conflict of interest on federal grants policy

Policy No. 57: Fundraising policies & guidelines

Policy No. 58: West Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests

Policy No. 59: Transferability of credits

Policy No. 60:  Awarding Undergraduate College Credit for Prior Learning

Policy No. 61:  Classified Staff Workforce Reduction

Policy No. 62: Financial Exigency