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Completing Bluefield State’s online orientation recorded video presentation and online quiz will help you with the transition to college by providing you with basic information on all things BSU. We hope that through watching the film and completing the quiz this information will promote a successful beginning and guide you through your first semester. For more information on General Information, Academic Services, & Student Services, go to the Student Handbook.
Please answer each question. Once completed, submit your responses and you will receive additional email correspondence in the near future with quiz results and next steps. Go Big Blue!
1. How do students apply for Federal Financial Aid?(Required)
2. Students cannot share the same FSA ID with a parent/guardian.(Required)
3. What is the best location to find out about Institutional Scholarships for students?(Required)
4. Where do new students register for classes for their first year at Bluefield State?(Required)
5. The Counseling Center provides personal counseling for all BSU Students.(Required)
6. The Counseling Center provides free proctoring services for all BSU Students.(Required)
7. A member of the Faculty or Staff can initiate a student withdrawal from a class.(Required)
8. Only students can complete the FERPA release authorization form.(Required)
9. Degree Works can be found at the following location:(Required)
10. Students who are enrolled at the university are subject to the rules & regulations of Bluefield State.(Required)
11. Students can find out more information about student employment on campus at:(Required)
12. Students who have applied for and received a residence hall room assignment do NOT have to complete a meal plan application.(Required)
13. The best email to reach someone from the Office of Housing & Residence Life is:(Required)
14. The Academic Success Center does not provide online tutoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week.(Required)
15. The purpose of the BSU Writing Lab is to:(Required)
16. Examples of Plagiarism include:(Required)
17. If you have a documented physical or learning disability that requires classroom accommodations, you must register with Carolyn Kirby, in Basic Science Building Room #110 at the beginning of each semester.(Required)
18. Appointments are necessary to see a member of the Student Health Center Staff(Required)
19. Students can receive the following services at the Student Health Center(Required)
20. Students at Bluefield State can join national fraternities or sororities if they meet all eligibility requirements.(Required)
21. The Fall 2023 Semester Student Engagement Fair is on what date this year in the Student Union?(Required)
22. The Office of Student Activities offers the BSU Leadership Certification Program for all new students each academic year.(Required)
23. When students sign up for the BSU Alert Emergency Notification System, they can also sign up a parent or guardian to receive the alerts.(Required)