Emergency Aid Grant

The West Virginia Emergency Grant Program was developed to provide quick, easy-to-access aid to students who are experiencing a short-term financial emergency that affects their ability to succeed college courses. Applying is easy and turnaround time is fast, so you can resolve the emergency and shift your focus back to your studies and your future.

Who Can Apply

This program is in a pilot phase. If you are experiencing an eligible emergency situation, have not already received a grant from this program, and attend Bluefield State College, you are eligible to apply.

What's Covered

The grant pays for temporary, one-time financial needs that stems from an eligible emergency situation and prevent you from enrolling in, attending, or succeeding in your courses. It does not include routine, ongoing expenses like a monthly car payment or regular daycare bill.

Eligible emergency situations include:

  1. Food insecurity (e.g., you are unable to purchase or access food)
  2. Loss of or potential loss of housing (e.g., you are facing eviction, you had to move out due to an unsafe situation like a fire or domestic abuse)
  3. Disruptions in transportation (e.g., your car is not running and needs repairs you can’t afford, your carpool situation ended and you need to access public transportation)
  4. Disruptions in basic utility services at your residence (e.g., your electricity or water was turned off)
  5. Disruptions in childcare (e.g., your family friend cannot watch your child for a week or your child has to be out of school due to COVID exposure, and you must pay for a sitter)
  6. Inability to pay for an emergency medical procedure (e.g., you need to have a tooth pulled but cannot afford the medical bill)
  7. Inability to resolve a registration hold with your college that is financial in nature
  8. Inability to purchase required books and classroom supplies
  9. Other emergency situations, as determined appropriate by your college

Campuses can distribute funds in the form of cash, bursar credit, or gift card to a locally available establishment like a grocery store.

How to Apply

Click on the link below to apply. Once you do, someone from the college will reach out with more information. You can expect a response within one week. Please actively monitor your campus email and the phone number listed on your application during this time.

Apply Here
Scholarship America

In Partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and Scholarship America, Bluefield State College now offers eligible students emergency funding. The college will award emergency grants of up to $1,000 per calendar year to eligible students experiencing a financial emergency—defined as an unforeseen expense that, if not resolved quickly, could lead to the student’s departure from the college and a loss of momentum toward completion.


Who Can Apply

  1. Be a degree-seeking student and meet your institution’s satisfactory academic progress requirements as of the date of the award.
  2. Be enrolled during the academic term in which the Emergency Aid grant is awarded.
  3. Complete an Emergency Aid application using the Scholarship America portal (see below) and include documentation of the expenses.

What's Covered

  1. Eligible expenses include but are not limited to utilities, housing/rent, food, medical/dental, transportation and childcare.
  2. Non-eligible school expenses: parking, fines, tuition, books, supplies and required tools/equipment.
  3. Examples of documentation: For a car repair, a student should provide a mechanic’s estimate. For backup childcare, a student should provide a bill from the backup childcare provider.

How To Apply

The Emergency Fund Committee will decide on your application within 2 business days of all documentation being provided, and all questions the committee has being answered by the applicant. You may be required to meet with a college official in person to complete this process. Payments to the person or organization for which you are trying to access payment, if approved, will be made within two business days of the decision.

Apply Here