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Welcome to the BOLD Program


The world needs effective and ethical leadership. Are you BOLD enough to accept this challenge?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s “Educational Attainment in the United States: 2018” report, over 60%
of U.S. citizens have accrued some college credits but have not attained a bachelor’s degree. Why? Because
life happens. Life-altering events, such as long-term medical situations, a new child, a sudden change in
finances, a change in the family, the need to take up caregiver duties, or something as drastic as a global
pandemic. Life can insinuate itself as a roadblock to the best efforts, causing many to place their pursuit
of a bachelor’s degree on the shelf.

Bluefield State University’s 100% online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership Development or BOLD
may prove an excellent avenue for completing your academic journey. Our program will help you develop the
core leadership skills necessary to fill key organizational positions in the emerging global marketplace by
utilizing your collegiate and real-life experience toward your bachelor’s degree.

The BOLD program bachelor’s degree can help you develop the marketable skills to make you an attractive
candidate for the corporate world, government positions, and the nonprofit sector. The program is presented
as an asynchronous online degree completion program that follows the admission and degree requirements of
the WVHEPC RBA Program. BOLD comprises 39 upper-level academic credit hours that apply to the 39 upper-level
academic hours specified below as part of the degree requirements.

You can officially enroll in the BOLD Program if you are at least 21 years of age and have the

  • You have completed 36 hours of General Studies courses.
  • You have completed at least 60 academic credit hours with a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average.



Why a BOLD bachelor’s degree?


The Cengage Group’s “Employability Report,” published in May 2022, highlights that 65% (two out
of three)
employers consider a bachelor’s degree essential for new hire candidates. The BOLD curriculum
aims to
equip future leaders with multifaceted leadership and communication skills for the emerging
international marketplace. As featured in the BOLD program, authentic leadership concepts can
graduates with the tools to manage change and build edifying, sustainable workplace

This online program is primarily asynchronous, allowing maximum flexibility for busy lives. The
range from various business leadership topics, including rhetorical expression, ethical
marketing, finance, organizational communication, negotiations, project management,
psychology, organizational law, and human resources.

If you are preparing for a career pivot, entering the business world for the first time, or is
your own
business, Bluefield State University’s BOLD degree can assist you in attaining these goals while
remaining affordable. The program’s practical approach provides hands-on experience that can
serve as
resume points and portfolio highlights.

Your BOLD degree will increase earning potential by making you a more attractive hire. The
Center for Education Statistics’ “Report on the Condition of Education 2022” states that those
bachelor’s degrees in 2020 earned $20,000 more than those with some college but no degree. Also,
a bold
degree opens the door for a higher degree, such as a master’s or doctorate degree, which can
increase your earning potential.


Why Bluefield State University?


Bluefield State is one of two HBCUs in West Virginia and one of the country’s fastest-growing
HBCUs. Our
student population is becoming increasingly diverse, representing more than ten countries and 30
Embracing the diversity that shapes our world, the University strives to assist students from
all walks
of life in achieving their personal and professional goals. Using the expertise of faculty and
along with the commitment of its students and alums, Bluefield State University will continue to
for excellence in learning, service to the community, and advancements in research. Proficiency
in these
areas enables the Institution and its graduates to make significant contributions at the
state, national, and global levels.

Let us help you realize your dreams! Be bold and take the challenge that leads to your future.