Student in a lab

Bluefield State is a proud mix of students pursuing diverse paths: aspiring nurses wanting a fast track to their first job, recent high-school grads establishing a four-year foundation, future graduate scholars seeking an affordable start, international students wanting to experience American college life.

While there’s no one student experience at Bluefield State, your time here is sure to be an important step closer to wherever you want to go.

Through modest class sizes, deeply supportive staff and a strong camaraderie on campus, you will experience a true sense of community at Bluefield State. Here, your peers are in it with you and your professors know your story. 

We also meet you where you are, rather than funneling you through a rigid system. If you’re balancing a job, a budget or a family, then you are in safe company. You can choose to invest fully on campus—through top-notch research labs, clubs and groups, and internships—or focus on coursework and press for the finish line.

Regardless of the student experience you want, at Bluefield State you will help continue a strong tradition of resilience—one shaped by the many individuals who have climbed these mountainside steps, advanced their lives and left closer to their summit than where they started.