The School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) integrates four traditional disciplines into a unique curriculum focused on 21st-century problem-solving.

Bluefield State is one of two colleges or universities offering STEM curricula in West Virginia. Our career job placement rate is close to 100%.

We offer Baccalaureate degrees in four fields of Engineering Technology: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Management. Associate degrees are also available in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering technology.

We offer Baccalaureate degrees in two fields of Applied Science and Mathematics: Pre-Medicine and Interdisciplinary Science Studies. Minors from the Department of Applied Science and Mathematics include: Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, and Mathematics.

We also offer a Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science.


Small classes, extensive lab experience, team-building and one-to-one instruction have distinguished a Bluefield State education. As one example, our robotics teams have won international competitions twice in recent years.

Qualified students may also want to explore options at the Honors College: www.bluefieldstate.edu/honors.

Student Testimonials
Raenel Crenshaw

"We're a standout school simply because every faculty member, professor, teacher, grounds crew...makes you feel welcome and will help you in any way, shape, or form!"