The School of Nursing and Allied Health offers the RN-BSN Baccalaureate degree and the Associate degree in Nursing. It also offers the Baccalaureate degree in Imaging Science and the Associate degree in Radiologic Technology.

The Baccalaureate in Nursing (RN-BSN) and Imaging Science may be completed as 2+2 programs.

The School emphasizes quality instruction and individualized advising leading to timely completion of degree requirements and high placement rates for its graduates.


Our mission is to provide a quality, affordable and geographically accessible foundation in nursing, a variety of imaging modalities, and studies in allied health.

Students are exposed to a full range of clinical experience, including all stages of the lifespan.

Professional codes of conduct and ethics are emphasized strongly.

How to Apply

Enrollment in Allied Health programs is restricted to specific times of year in order to comply with accreditation standards. The Radiologic Technology and accelerated LPN-to-RN programs begin with Summer terms. The Associate degree in Nursing begins Fall semester.

Applications must be submitted September 1 through December 15 annually for the A.S. Nursing, Accelerated LPN-to-RN and A.S. Radiologic Technology programs, as well as the Sonography concentration.

The application file must be completed by January 31 of the year for which admission is sought. The student is responsible for confirming completion.

The application for the RN-to-BSN program is available year-round. The Fall class is accepted beginning in the Spring semester of the year for which admission is sought.

A physical examination, immunization records and background check are REQUIRED prior to admittance. The background check will be completed at the student’s expense through Castle Branch.

Drug screening will be completed upon admission/enrollment and thereafter as dictated by the individual program.

Health insurance is REQUIRED and MUST be presented with all other documentation.

Students must purchase uniforms and other equipment required by their degree program.

Students are responsible for transportation to and from the College, as well as to health agencies utilized for clinical experiences.

Student Testimonials
Wilimena Jones

"I'm going to go after a degree that I will always have a job...there is just so much here that is offered that you're not going to have access to in larger colleges."


All programs are fully accredited by their corresponding national organizations.

For the Baccalaureate degree in Nursing:


For the Associate Degree in Nursing:


For the Baccalaureate and Associates degrees in Radiologic Technology: