The School Nurse Program is offered as an independent course of study that is not a required portion of the RN to BSN program. The school nurse is a registered professional nurse who has a commitment to lifelong learning. Educational preparation for the school nurse should be at the baccalaureate level, and the school nurse should continue to pursue professional development and continuing nursing education. School nurses typically practice independently and are called upon to assess student health, develop and execute plans for care management, act as first responders, and engage in public health functions such as disease surveillance, immunization compliance, and health promotion. The school nurse is a vital member of the school team that leads change to advance health and collaborates with school staff members, parents and community members to keep students safe at school and healthy to learn.

School Nurse Program Courses (2)

  • NURS 414 Foundations and Principles of School Health Nursing (Online), 3 semester hours. Spring Semester Only. CO: NURS 416
  • NURS 416 School Health Nursing Practicum (Completed in Home County), 3 semester hours. Spring Semester Only. CO: NURS 414

School Nurse Eligibility and Endorsement (Must have valid RN License)

These elective courses may be taken by BSN registered nurses and senior Bluefield State College BSN students.

Applicants who are not current Bluefield State College BSN seniors OR current contract nurses must complete a background check with This information will be sent to you via email from the School of Nursing & Allied Health upon completion of the Special Student Application.

Registered nurses who have a BSN and have completed this School Nurse Program may apply to the West Virginia Department of Education for endorsement as a school nurse. The School Nurse program is approved by the West Virginia Department of Education.

These courses are offered in the spring only with instruction provided by Angelia Hopkins, MSN, RN, a WV certified school nurse. Students may register over the phone by calling the SNAH Office at 304-327-4136. The student who is not a current Bluefield State College student will need to register with Bluefield State College as a Special Student. The registration process should be completed by the end of November.