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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Transcript Request

Each student at Bluefield State College is entitled to one official transcript of his/her record free of charge. 

An application for a transcript of credit should give the date of the last attendance at Bluefield State College and the student's i.d. number. Married women should give their maiden names and their married names.

What is an Academic Transcript?
An Academic Transcript is the official cumulative academic record of a student. It contains the terms a student was enrolled and what classes were taken. It also contains the grades earned, degrees awarded, academic actions and honors. Some demographic information such as name, student ID number, and address is also included on the transcript. There are two types of transcripts, official and unofficial. An official academic transcript is printed on the college’s transcript paper and contains the school stamp and signature of the Registrar. It is a formal certified document in a sealed envelope with the Registrar’s stamp. Official transcripts are normally required by educational institutions, employers, government agencies, etc.  Official transcript cannot be faxed. Unofficial transcripts contain the same information as an official transcript, but it is not printed on transcript paper and does not contain the school stamp or the Registrar’s signature.  Unofficial transcripts may be faxed.

How can I get a copy of my transcript?
A request for a transcript must be made by the student in writing. A transcript request form can be found in the Registrar’s Office or through the link on the Registrar’s Office website under current students under the enrollment management tab  Requests may also be mailed or faxed to the Registrar’s Office,  Requests made via the telephone, voicemail or email will not be processed.  We are unable to express mail or overnight transcripts.

Send mail requests along with a check or money order to cover the fee(s) to:
Bluefield State College
Attn: Registrar’s Office
219 Rock Street
Bluefield, WV 24701

Or you may fax your transcript request to 304-327-4330. Please provide credit card or debit card information for processing of your transcript fee.

Is there a fee for transcripts?
Yes, there is a $5.00 fee per request. All official transcripts require payment of fee at the time of the request. Payment can be made by check or money order made payable to Bluefield State College or you may pay by cash or credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover. For credit card payments, we will need the name as it appears on the card, the card number, and the four digit expiration date. Please note, no transcripts can be issued if the student has financial holds.

What student information does the Registrar’s Office need when requesting transcripts?
Student’s full name, including any previous names or name changes
Dates of enrollment (when the student attended college)
Student ID Number or Social Security Number
Complete address of where the transcript is to be mailed
Current contact information of student, address and phone number
Student’s signature
Date of the request

How long will it take for my transcript to be sent?
Once the request is received, the transcript can usually be processed and mailed within 24 hours.

Can I get copies of my transcripts from other schools that I attended through Bluefield State College?
No. Transcripts and other official documents received from other schools the student attended become property of Bluefield State College. Federal Policy mandates that we are not able to copy or reproduce those records. Official records and transcripts from other institutions must be obtained through that institution.

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For additional information, contact the Registrar's Office at (304) 327-4060.