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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Student Support Services staff give numerous workshops throughout the semester to help our participants succeed. The workshops currently offered are listed below and new workshops are under development. The staff of SSS welcomes any ideas for workshops that the students would like to see offered so if you have an idea please contact us.(make link to lisa’s email here) 

  • Student Success: This workshop is designed for new participants. In this workshop, you will receive an Academic Organizer Kit (free). This kit contains information on Time Management, Note-taking, Reading Textbooks, Test Taking, and it’s an organizer. 

  • Graduate School: The Process: Learn how to search for the graduate school of your choice and the admissions process. 

  • Show Me The Money:  Find out if there is more scholarship money out there for you!  This workshop will assist students in looking for more scholarship funds and finding other creative ways to offset college expenses. 

  • Final Countdown:  How am I supposed to study for an exam on everything? Does your approach to studying for final exams need CPR? This workshop covers test preparations and study skills that are  specific to final exams.  

  • How am I Supposed to Pass This Test:  Multiple choice, true-false, short answer, essay, and open book exams...Learn how to understand test questions, deal with test anxiety, and prepare for exams. 

  • Math is a Four Letter Word:  The idea of taking a math class got you down? This workshop will help you deal with your math preconceptions and help you become a better math student. 

  • Stress Busters:  Are you so stressed out that you think all hope is lost? This workshop will help you manage your stress by teaching you skills to overcome barriers to your success. 

  • Chill Out and Relax:  You’re getting ready to take an exam, you have sweaty palms, heart  racing, your mind is blank, what do you do? In this workshop, learn relaxation techniques that will help bring you back to focus and calm your nerves. 

  • Impressions: The Art of Achievement: Explore how changing your habits will ensure success. 

  • Essay Writing:  Have a great idea for an essay and have no idea how to organize it? Unsure of how to begin or format a paper? This workshop will show you the basics on how essays are laid out and how to make average papers great college essays. 

  • MLA and APA The Right Way:  Documentation is the easiest and most misunderstood element of essays. This workshop will review the correct documentation methods for MLA and APA citation. 

  • Decoding Your Syllabus/Catalog:  In this workshop, students will learn how to read and decipher college syllabi and gain useful information for understanding the BSC catalog. 

  • Understanding Depression:  Do you have the “blues” or is it depression? In this workshop, you will learn the different types of depression, the symptoms and causes, and understand the treatment options. 

  • I Don’t Know, I Can’t Remember:  Do you study for hours on end and STILL forget when it comes test time? This workshop covers many different memory techniques that can help you turn your “I always forget” into “I remember”. 

  • Note-taking:  Learn strategies and techniques for taking better notes and methods for utilizing notes to make better grades. 

  • Creating the Perfect PowerPoint:  Today’s technologically advanced classrooms require students to use the most innovative tools for powerful presentations. In this workshop you will learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create “A+” presentations! 

  • College Textbook Reading:  Reading college textbooks is not the same as reading a novel! Learn the strategies and techniques to get the most out of your college textbooks in half the time. 

  • Where Did the Time Go?:  There is one simple truth: there are 168 hours in a week! Learn how to utilize, budget, and manage you time to achieve academic success. 

  • Money, Money, Money:  Learn how to budget you finances, save money, and avoid the pitfalls of credit card debt. 

  • Honesty/Relationships/Etiquette:  Explore how to make solid helpful relationships during your college experience.  This workshop gives you the tools you need to be a better student, gain valuable recommendations, make better grades, expand your horizons, and become a professional.  In addition, you will gain a clear understanding of expectations of honesty.  This series counts as three workshops. 

  • Successful Research Methods:  Learn how to do research for your papers in an effective and efficient manner. Designed to help students uncover information from various sources, this workshop will show you how to access the “hidden” information that is available to you. 

  • Learning Styles:  Lights, Camera, Action! How do you learn college material? This workshop will explore the different learning styles and techniques for adapting to different teaching styles. 

  • Leadership Skills:  Leadership is not an inborn trait. IT IS A SKILL! This workshop is designed to teach you how to develop leadership skills while you are in college that will benefit you for a lifetime. 

  • Texting:  The do’s and don'ts of social networking on your cell.