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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Speakers Bureau

The Bluefield State College Speakers Bureau is designed to be a resource for civic, non-profit, educational, and service organizations across West Virginia. Respected speakers from a variety of fields are available to deliver presentations on a wide range of interesting topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Homeland Security
  • Theatre and storytelling
  • Social Capital
  • Criminal Justice & Corrections
  • Women’s Issues
  • Planned Giving
  • International Topics
  • High Energy Physics
  • Marketing
  • American Presidents
  • Ancient Art
  • Mining
  • Arts in Education
  • Fishing
  • Information Literacy
  • BSC Research & Development Corporation
  • Competing in Today’s Job Market

The Speakers Bureau is an excellent and easy way to provide programs of substance offering relevant learning opportunities.  Presentations are designed to inform and stimulate audiences in an entertaining and educational manner.  

Please review this roster of talented speakers and consider them as you plan future programs.  Please call Jim Nelson, Director of Media Relations, at (304) 327-4103 or Karen Gordon, Public Relations Specialist, at (304) 327-4014 with questions or to discuss your plans to host a program.


Topics of Expertise
Facts/Experiences in Areas of Expertise
Aldridge, William E.
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration and Retired Colonel Homeland Security Police Operations Colonel Aldridge served for 31 years in the US Military. He has also been Chief of Staff, WV National Guard, and he has served as Chief of Staff for Task Force Belle Chasse during post-Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts in New Orleans.
Bebout-Carr, Dr. Sharon
Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre Theatre at Bluefield State; Storytelling and Storytelling Workshops; Effective Communication Strategies

Dr. Carr has written and directed three original full length plays and numerous stage adaptations. She has written and performed a full length, one person show and has 20 years experience as a speaker, performer, writer, and director.

Belay, Dr. Tesfaye Associate Professor of Biology Biomedical research and research training opportunities for students Dr. Belay has been a central figure in the expansion of BSC’s biomedical research initiatives and capabilities through grantsmanship and scholarly endeavors.
Ferguson, Dr. Tamara
Associate Professor of English Public Speaking; Social Capital- using interpersonal communication; Teaching Composition work; Education Dr. Ferguson's topic--social capital--considers the features of social organization such as networks, norms, and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit.
Hallman-Warner, Shelia
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Administration Corrections- Related Issues Professor Hallman-Warner presents on a regular basis at national conferences regarding Ethics in Corrections, as well as "The Academic Connection" (higher education benefits). She presented at the WV Dept. of Corrections Leadership Institute, and is a member of Professional Education Council of American Correctional Association.
Halsey-Hunter, Dr. Deb
Professor of Business Many Business Communications Topics; Resumes- Interviews; Technology Topics; Women Issues; Conflict Resolution Dr. Halsey-Hunter has conducted workshops on many topics at many levels- Career Connections (9th grade) on communication. She has also spoken to many women's groups on various women's issues.

Jamkhandi, Dr. Sudhakar R.

Professor of English International Topics Dr. Jamkhandi received the 2002 Cyrus R. Vance Award for the Promotion of International Education in West Virginia. He has extensive experience in arranging business and cultural exchange partnerships.
Kalk, Dr. Julie
Assistant Professor of Physics High Energy Physics Dr. Kalk's topic--The study of high energy physics--is important not only because we don't fully understand how the universe works, but because it generates state-of-the-art technology. The greatest example of this is the www. High energy physics invented the www.
Kirby, Carolyn
Director of Student Support Services 21st Century Competitive Job Market; 1st generation students; non-traditional students Ms. Kirby details how to compete in today's job market and get the job of your dreams. Her presentation includes challenges faced by first generation college students how to overcome barriers to academic success, and how non-traditional students can obtain a college education while meeting the challenges of work and family.
Lilly, Michael H.
Director of the Criminal Justice Program and Professor of Criminal Justice Criminal Justice System; Community Policing; Civil Justice System; Homeland Security Professor Lilly is a speaker at civic and professional organizations, addressing topics involving the criminal, criminal justice systems and homeland security.
Owensby, Roger
Assistant Professor of Mining Engineering Technology Mining: Productivity, Safety, Retreat Mining, Mountain Bumps, Ventilation Professor Owensby is co-author of the following works: Documentation of Mining Techniques Used to Mitigate Mountain Bumps, and Safety for Underground Surveyors. He also taught mining in China for one semester.
Scott, Dr. Elaine Professor of Business

Personal Finance, Economics, Marketing

Dr. Scott holds a Ph.D. in Consumer Economics.  She has taught in higher education for 24 years, and has five years’ experience as a stock broker.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner.  Her topics include “Ten Steps to Financial Security”; “Investing for Women”; “Living Well in Retirement”; “Riding the Roller Coaster Market”; “Ten Steps to Successful Selling”, and; “What is a Target Market?”.

Smith, Dr. Michael
Professor of English Fishing/Fly Fishing VA and WV Dr. Smith has published five guide books about fishing VA and WV: Fishing the New River Valley: An Angler's Guide; Fishing the Roanoke Valley: An Angler's Guide; Fishing the Shenandoah Valley: An Angler's Guide; Fishing the Greenbrier Valley: An Angler's Guide; Fishing Virginia Highlands: An Angler's Guide.
Turner, Nancy Adam
Reference, Government, and Instruction Librarian Government Contracts on Knowledge Management and Electronic Information Systems; Information Literacy As an educator, Ms. Turner worked in Europe and the Middle East. She has experience in topics involving cultural diversity and ESL. As a librarian, she is also interested in helping dyslexics.
Woart, Dr. Anthony T.
Professor of Sociology and Director/Minority Health Institute Research Ethics; Health Disparities; Diversity in Heath Care Dr. Woart's expertise focuses upon minority health research, research methods, organizational behavior, crimes and the criminal justice system, business development, and grant writing, and race and ethnic relations.