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Monday, December 22, 2014
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Autonomous Robotics Team

Founded – 1993

Team Diversity:

2The Bluefield State Robotics Team is a diverse group of students from the departments of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. As well as students from these disciplines there have been students involved from various other programs.


The Bluefield State Robotics team was founded in 1993. Each year during the summer students from this team compete at an annual competition known as the International Ground Vehicle Competition, IGVC. The objective of this competition is to design and prepare a robotic vehicle to navigate through an autonomous course, way point navigation, and software challenges. We believe that the students that pursue robotics acquire skills that they can carry with them to upper level classes and to real world experiences.


Robotics lab Room 328 Dickason Hall



1 3rd Overall 2009             Anassa V
4th Navigation            2009 Anassa V
3rd Autonomous 2009 Anassa V
1st Autonomous 2008 Anassa IV
6th Design 2007 Anassa III
1st JAUS 2006 Anassa II
5th Design 2006 Anassa II
4th Autonomous 2005 Anassa
1st Design                       2003 Vasilius