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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Current Tenants

Incubator Tenants

  • Wings of Luv: A non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth in troubled areas of the world with a goal of promoting peace. Start-up

  • A Fox Enterprises, Inc.: A company seeking to establish a presence in West Virginia. Event planning start-up.

  • Morning Star: A non-profit church office. Start-up

  • Cody Energy: Newly established company providing services to mining companies. Start-up

  • Fantastic Finds: Non-profit supporting the Union Mission. Start-up

  • Bluefield Ghost Tours: Newly formed company providing paranormal investigations. Start-up

  • Reginald Hamlet Ministries: A non-profit ministry program. Start-up

Anchor Tenants

  • Mercer County Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Minority Health Institute

  • Stop Abusive Family Environments

  • Gearhart Enterprises

  • Arcadis-US


  • Coal Heritage Display (Storage)

  • Institutional Development (Storage)

Incubator Graduates

  • PC Medics

  • Randy Shelton