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Monday, December 22, 2014
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Emergency Evacuation Plan

  1. The Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs or the Director of the Physical Plant will appoint monitors in each building to be sure that all persons are evacuated in case of emergency.

  2. Monitors will be regular employees of the College and will be notified annually, or as deemed necessary, by e-mail or memorandum of their responsibilities.

  3. In preparation of safely evacuating your building in case of fire or other emergency conditions, all College employees are asked to make note of exit routes in the campus buildings.

  4. Faculty and staff members are asked to point out evacuation routes to students at the beginning of each new term of classes.

  5. Building monitors with the help of other employees are instructed to assist handicapped students, employees and visitors to exits if possible.

  6. All employees are asked to alert law enforcement or rescue personnel of any person in need special assistance for safe evacuation.

  7. During an evacuation, building monitors will prohibit the use of the elevator.

  8. All persons evacuating the building should be asked to remain calm and leave in an orderly manner by using the stairs.

  9. Do not attempt to gather personal belongings.

  10. Building monitors and faculty should perform a roll call/head count immediately upon reaching the designated evacuation reporting area.

  11. Faculty must bring class rosters to verify students in attendance.

  12. No one will be allowed to return to the building until all systems are inspected and a determination of safe reentry has been made by law enforcement or rescue personnel.