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Friday, December 19, 2014
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310  Introduction to Special Education (3-0-3).  An introduction to the characteristics of exceptional and diverse learners and their education.  The focus is on current issues in special education, laws related to special education, identification of exceptional learners, the referral process, individualized programming, accommodations for inclusion in regular classrooms, and collaboration with other professionals and parents.  Students will research current issues and trends related to educating exceptional learners.  PR: EDUC 110, 200.

311  Teaching Special Needs Students in Inclusive Classrooms (3-0-3).  Designed for education students who will teach diverse learners and students with special needs in inclusive settings. This course examines instructional methods proven effective in educating students with exceptionalities.  Legal definitions, characteristics, prevalence and educational adaptations for each area of exceptionality are stressed.  Legal rights of students with exceptionalities and their parents, and the responsibilities of educators in addressing those rights are emphasized. PR: EDUC 110, 200, 310.