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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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1.1       Scope -This rule establishes the procedures regarding hiring of non-classified, classified, and faculty employees for Bluefield State College.

1.2       Authority - Title 131 BOD Series 62 Section 2, Series 31, Section 5, and Title 128             Legislative Rule BOD Series 45.

1.3       Filing Date – November 16, 2006

1.4       Effective Date – February 15, 2007  


2.1       All full-time and part-time regular vacancies will be solicited through advertising. Interviews and hiring will be conducted in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and all applicable laws.

2.2       Exclusions: Excluded from this process are: president, adjunct faculty, temporary employees, independent contractors, casual employees, and student employees. 

2.3       Procedures     

2.3.1    Recruitment 

a.         Position Description - All descriptions must include the title and type of position, education level required, type of experience and amount required, duties and responsibilities, entry level salary or salary range (if known), how to apply, and the affirmative action statement of the institution. For classified positions an updated PIQ is required. 

b.         Request to Advertise – The type of advertisement, placement, and appropriate budget line to purchase the advertisement, along with the appropriate approval signatures, are required prior to any advertisement being placed. 

c.         Advertisement - All positions must be advertised for a minimum of ten business days. Applications will be screened after the last advertisement has been posted for ten business days. Grant funded or soft money positions or those of a fixed duration will be posted indicating that the position is contingent upon the availability and continuance of funding. Classified, non-exempt positions will be advertised internally prior to any paid external advertisements and posted for ten business days prior to any external advertisements are placed. 

2.3.2    Non-Discrimination - All qualified candidates will be given equal consideration for posted positions without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran's status, handicap, or sex. In all cases, the best qualified candidate will be selected. 

2.3.3    Applicant Screening – The Director of Human Resources or the Director’s designee and the hiring supervisor will screen applicants to determine those who meet the minimum qualifications as advertised and/or as acceptable for classified positions by the Mercer System; the Mercer System allows the substitution of experience in lieu of a college degree and visa versa. 

2.3.4        Search Committee – For all vacant positions, a search committee will be used to select candidates to interview. A search committee will consist of a minimum of three members, but preferably a committee of at least five members. The hiring manager will nominate the committee members and submit the membership to the President for approval. The hiring supervisor will be available to the committee to provide technical, job specific and other information the committee desires. All search committees will be monitored by an AA/EEO officer (Director of Multiculturalism or designee) who will be a non-voting member. The search committee will consist of a diverse representation, which shall include African American representation. A diverse representation shall be defined as those with differences based upon race, gender, age, ability, ethnicity and employment status. No one should sit on more than three committees per year. One member of the committee should be given the responsibility of chair. 

The Chair of Search Committee is required to meet with the Director of Human Resources or designee prior to the release of the applications to the committee to discuss search guidelines and procedures. 

            The search committee will develop a screening tool and set of interview questions that will be asked of all interviewees prior to the release of the applications. These will be approved by the affirmative action officer. 

            A quorum of at least 51% and at least three voting members of the committee must be present to evaluate, rank, and interview candidates. If a committee member must be absent then he/she will have the opportunity to submit their input in written format to the chair. The same committee members are to be present for all interviews. If someone is absent from one interview, his/her comments on the other candidates should not be considered in the final ranking of the candidates. 

            All notes taken will become part the search and selection file and should not be destroyed. Search and selection files will be kept by Human Resources for three years from the conclusion of the search. 

            Positions may be re-advertised prior to interviews if the pool of candidates is insufficient to select three qualified candidates for interviewing. 

2.3.5    Interviewing - The search committee should review applications and rank order the candidates in order to invite the top candidates to campus for interviews. Phone or video interviews can be used to assist in narrowing the finalists for the position. Once the final candidates have been determined, the chair should schedule on-campus interviews. Costs involved in the search process, including those during the interview process, are to be covered by the hiring department. This includes travel costs for candidates, if applicable. 

2.3.6    Reference Evaluation - Reference checks will be conducted by the Office of Human Resources. These will be conducted after the search committee identifies its top candidates to invite to campus for interviews and prior to an offer of employment being made. If the position is designated as security sensitive by Human Resources, a criminal and/or financial background check is required before a formal offer can be made. The hiring department is responsible for the cost of the background check. 

2.3.7    Hiring - Pursuant to WV Code 18B-7-1 (d), non-probationary, non-exempt classified employees who apply for and meet the minimum qualifications as determined by the Director of Human Resources or other designee of the president for a posted non-exempt position within an institution and are currently employed at the institution shall be hired to the posted position prior to hiring someone from outside the institution. Employees in a probationary period will be considered external applicants. If two or more internal candidates are equally qualified for a position, the employee with the most years of service within the realms of WV State higher education will be offered the position first. 

            For all positions that require a degree, original transcripts are required prior to any offer of employment. 

            A job offer can only be extended after all signatures of approval are obtained on the Candidate Selection Approval form, and the Personnel Action Request form; and the reason for non-selection must be completed for all applicants and returned to Human Resources, along with all notes taken during the search process. An offer can be made by the President or the President’s designee (ie. hiring supervisor). 

            After a verbal offer has been extended and accepted, an Employment Approval Form (WV-11 Information) is completed and required signatures are obtained.   The President will then issue a written contract outlining the position, including the salary, start date, type of position, supervisor, and any and all required wording. Once a written contract has been returned signed, then Human Resources will notify all unsuccessful applicants of the closure of the search. 

2.3.8    Failed Searches - If the applicants referred by the search committee prove to be unsuitable, the hiring manager may request the committee to reconvene to review the applicant pool for additional recommendations of qualified candidates. If additional applicants are unavailable or also prove unsuitable, the hiring manager may recommend to the President or the President’s designee that a new search be initiated. If a search is closed, all applicants will be notified in writing.   

2.3.9    Orientation - Human Resources will provide institutional orientation to newly hired full-time employees. This will include a benefits session. It should be completed during the first week of employment. The immediate supervisor is responsible for departmental orientation and the required performance appraisal forms. 


3.1       Forms 

3.1.1    Personnel Action Request

3.1.2    Advertisement Request

3.1.3    Candidate Selection Approval

3.1.4    Applicant Credentials Face Sheet

3.1.5    Employment Approval 

3.2       Sample Application Screening Tool 

3.3       Sample Reference Questions 

3.4       Sample Interview Evaluation Forms 

3.5       Do's and Don'ts for Interviewing