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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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1.1       Scope -This rule establishes an Enrollment Management Council

1.2       Authority - West Virginia Code §18B-1-6, §18B-1-8

1.3       Replaces BSC Policy Number C.200

1.4       Effective Date: June 22, 2007                                              


2.1       The Enrollment Management Council is established as an advisory council to assist the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Office with the development and implementation of an Enrollment Management plan.

2.2       Membership shall consist of the Vice-President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management as Chair, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Provost, the Director of Student Support Services, two (2) staff member elected by the Classified Senate annually, two (2) student elected by the Student Senate annually, two (2) faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate annually, and the Chairs of the Recruitment and Retention committees.

2.3.      There shall be two committees, Recruitment and Retention, which shall consist of representatives of the college community with interest in these particular areas; the Council shall appoint these committees and chairs.

2.4.      The Recruitment committee shall have the following areas of review: Admissions, Financial Aid, Orientation/Advising, Registration, Publications, College Image Building, College Mission, and Marketing Plan.

2.5.      The Retention Committee shall have the following areas of review: Academic Advisement, Career Development, Placement, Student Support Services, Activities/Athletics, Counseling, Alumni, Development, and First-Year Experience.

2.6.      Appointment to a committee shall be for one academic year. Membership on each committee shall be reviewed and revised annually, with changes in membership as determined by the Enrollment Management Council.