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Friday, April 18, 2014
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1.1       Scope –The purpose of this policy is to establish the penalties and enforcement of traffic and parking violations on the campus locations of Bluefield State College.

1.2       Authority - West Virginia Code §18B-4-6.

1.3       Filing Date – January 19, 2006

1.4       Effective Date – March 17, 2006                                          


2.1       Parking:

a.         Parking in areas designated as handicapped spaces will result in a penalty of up to one hundred dollars ($100.00). Designated handicapped spaces are monitored each semester for user needs and request for proper signs are made through the Physical Plant Department.

b.         The use of valid Bluefield State College parking permits are required while parked on the campus of Bluefield State College. The permits are designated by Staff/Faculty, Student, and Physically Challenged. These permits are to be updated annually. Failure to display the valid permit may result in a citation being issued.

c.         The issuance of the Physically Challenged permit will be issued to persons who have a valid State handicapped placard or license registration. The use of the permit is limited to its owner and is nontransferable. The improper use of the State placard or BSC permits may result in disciplinary action or criminal prosecution.

d.         Persons who desire or need special consideration for parking due to illness or injury may contact the Director of Public Safety for a temporary permit. The Director of Public Safety may require a written doctor’s request outlining the special need before the permit is granted. The use of BSC parking permits is limited to the properties of Bluefield State College and may not be recognized by other institutions.

e.         Parking in areas designed for commercial loading and unloading zones, reserved spaces, or areas designated as fire or safety zones or failure to display a valid permit may result in a civil penalty of ten dollars ($10.00).

f.          Failure to respond to an issued citation in the stated time frame will result in additional processing fees.

g.         Vehicles which are parked in a manner which impedes the normal traffic flow which may create a potential safety hazard may be immediately removed at the owner’s expense.

h.         Continued infractions of the parking policies will result in disciplinary actions, the towing of the violator’s vehicle, or other appropriate measures to ensure compliance.

i.          The use of designated parking spaces at Bluefield State College is for the immediate use of the Faculty/Staff, Students and Guests of the college. Unauthorized use or abuse of the facilities is prohibited.

2.2       Traffic Enforcement:

a.         The college reserves the right to enforce present traffic codes as designated by the State of West Virginia and the City of Bluefield. The college also reserves the right to enact measures which strengthens traffic enforcement which minimizes the dangers to the students and staff.

b.         The designated speed for on campus driving is fifteen (15) miles per hour. Signs are posted at the entries into the campus. Radar may be used to enforce speeding violations.

c.         All motor vehicle laws must be obeyed and citations may be issued for any violation. These violations will include wrong-way on one way street designations, the failure to stop at designated stop signs, license and registration violations, insurance, or any other violation of West Virginia Code.

d.         Each citation will be based on individual merit and the use of racial profiling is prohibited.

e.         Any officer who stops a motor vehicle for a violation will use precaution in their approach to the violator, use necessary steps to ensure officer safety, and maintain a courteous and professional approach to the violator. The officer must attempt to avoid any verbal confrontation with the violator and if an arrest becomes necessary, only the amount of force necessary to ensure the lawful arrest is to be used.

f.          The issued citation will be signed by the violator and state the nature of the charge or charges. The violator may choose to plead guilty or no contest and pay a designated fine to Bluefield State College within ten (10) days. The violator may choose to plead not guilty and appeal the charge to the local City Judge or County Magistrate. The issuing officer reserves the right to by-pass the college option and proceed directly to the City, County, or State level. Failure to appear within ten days of the offense to the proper authorities at BSC will result in the charges being referred to the local judicial office.

g.         Traffic violations will be recorded, maintained in student files, and used to provide corrective means of compliance. Multiple infractions or violations may proceed directly to the City, County, or State level.

2.3       Accidents:

a.         All accidents involving personal injury or damage in excess of $500.00 occurring on the campus of Bluefield State College are to be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety. A report will be filed by the Office of Public Safety and this information will be submitted to National Highway Safety Board as designated by the State of West Virginia.

b.         Accidents involving minor damage of less than $500.00 will be investigated by the Office of Public Safety if requested by one or more persons involved.

c.         Drivers in accidents involving unattended vehicles are required to attempt to notify the owner, report to the proper authorities, or leave a note on the vehicle stating what had happened and the responsible person’s name and phone number. Failure to meet this obligation may result in criminal charges.

d.         Persons requesting copies of accident investigation reports may do so by contacting the Office of Public Safety. Bluefield State College reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee for each copy of the report requested. The fee is to be determined by the Board of Governors, the Office of the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs, or the Office of Public Safety.

2.4       Responsible Office: Office of Public Safety