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Friday, April 18, 2014
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1.1 Scope -This rule establishes the process for the selection, adoption, use and sale of

textbooks and other supplementary course materials in compliance with West Virginia Code § 18B-10-14.

1.2 Authority – West Virginia Code §18B-10-14

1.3 Effective Date – April 19, 2012


2.1 Textbook Adoptions

2.1.1 The Deans of each school will oversee the adoption and submission of textbook orders to be submitted to the bookstore two weeks prior to Early Registration.

2.1.2 Textbooks will be adopted for a two-year period unless super ceded by a new edition. Waiver of the two-year adoption may be granted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

2.2 Textbook Information Availability

2.2.1 Upon the completion of the textbook selection process for each semester and summer term the Bluefield State College Bookstore will compile and post, in a prominent place within the Bookstore, a list of textbooks and International Standardized Book Numbers (ISBN) for each class scheduled for that semester or summer term. Textbook list will also be placed on Bluefield State College's website to coincide with Early Registration.

2.3 Textbook Affordability Committee

2.3.1 The Textbook Affordability Committee shall meet periodically, but at least annually, to advise the faculty senate, student government, administration, and Board on affordability issues and initiatives, textbook selection guidelines and strategies, and educational opportunities.

2.4 Textbook Affordability Committee Duties

2.4.1 The Board shall meet annually with the Committee to receive any recommendations or reports the Committee may have generated and copies of any such recommendations and reports shall be transmitted to the Chancellor of the HEPC ("Chancellor").

2.4.2 The Committee shall be responsible for developing guidelines for use by the faculty in the selection of textbooks and supplementary course materials that ensure both that 1) appropriate, high quality course materials are selected, and 2) give students timely access to the most affordable materials.

2.5 Policy Review

2.5.1 This policy shall be reevaluated periodically to comply with any future state and federal mandates.

2.6 Disclaimer:

2.6.1 Booklist will include the most recent information and ISBNs that have been provided to the Bookstore. Students and other book purchasers are reminded that ISBNs are sometimes changed by publishers and often the BSC Bookstore is either a) not notified of these changes, or b) not notified of these changes in a timely manner. In such instances, the BSC Bookstore is not responsible for problems arising as a result of book purchases from either the BSC Bookstore or another source based upon the ISBNs included on this list when such numbers were changed by manufacturers after the date upon which this list was compiled.

2.6.2 When BSC Bookstore receives new, revised, or updated ISBN information from publishers or faculty--- information that involves books included on this list, as well as books deleted from or added to this list—the BSC Bookstore will revise and post the updated list in a timely fashion.