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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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1.1 Scope – Policy regarding salary increases for classified employees.

1.2 Authority - West Virginia Code §18B-9-1, §18B-9-3, §18B-9-4, §18B-9-5.

1.3 Filing Date – February 16, 2012

1.4 Effective Date – April 19, 2012


2.1 Salary increases for classified employees shall be given in a manner consistent with Article 9, Chapter 18B of the Code of West Virginia and all other relevant governing authorities.

2.2 In the absence of other specification, references to "salary schedule" and "statutory salary schedule" shall mean the current "Higher Education Classified Employee Annual Salary Schedule" in West Virginia Code §18B-9-3.

2.3 The overall goal of salary administration for classified employees is complete implementation and full funding of the statutory salary schedule or to make appropriate progress, as defined by §18B-9-3, toward full funding as funds allow. The Board shall ensure that all mandates, processes, or timetables established by any relevant governing authority and in effect at the time of any increase shall be followed. Mandates, processes, or timetables established by any relevant governing authority will supersede those established in this policy.

2.4 The starting salary of all new hires will be no less than zero step of the statutory salary schedule. The minimum salary shall be prorated for classified employees working less than 37.5 hours per week.

2.5 If full funding is not achieved, classified staff salaries may be increased to bring them closer to their proper placement on the salary schedule. All classified staff employees are to receive increases of a uniform percentage of the difference between their current salary and their proper placement on the salary schedule. Salary increases for classified staff will be provided based upon an equal percentage amount toward their salary goal.

2.6 Classified employees, including those who have reached the fifteen-year maximum step on the salary schedule, may be provided salary increases in excess of the salary established by the salary schedule for their pay grade and years of experience if all classified employees at the College are paid at least the minimum salary for the pay grade assigned and years of experience as established by the salary schedule. Salary increases above the salary schedule must be distributed equitably and in a manner that is consistent with the classification and compensation system.

2.7 Merit or performance based increases can be awarded after the classified employee salary schedule is fully implemented or appropriate progress toward achieving full funding is made. The process for awarding merit or performance-based increases should be outlined in policy approved by the Board of Governors.