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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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1.1       Scope -This rule governs the assignment of salaries for employees of Bluefield State College.

1.2       Authority - West Virginia Code § 18B-1-6 and § 18B-2A-4

1.3       Filing Date – January 19, 2006

1.4       Effective Date – March 17, 2006


2.1           As deemed appropriate, the President or their designee shall present to the Board of Governors a plan for the distribution of general salary increases to employees of the College. This plan addresses increases for all employees.

2.2           The general salary increase plan shall be developed after state-wide salary mandates have been accounted for. Statewide salary mandates shall include salary increases for faculty promoted in rank.

2.3           After the cost of state-wide salary mandates has been separately accounted for, the President’s or designee general salary increase plan shall be submitted to the Board for approval. 

2.3.1        The plan shall reflect separately the total projected costs of aggregate salary increases for faculty, for non-classified and for classified employees.

2.3.2        The plan shall reflect the aggregate percentage increase in salary to be paid to faculty, non-classified, and classified employees.

2.3.3        No one employee group should receive a salary increase without the other employee groups receiving a salary increase unless specified by state law, the Higher Education Policy Commission, or other authority outside the Bluefield State College Board of Governors. 

2.4              The Board shall act, in response to the plan submitted, to establish the aggregate dollars to be allocated each year for general salary increases for each of the three groups of employees. The aggregate increase in dollars shall be distributed in accordance with other policies in place. 

2.5              Non-Classified salaries can be distributed to address salary inequities, cost of living allocation, merit pay, across the board, and/or a percentage increase.