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Monday, December 22, 2014
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Graduation Procedures



  1. You must obtain a copy of your 45-hour or 90-hour evaluation(if one is not on file in the Registrar’s Office) from your advisor and attach it to the graduation application.  Pay the graduation application processing fee of $50 at the BSC Business Office and return the application to the Registrar’s Office. The fee for multiple degrees granted by Bluefield State College per commencement is $5 per degree above the initial graduation fee.  Use a separate form for each degree.

  2. Deadlines for submitting applications are published in the current catalog, the current class schedule, the student newspaper, and the TV monitors on campus.

  3. Your academic file will be evaluated in accordance with your degree program and you will receive a letter from the Registrar’s Office regarding the outcome of this review.  Since this is a lengthy and time consuming process, it may be several weeks before you receive the letter.  Please take this time to consult with your advisor to make sure there are no last minute complications before graduation.  It is your responsibility to check with your advisor and division chairperson concerning all matters relative to curriculum requirements, substitutions, waivers, evaluation, etc.

  4. Official transcripts of any transient or correspondence work must be received by the Registrar’s Office no later than four weeks after the last day of BSC classes during the semester in which you have applied for graduation.  Each institution has different policies for transcript requests.  Check with the school you are attending to determine their procedures.  Faxed transcripts are NOT acceptable.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONFIRM THAT THE BSC REGISTRAR’S OFFICE HAS RECEIVED ALL TRANSCRIPTS PRIOR TO THE ESTABLISHED DEADLINE.

  5. Inform the Registrar’s Office of any changes in your address so that you will receive notification of commencement activities.

  6. Diplomas are printed three times a year, once after each graduation(Summer, Fall, and Spring).  Students graduating in the summer or fall will receive their diploma and a transcript by mail.

  7. Graduation announcements may be purchased from the college bookstore.  Contact bookstore personnel in early February to place your order.

  8. All applicants for graduation that are currently enrolled in the classes necessary for graduation from their respective degree program are expected to participate in the commencement program.  Your graduation is not official until all degree requirements have been completed.  Participation in the commencement exercise does not constitute graduation from Bluefield State College.

  9. Check with the Director of Placement and supply the data requested.  Certain information is needed to build a portfolio to assist you in obtaining employment.

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