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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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B.S. Computer Science

The School of Engineering Technology and Computer Science offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

This degree program presents the core principles of the science of computing. We offer both theory and application courses designed to equip our graduates with the skills needed for careers in industry, business, government, academia, and research.  Our emphasis is on equipping students with enhanced problem solving skills required for handling a variety of real world problems. Our graduates will have a solid grasp of programming skills for solving those problems.

We offer courses from diverse areas of computer science. Our core classes cover programming principles, programming paradigms, data structures, operating systems, algorithms, computer architecture, data bases, theory of computation, and more. Elective computer science courses, such as data communications and networking, numerical programming, and games programming, allow students to pursue particular areas of interest. We will continue to diversify our courses to meet the future needs and challenges of this rapidly changing field. 

Employers want college hires to be effective problem solvers and to possess collaboration and communication skills. In addition to technical problem solving, our graduates will demonstrate the ability to collaborate and communicate. Our objectives are to equip graduates with the technical skills and programming experience needed for 1) a successful career and/or 2) further training in advanced degree programs.

Educational Objectives:

  •  BSC Computer science graduates are competitively employable in the computing industry.
  • Our graduates have a path to graduate level education in computer science if they so choose.

Program Outcomes:

  • Students identify, analyze, and solve problems through individual and team research; students utilize system software, applications tools, and other computer resources.
  • Students apply appropriate design and programming techniques to the solution of diverse problems.
  • Students prepare design and implementation documents such as specifications, system design drawings, project schedules, code documentation, and presentation materials.
  • Students demonstrate university-level communication skills through written and oral means.
  • Students understand professional and ethical responsibilities, the importance of diversity, and community, societal, and global issues relating to their current and future professional lives.
  • Students demonstrate the desire and ability to engage in life-long learning.


First Semester Second Semester
ENGL 101 Composition I  3 ENGL 102 Composition II  3
GNET 101 Technical Physics I  4 GNET 102 Technical Physics II  4
GNET 115 Technical Mathematics I  4 GNET 116 Technical Mathematics II  4
COSC 131 Computer Science I  4 COSC 132 Computer Science II  4
COSC 131L Computer Science I Lab  0 COSC 132L Computer Science II Lab  0
BSC Skills Social Science  3 BSC Skills Social Science  3
  Total Hours 18   Total Hours 18
Third Semester Fourth Semester
MATH 220 Calculus I  4 ELET 218 Fundamentals of Digital  4
MATH 250 Discrete Mathematics  3 MATH 230 Calculus II  4
COSC 261 Data Structures  3 MATH 301 Probability & Statistics  3
COSC 241 Intro to Unix/Linux  3 COSC 240 Computer Organ.& Arch.  3
COSC 224 Web Programming  3 COSC 250 Database Man. Sys.  3
  Total Hours 17   Total Hours 17
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
BSC Skills Social Science  3 BSC Skills Social Science  3
COSC 327 Analysis of Algorithms  3 SPCH 208 Fundamentals of Speech  3
ABET Natural Science  3 COSC 330 Programming Languages  3
ELET 305 Microprocessors  3 COSC 311 System Analysis  3
COSC Elective  3 COSC Elective (Compiler)  3
  Total Hours 16   Total Hours 15
Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
BSC Skills Literature  3 BSC Skills Fine Arts/Humanities  3
COSC 347 Theory of Computation  3 COSC 421 Operating Systems  3
COSC 422 Software Engineering  3 COSC 499 COSC Projects/Intern  4
ENGR 315/BUSN 482 Ethics/Soc. Resp  3 COSC Elective  3
COSC/TECH Elective  3 COSC/TECH Elective  3
  Total Hours 15   Total Hours 16
        Degree Total Hours: 131
COSC Electives:
COSC 209 - Java
COSC 290 - Topics in Computer Science
COSC 324 - Web Client Scripting
COSC 326 - Web Server Scripting
TECH Electives:
MATH 240 - Calculus III
MATH 310 - Differential Equations
MATH 311 - Linear Algebra
MATH 350 - Modern Algebra
MATH 400 - Introduction to Topology
MATH 415 - Multivariable Calculus
ELET 492 - topics in EE Technology (Robotics)
ACCT 201 - Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 202 - Principles of Accounting II
CRMJ 431 - Private Security


2012 - 2013 Enrollments and graduates
BS - 44

BS - 8