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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Why was I dropped from the course?

When the number of clock hours of willful absences exceeds the number of semester hours of credit, the instructor will notify the Registrar that the student has exceeded the permissible number of absences and should be withdrawn from class. Instructors may make variations to the above attendance regulations. However, in no case shall the instructor‘s attendance regulations be more rigid than those stated above. The instructor shall file a copy of his/her attendance requirements with the Dean of the School and include them in course syllabi.

Absences Policy: The College recognizes three kinds of absences: (1) an institutional absence resulting from participation in an activity in which the student is officially representing the College; (2) an unavoidable absence resulting from illness, death in the immediate family, or unnatural cause beyond the control of the student; (3) all other absences are considered willful.