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Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Technology Support

BS students: 

Order Software at JourneyEd or call 1.800.874.9001:
Discounted Student/Staff/Faculty prices

Microsoft Office 2007- $84.98 Microsoft Windows Vista Business Upgrade - $79.98 Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 - Win $159.98 MS Office Pro Plus 2007 w/Symantec - $109.98 Antivirus 2007 Bundle - $109.98 Microsoft OneNote 2007 - $19.98 PNY 1 GB Flash Drive - $19.98

Thousands of software titles available from vendors such as: Adobe, Macromedia, etc.

Bluefield State has arranged a purchasing program with DELL computers in order to save you money. Visit WWW.DELL.COM/BLUEFIELDSTATE for more details. See chart below for basic PC guidelines.

Ad-Aware is a program that can monitor PC's to help you stay up-to-date on any new malicious spy-ware or ad-ware bugs hiding in your system. Spy-ware and ad-ware bugs can do great harm to a PC and it is recommended that you take special care to maintain your PC's freedom from such exploits. Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06 can be downloaded for free from Ad-Aware Resource.

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Requirements for Online Courses (Blackboard/MOODLE )
Print PC requirements for online courses

To be successful in your online courses, you must have the following:

Regular access to a computer Internet Connection through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) - High-Speed connectivity is highly recommended A compatible Internet browser such as Internet Explorer (4.0 or higher), Netscape Navigator (4.0 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (1.0 or higher) A word-processor program such as Corel WordPerfect or Microsoft Word or WordPad

Most online courses require the use of the following free software:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Flash Player Java Virtual Machine

Technical skills required for taking an online course are present in most students who simply have experience browsing the Internet. Below is a list of a few technical skills that are recommended (if not required) for taking most online courses:

Experience and fluency with a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect Capacity to:


copy and paste information between documents and/or from program to program create a new folder/directory on your computer save files on a disk drive locate and open a saved file on your computer download and install software programs

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Use and Abuse Policy

BS Internet Help Desk

Blackboard Help Desk

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Computer Use and Abuse Policy

First and foremost, computers, software, data communications equipment and services were bought and paid for using public funds allocated to the college to support its primary mission, the education of the students. Thus, the use of that equipment and those services for any other purpose should be considered improper. Bluefield State grants accounts to students, faculty and staff on that basis. It may deny and/or revoke any account at any time for any reason at its sole discretion. By using an assigned account, the user agrees to use it exclusively for personal education and/or non‐profit research, administration, community service and/or economic development activities. The user accepts complete responsibility and liability for willful or negligent misuse of his/her account and for complying with Bluefield State policies related to Computer Use and Abuse as well as any policies promulgated by agencies used or contacted through Bluefield State systems or services. Users must read and understand the Computer Use and Abuse Policy contained herein and must regularly review any new policies promulgated, posted or incorporated as part of Bluefield State World Wide Web Servers and/or other on‐line information services.

Secondly, while Internet access, particularly when using a web browser, looks very much like viewing television; it is not a one–way system. It is a two–way service, very much like the telephone system in that the user can, and often does, interact with and send information to other users and/or organizations on the net. The cost associated with computer and Internet use are the initial purchase price and maintenance costs for the local equipment, the annual WVNET network assessment for such things as data communications and support and monthly communication charges. There are direct costs associated with this use, so they may not be used indiscriminately for any purpose.

Bluefield State (BS) has established policies regarding the use or abuse of all hardware, data, and software and communications networks associated with BS computer systems. All BS computer system users are also subject to applicable network (WVNET, BITNET, Internet, etc.) usage guidelines, as well as state and federal laws regarding computer abuse. All BS computer systems include but are not limited to all minicomputers and their peripheral equipment, all microcomputers and their network and/or peripheral equipment located at any BS facility including but not limited to the main campus in Bluefield, WV, the Lewisburg campus in Lewisburg, WV, the Beckley campus in Beckley, WV, and the Welch Center at Welch, WV. The "West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act," which defines computer abuse and prosecution possibilities went into effect July, 1989. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act passed by Congress in 1986, cites illegal electronic communications access and interception. Cases of computer abuse must be reported to the BS Director, Institutional Technology Services and/or to local, state and federal authorities. Nothing in this policy supersedes or is otherwise meant to contradict any law, regulation or policy promulgated by any higher entity with authority to do so.

I. Common Forms of Computer Abuse:

Bluefield State is responsible for informing users of the rules, regulations and procedures which apply when using any BS computing resources. Users are responsible for understanding these rules so that they can abide by them. These policies cover BS as well as West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET) services.

A. Privacy: Investigating or reading another user's file is considered a violation of privacy. Reading unprotected files is intrusive; reading protected files, by whatever mechanism, is considered the same as "breaking and entering."


BS Blackboard Help Desk

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Website Objective

The objective of this site is to list Content Management Services that support faculty members, staff and students providing support via internet, phone and in person. The Help Desk provides the latest computer information and downloads regarding Internet Browsers, links to video assistance and on-line documentation. Technical and Instructional Design provides training, resources, and software product assistance. Our goal is to work with the user at all stages in Assessment, planning, design and implementation. The web site will serve as a user portal for faculty, staff, and students, on and off campus for their online needs.

About Blackboard Help Desk

The blackboard help desk at Bluefield State provided students faculty and Staff with a location to receive assistance on blackboard issues.  For students, we offer course orientation and support with navigation and technical concerns as well as identify trends that affect the course system, and Account Access.  For instructors we help with the latest information on educational technology, instruction on system use, as well as instructional and technical support. We research technology and educational webinars that can enhance the use of online instruction.


Click this link to see some of the questions that we have answered. If your question is not among them, don't hesitate to contact us.

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