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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Policy for Implementing New Blackboard Course Sections

Complete Service Request Form

Faculty Training
& Skill Development

Develop & Upload Blackboard Course Content

Create New Course Section in BANNER

Requesting a new course:

Instructors must work with their Dean to get approval for new courses to be included in the school schedule and online. Please make sure that your request from the dean includes the method of instructions before submitting a service request. Once approval has been received, submit a Service Request Form to Content Management Services for scheduling and creation of shell.

Faculty Training & Skill Development:

  1. Faculty should be trained in Blackboard at least one semester prior to the semester they are scheduled to teach an online course.
  2. The adoption of certain skills and pedagogies are required to teach in an online environment.
  3. Contact Instructional Designer, to begin individual training or to inquire about upcoming group training sessions.

Develop & Upload Blackboard Course Content:

Content used in face-to-face courses can be used in online courses. However, the converting that content into web-enhanced versions takes a certain amount of preparation and time. Learning how to deliver certain types of content varying from subject to subject and class to class depending on the instructor, is also a time constraint.

Create New Course Section in BANNER:

Only after the instructor feels confident in their ability to facilitate an online course and in the content established should the course be offered to the students as an entirely "web-enabled" course.

For questions and inquiries please contact:

Audrey Biggs

Instructional Designer/Blackboard Administrator

Bluefield State

Phone: 304-327-4545

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am -4 pm