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Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Online Welcome Letter

Welcome to distance learning at Bluefield State! You are now part of Bluefield Stated Virtual College. The following letter has information pertinent to accessing and succeeding in the distance learning class in which you are enrolled. Online Courses deliver content such as audio or video delivered via any medium such as the internet, television, and audio CDs, or DVD's as well as live events such as conferences or lectures and automated the materials for classroom use. Courses can be either 100% online or blended.

BS's Virtual Campus

BS classes are conducted on two Learning management systems Blackboard and MOODLE. These systems create a learning environment facilitated by BS faculty in the campus' web enhanced face-to-face courses creating a blended learning environment as well as online courses that make up the college's Virtual College Campus. Students can use these systems from anywhere that they can make an internet connection.

Log on to Bluefield States Campus Portal with your BS Username and Password. I you have forgotten your username or password you can access through BS Passport (SSRPM).

Once in the BS System you can find your course by selecting MOODLE or Blackboard icon. Find your course in the list and add the key provided by the instructor for course entry. Every instructor designs a course differently and although there may be many similarities, be sure to follow all directions posted by your instructor whether in course materials, discussion boards or announcement pages.

Firefox is the preferred web browser to use when accessing your online course through Blackboard

You can download Firefox free.

To request access to your course, please follow the steps below:

1. Log on to

2. Enroll into BS PASSPORT (SSRPM)

3. Follow directions on requesting your user name and password to access your online courses.

4. Choose the Learning system that holds your courses. (information located on registration slip)

There are some important things to remember about distance learning classes:

1. These courses do not meet. Therefore, you must use the syllabus and course outline to complete assignments by the deadlines listed therein. Viewings, readings, and assignments should be done WEEKLY. Do not put them off until the last minute.

2. Since there is no attendance, assignments are used to determine how well you are completing the class. If you are not timely in your assignments, you will probably receive a poor grade.

Instructors may drop you from classes for failure to complete assignments. If you are not completing assignment in a timely manner, when grade time comes, instructors will be forced to give you an F grade: instructors are required to follow the college's academic regulations. Please note the final drop date for each Semester for "W" grades is in the academic calendar. If you are either making low grades or have fallen behind in your work, please drop; otherwise, instructors will be left no choices.

Rules to follow while online:

First and foremost, follow the rules of conduct and institutional policies as laid out inthe BS School Catalog and Student Handbook.

Second, each instructor maintains the course structure and facilitates classroom expectations. Students should find most of these spelled out in the syllabus.

BS has a Computer System Use and Abuse Policy, located on page 32 of the student handbook, that grants to student the use of lab and online resources subject to university policies, local, state and federal laws. Such obligations are suggested but not limited to copyright, intellectual property rights and academic honesty and ethics.

Most online courses are writing and reading intensive, procrastination is a negative aspect toward online success. Use resources like Student Services Center or Smart Thinking™ to receive tutoring on subject presented in the course.

If proctoring for a test is required for a course either the instructor or an approved proctor must administer the test in an approved testing location. The BS rules for academic integrity (page 56 – 57) both online and in the classroom. Proctors are required to monitor the test taking, and return the test to the course instructor. Proctors will add to each computer any password for protected test. Proctors should be able to answer any questions on test taking procedures, not questions on test content. Students are not permitted to leave the testing area until the test has been completed.

We strongly advise all online learning students to acquire an email account and provide it to your instructor by emailing him/her. If you are using Blackboard, you will have a private message box available to you, but we still recommend having your own personal email address in case of network problems. Emailing and messaging are the primary means of communication in these courses and you are severely handicapped if you do not have these available to you.

If you encounter any problems, please call or email the following for Blackboard or Moodle Technical Support:

Cody Chambers
Moodle Administrator/ Moodle Trainer

Audrey Biggs
Blackboard Administrator/Instructional Designer

You can also communicate with Blackboard Technical Support through your class' Blackboard Mail Tool. We hope that you have a successful semester in your distance learning class.