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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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International Student Retention


International students who wish to intern in area organizations are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of the Office of International Initiatives. These are non-paid internships.

Community/Volunteer Service

International students are encouraged to participate in community service/volunteer activities. Volunteerism, a typical American characteristic, is an effective way to win friends, learn a new vocation, spend leisure time, and build a resume. Those who wish to pursue graduate studies are especially encouraged to get involved in a volunteer activity. For more information about such opportunities, please contact the Coordinator of the Office of International Initiatives.

On-Campus Tutoring Opportunities

International students with strong language and math skills may find tutoring opportunities in Student Support Services. Interested students must determine whether their visa allows on-campus employment.

Sharing of Culture and Traditions

International students are called upon to share their cultures and traditions in various settings. Area schools may invite international students periodically. Please add your name to the list maintained in the Office of International Initiatives.