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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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September 19, 2007

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Classified Staff Council


September 19, 2007

The meeting of the Bluefield State College Classified Staff Council was called to order at 1:43 pm in Room 202F in the Center for Extended Learning of the Physical Education Building by Lisa Neel, Chair, presiding.

Council Members Present: Lisa Neel, Chair Daniel Frost Deirdre Guyton

Jane Richardson Lori Dials Vonda Wilson

Anita Barilla Tom Harrison, Vice-Chair

Council Members Absent: Michele Noe Fred Hardee

Carol Baldwin Stewart Odle

Minutes were distributed and read. We are still missing the July minutes. Michele is working on those and they will be distributed at a later date. There was a typo (wrong word) in the minutes. It should have read "administration" instead of "administer." Minutes were approved (THarrison/LDials) with the corrections and will be placed on the internet and filed.

Old Business:

New Business:

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positions or "bump" someone. (She passed out copies of the policy) If there were any questions, she said that Leah would be happy to answer any questions.

• PEIA,TIAA-CREF, WV Teacher’s Retirement, Disability—The chair stated that she had attended a conference and there were different aspects of all of these retirement packages. There was information that she did not know about and thought that it would be beneficial to all if we could set up a seminar to have all come to campus and talk to us about this. Discussion followed. We have all come in on one afternoon and everyone would have the benefit of attending any session.

• October meeting—There was suggestion made by Dr. Walker that October would be a good time to come back to the council and discuss things going on in the legislature. She will be inviting Dr. Walker back to the October meeting. She will check his schedule with Anita.

• We have received a letter from Dr. Walker concerning the Title III funds that we lost. We have received those funds, but they do not know where those monies will be applied. Discussion followed. We will know at the Board of Governors meeting tomorrow night.


• Board of Governors—Louis Aikens resigned from the Board. Discussion followed.

o Enrollment has increased; the bordering states were the reason for the increase. New members took oath of office: Angela Lambert (Faculty Rep) and Ashley Froy (Student Rep); Dr. Sapphire Cureg is the new Director of Multicultural Affairs. Atty. James Palmer is the Chair and Norris Kantor is the vice-chair.

o He is going to ask that salary amounts be awarded through percentages. He has asked for a listing of all institutional salaries and what percentages they were given as far as funding goes. He said that he is not for sure but he believes that the following are fully funded:

      1. WV Northern Community College
      2. WV Osteopathic
      3. Concord (94%)
      4. Pay raises (22.5% of the gap) should take effect October 1st and we will see it by the October 15th pay period. He believes that we are at about 47-48%, but he stated that that the VP of Financial & Administrative Affairs said we were at about 85%. He doesn’t think so and believes that this pay raise may put us at that mark. Discussion followed.
      5. Academic Affairs—we are having a problem again with the same classes being offered at the same time. Discussion followed.
      6. o Safety Policy was discussed.
      7. o Daniel Frost spoke about the VUB losing Grant Funding. He stated that they are to go into Executive Session to discuss this issue. If that should happen, he would have to recues himself and he couldn’t understand why this would occur. Discussion followed. It was explained that these were personnel issues and it affected him directly. Thus, it was recommended that if this issue is discussed he should leave. Discussion followed concerning the cuts of the VUB nationally.

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  1. Personnel Development—the committee has not met; Michele spoke to the chair about resigning from that position, but since she is absent, we will address it in the next meeting.
  2. ACCE—no report.
  3. Flower Fund—currently, there is approximately $249.00 in the account. They will send out another flyer asking to give. Discussion followed.
  4. Social/Activities—Lori stated that she had spoken to John White about the Thanksgiving Dinner. He (John) stated to Lori that he just needed an email from her (Lisa) to request the dinner and that he would go to the president to request the money. He said that November 9th would be better. Discussion followed. Lisa said that she would send him an email.
  5. Wellness Committee—Brian Delp run/walk will be held on October 2 at 6:00 pm. Because Vonda does not work in the summer, Lisa asked her if she would be willing to work on the wellness committee. She stated that she would and that she would check with Roy about the PEIA Wellness. Discussion followed.
  6. Website—Make sure that you visit the website.

Next Meeting: October 17, 2007

Private Dining Room

Student Union at 1:30 pm

Submitted by,

Lisa Neel, Chair

Deirdre Guyton, Recording Secretary



  • Classified Employees Layoff (Bumping) Policy—The Chair reported that there was a department on the campus that has lost it funding and that the HR Director (Leah Taylor) sent her the policy. Four people will be displaced and will be placed into either vacant
  • The Staff Council Constitution has been signed by Dr. Walker. Questions were raised concerning placing the constitution in the policy manual and that we were told that we didn’t have to do that. He said that he looked up an old one and it was in the manual. Discussion followed. She (chair) said that she would speak to Leah.
  • Wall of Fame—No report.
  • Spotlight—The Chair stated that she had attended a meeting in Morgantown where there was an ethics presentation. She was not sure if any issues would come up concerning the asking of an outside vendor to give a gift for the offices that we would be spotlighting. According to the Ethics Commission, gifts of $25.00 or less do not have to be reported and can be accepted. Discussion followed and it was stated that it would only be for food donations. It was suggested that we proceed with the project. It was also suggested that we spotlight Library/Physical Plant day-night shift. The chair said that she would contact the commission to see if we could do this.
  • Newsletter—Michele was not present to report on the newsletter but the chair said that she was told (by Michele) that Scott Pitt has shown an interest in assisting with the newsletter.