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Sunday, December 11, 2016
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August 8, 2007

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Classified Staff Council


August 8, 2007

The Annual Meeting of the Bluefield State College Classified Staff Council was called to order at 1:33 pm in the Basic Science Auditorium by Lisa Neel, Chair, presiding.

Members Present: Lisa Neel, Chair Daniel Frost Deirdre Guyton

Jane Richardson Lori Dials Fred Hardee

Dawn Surbaugh Ken Mandeville Susan Shrader

Jeff Noe Bill Lusk Rebecca Martin

Anita Davis Terry Thompson Marviene Johnson

Kendra Blanton Scott Pitt Tom Harrison, Vice-Chair

Michelle Noe Carol Baldwin

Invited Guests: Dr. Albert Walker, President

Mrs. Leah Taylor, Human Resources Director

Dr. Walker informed those present of the situation involving the Title III monies the institution lost due to the NRCTC/BSC split. The institution will not receive the $1.3M lost, but we will receive $952+K. He has met numerous times with legislators and they have prepared a resolution to that effect. They are now seeking to add it to the base sum instead of receiving a lump sum. Other information is as follows:

  1. The Classified Staff Council was returned to the chair today with some corrections.

• In Athletics there are some coaching vacancies being filled by the Athletic Director (Terry Brown).

• In the Cabinet Retreat:

o Student numbers in high school are declining (particularly males)

o More females are being hired (30-60%) as presidents of institutions of higher learning

o Men are no longer majoring in education

o Beckley Center (Education Mall) is scheduled to open August 20. The Inspector thinks that it is not a good idea to open. Eight institutions are included in the mall with NRCTC as the lead institution, but there will be no NRCTC/BSC administrator’s at the facility. The facility is named after Senator Byrd’s late wife.

o Reaffirmation visit for North Central Accreditation. They are or will begin working on this in late fall early spring. The institution will be up for reaccreditation in 2012.

o Recruiting and Retention

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      1. Up 70% and we will continue to recruit within a three hour radius of the institution.
      2. • August 15th will be the Faculty/Staff Institute. Please encourage all to attend.
      3. • Dr. Walker also reminded staff that he believes in participatory governance, thus he has an open door policy—extending the invitation to all to visit. He wants to be more involved with the campus.
      4. • Budget—this year the Board of Governors has requested a copy of the budget. A copy of the budget will be placed in the library for all to view.
      5. Personnel
      6. o Looking at a more diverse search committee. Wants more people form different aspects of the college to participate.
      7. o Hired a new Director of Multicultural Affairs.
      8. o Mission now is to continue with terminal degrees. Looking to raise the bar of those holding terminal degrees to 80%. Right now 65% of faculty holds terminal degrees. 67% is required for university status.
      9. Board of Governors
      10. o Attorney James J. Palmer, III is the new chair
      11. o Attorney Norris Kantor is the vice-chair
      12. • Mentioned that BSC is here for one reason and that is to serve the students. If there are no students, then the institution would not exist.
      13. • Asks that each of us become a mentor
      14. Strategic Plan
      15. o Dr. Tracey Anderson has formed a committee that has been meeting. As soon as the document is complete, we will be able to go online and view. Other institutions are doing this and he thinks that we should as well. This will tell us what other institutions of our size are doing.



*This ended Dr Walker’s portion of the meeting and he asked for Questions. There were numerous questions and discussions. The chair thanked Dr. Walker for his attendance and information.

Ms. Leah Taylor, Director of Human Resources was our next guest to speak. She stated that one of her goals was:

• Hiring Policy

o She wanted a consistency in hiring.

Before she could go into her presentation concerning the Grievance Procedures, she took questions and discussions from those staff members in attendance. Many were concerned about the numerous open positions that were still vacant at the institution and why they had not been filled. Discussion followed. Three positions that were asked about were:

  1. Director of Campus Life,
  2. Director of Physical Plant and

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  1. Switchboard Operator. We learned that this position was moved to the Security Office permanently.

Another question posed was the updating of the Employee Handbook. Discussion followed and that is a goal of hers (Ms. Taylor) because some of the policies are so old and antiquated. We also discussed promoting from within and why the morale is low on the campus.

We also discussed the fact that the same people are on the hiring committees all the time. Mrs. Taylor suggested that a list of staff members who would want to be placed on the selection committee be compiled. Discussion followed. The chair stated that she would assist in compiling a list of classified employees wanting to serve on those committees.

Due to time, the chair thanked Mrs. Taylor for her attendance.

Moving on in the agenda, the past secretary stated that she did not bring the minutes to this meeting. She would complete them and bring them to the next meeting.

Business Meeting

• Old Business

o Classified Staff Council Constitution—was emailed to Dr. Walker and he had handed it to the chair before the meeting. He corrected the grammatical errors and she stated that would email it to us to review.

o Wall of Fame—Michelle Noe stated that she had made a couple of calls, but had not had a formal meeting.

• New Business

  1. Reports

o Board of Governors—there was none in July; in the June meeting officers were elected. Nothing major went on. There was discussion about salary/merit pay and Mr. Frost said that he reminded the Board that they could not give faculty a pay raise without giving classified one as well. He stated that they did not know how they were going to distribute merit pay and he did not know if they could do merit pay until the salary scale was fully funded. Discussion followed.

o Personnel Development—Michelle Noe reported that there were a few request and she raised an issue with one. She asked the council how much of an issue should she raise. The issue was that the policy reads that personnel development would issue on three credit hours up to but not exceeding $1000.00 per semester for personnel development funds. You can do a BOG waiver for three additional credit hours. There was a person that requested five credit hours that would go over the maximum of the $1, 000.00. They were only requesting the $1K, and when she (Michelle) questioned the policy, she was told that, "We’ve always done it that way." Discussion followed.

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o ACCE—had a meeting with Margaret Buttrick and the Vice-Chancellor to discuss the grievance procedures. If you file a grievance and choose to go into arbitration you may have to bear some of the cost. The Vice-Chancellor has his personnel study going around and he would like to bring him to the campus for discussion, but he will not bring him in with only five people in attendance. It deals with revamping of personnel procedures. (Compensation for education, etc.) ACCE has set its agenda for what they are going to pursue this year. WVU has the Step 0; now they have come up with the money to fund fully the salary schedule Discussion followed. The next meeting will be August 27th.

o Flower fund—no report

o Social/Activities Committee—we met and are working on some things. One was a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving; we are working on Spotlighting each department, Jane is working on that with WalMart, Chic-fil-A, etc. One comment was made that once the council was working on bringing in lunch and was told that they could not do it. Discussion followed.

o Wellness Committee—no report.

  1. An issue brought up is the fact that persons elected to the council not attending the meetings. Discussion followed. It was decided that we would address this issue at the September meeting and would start taking action on this issue then and at the December meeting readdress the issue. Discussion followed.
  1. Also, we would like to meet before the Board of Governors meet to review their agenda just in case we may have issues that we would like to have brought up.
  1. Another issue brought was the fact that the secretary was recording the meetings—for her benefit in doing the minutes, however, she asked the council did they want her to do that, download them and send them to each member or make them available. Discussion followed. Seeing that Dr. Walker had stated that one of the things that North Central would want to make sure that everything is documented. Discussion followed.

Next meeting: September 19, 2007 at 1:30 pm. The chair will send out an all users. Without any further business, it was moved (DGuyton) that the chair adjourn the meeting at 3:46 pm.

Submitted by,

Deirdre Guyton, Secretary

Lisa Neel, Staff Council Chair

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