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May 18, 2006

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Classified Staff Council of Bluefield State College Minutes

May 18, 2006

Members Present: Carol Baldwin, James Crenshaw, Joan Buchanan, Kim Daniels, Fred Hardee, Lisa Neel, Michele Noe, and Berreda Ratliff.

Chair, Carol Baldwin called the meeting to order at 1:00 in the Private Dining Room in the Student Center.

I. Minutes – A motion to accept the meeting minutes for the April 11, 2006 meeting with changes was made and seconded by Noe/Buchanan, and a motion to accept the minutes for the May 3, 2006 special meeting was made and seconded by Hardee/Ratliff, all were in favor.

II. Old Business

A. Annual meeting with BOG- Carol said that because Mr. Kantor was not in attendance, Mr. Jeff Forlines lead the meeting. She said that she spoke of all of the things that we had requested she speak of at the last meeting. As requested, Carol mentioned in her speech that the staff council requests that the college fully fund the salary schedule. She advised the board that the breakdown of the cost to fund the schedule that was given to the board last fall was not a true number because it includes some salaries that are partially reimbursed by the state and all grant funded positions which would not be an out of pocket expense to the college. She reiterated the fact that NRCTC will have their salary schedule fully funded by 2007, whereas BSC will not have theirs until 2010. She told the council that at the end of the meeting, Mr. Forlines asked that a "bottom line" figure be prepared to be presented at the next BOG meeting. Since that time, Frosty received his packet for the May meeting which contains a breakdown that is similar to the one handed out to the board in the fall. Carol suggested staff members make every effort to attend the June meeting of the BOG to see what becomes of this issue.

B. Classified employees of the year- Carol noted that there have been many good comments made by classified staff members that the recipients of this years awards were very good choices. There was some discussion about how we will handle nominations next year. Fred said he will ask at the next ACCE meeting how other institutions handle nominations. We are discussing the possibility of handling this year’s nomination either at the all campus classified meeting or during the classified staff council elections next spring. We have not made any definite decisions about this process at this time.

III. New Business

A. Web Site-Michele has been working to update the classified web site on the Bluefield State College webpage. She went over a few of the things she has


prepared and offered for people to take a look at what has already been done after the meeting. She asked for comments and suggestions that can make the site a better place for people to visit. She said that she hopes to be able to send out an all users once the page is up and running so that all employees can view it and have a source for information regarding classified employees. She also hopes to have all new employees directed to the site upon being hired as an introduction to the council and the campus as a whole.

B. Constitution-Carol distributed copies of the most recent draft of the constitution. She noted that this draft was a revision of the constitution during the last term of classified staff council because of the changes that were needed to incorporate the changes created with HB 448 and the creation of NRCTC. As far as we can determine, this draft was approved by the last term of staff council, but never signed by the President. Carol asked that everyone take a look at the draft and see if there is anything that needs changing, and send all comments, suggestions, and concerns to her before the next meeting.

C. 2006-07 Holiday Schedule-Carol handed out the BOG policy that governs the holiday schedule. Joan provided a copy of the calendar for the time in question. After much discussion, a schedule was proposed. A motion to accept the proposed schedule was made and seconded by Ratliff/Daniels, and accepted.

D. Filling Positions from Within-Carol stated that she had some information from a previous meeting where it was mentioned that administration should make more of an effort to hire positions from within before opening up the position in the community. It was noted that policy states that non-exempt classified positions be advertised in-house for a period of 5 days before being advertised off-campus, and that this policy was not currently being followed in many cases. After some discussion about the matter, the following resolutions were made: 1) To request that the policy regarding advertising of non-exempt classified positions be adhered to and enforced and 2) To request that Dr. Walker support the advertising of all open positions on-campus before going off-campus as well as the hiring of internal candidates for vacant positions whenever possible. A motion to approve such resolutions was made and seconded by Hardee/Buchanan, all were in favor.

E. All-Employee Picnic-Carol stated that David Lord told her about an all employee picnic to be planned for this summer. It will include faculty, staff, and administrators. David asked that council discuss what would be the best date for the picnic to be held. He asked that it be on a Wednesday so that Thursday could be used as a rain date. He said that the college would supply the hamburgers and hotdogs, and that the employees would be asked to bring in dishes to cover the rest. Council discussed what dates would be best and decided to suggest that they either have it on August 2 or August 9.

IV. Reports

A. Board of Governors- The April meeting was discussed under New Business listed above.


B. Personnel Development- Lisa reported that all personnel development requests that were made for the Summer and Fall semesters were approved. She also noted that the committee approved for all extra fees to be paid on any request that would warrant such fees. She stated that they still have not been told what the budget allowance is for personnel development funds.

C. ACCE-Fred said they have not met since the last council meeting. They are scheduled to meet next week.

D. Flower Fund-Anita did not send a report to Carol.

E. Social Committee-Joan would like to begin implementing the "Spotlight Office of the Month" program in June. She will be contacting local business to see if we can get small donations of goods to be awarded. She would appreciate any help that anyone would like to offer in this program.

F. Wellness Committee- Lisa stated that the committee will probably not meet again until school starts in the fall. She did state that the pool will be open from 12 noon-6 pm and the weight room will be open 8 am-6 pm weekdays in the summer. There was discussion about employees being permitted to use the allowed 3 hours per week wellness/personnel development time. It was suggested that staff council write a letter asking that the president encourage all supervisors to be flexible when approving requests for wellness/personnel development time for employees. A motion to send the letter to Dr. Walker was made and seconded by Buchanan/Crenshaw, all were in favor.

V. Next meeting/Adjournment

The next meeting will be held on June 8, 2006 at 12:00 p.m. in the Private Dining Room of the Harris Jefferson Student Center.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned by Carol.

Minutes submitted by Michele Noe