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October 13, 2005

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Classified Staff Council of Bluefield State College Minutes

October 13, 2005

Members Present: Rick Akers, Carol Baldwin, James Crenshaw, Kim Daniels, Daniel "Frosty" Frost, Tracie Goss, Fred Hardee, Lisa Neel, Jeff Noe, Michele Noe, and Joanna Thompson.

Visitors Present: David Lord.

Chair, Carol Baldwin called the meeting to order at 1:00 in the Private Dining Room in the Student Center.

I. Minutes - A motion to accept the meeting minutes from the September 8, 2005 regular meeting with changes was made and seconded by Noe/Hardee, all were in favor. A motion to accept the meeting minutes from the September 27, 2005 special meeting with changes was also made and seconded by Neel/Hardee, all were in favor.

II. Old Business

A. Picnic and shirts-Carol stated that the picnic went very well and thanked everyone for participating and supporting the efforts. She said we will try to plan another event in the spring. She still has a lot of shirts left. If you know of anyone who has not picked theirs up, ask them to please do so.

B. Pay Raises-Carol reminded everyone of the results of the special meeting called in September.

C. Sexual Harrassment Guidelines and Hiring Procedures and Guidelines-These issues were tabled at a previous meeting because most members believed that they had been discussed and approved at a previous meeting. Carol stated that she had talked to Peggy Turnbull (previous Staff Council Chair) who confirmed that this was the case. No further discussion was necessary.

D. Change to Job Advertisement for position requirements-Because David Lord (the new BSC Human Resources Director) was present, he addressed this issue. He stated that he wants to form a committee to revamp policy and this would be a good discussion point to be addressed by that committee. He has asked Classified Staff Council to name 2 members for this committee.

III. New Business

A. David Lord-Mr. Lord began by explaining that he understood that many of the current policies need reviewing. He is currently working to put together a committee to review and make recommendations on some policies. He is also planning many training and development opportunities. David said he would be planning workshops that would not only be available in group settings, but also hoped to offer materials in alternate formats for continued use. Some of the topics he is looking at include Microsoft certification, I-9 training, fire extinguisher use, negaholics, customer service (different format than Connections), telephone etiquette, burnout, performance management, CPR, and the roll of staff in student retention. He asked if anyone had any other suggestions, they let him know.

B. 4-Day week-After much discussion about the topic, motion to make a recommendation that administration consider a year round flexible work schedule for all employees of BSC was made and seconded by Akers/Hardee, all were in favor. David Lord said

that since he was a member of the Presidents cabinet, he would be glad to present this recommendation to the cabinet.

IV. Reports

A. Board of Governors-Frosty reported that there has been a legislative committee formed to address the shortcomings in state funding to BSC. The committee met with Dr. Beasley of Concord and everyone agreed to contact the local legislators to present the data that has been collected demonstrating these shortcomings. He also stated that no new members have been appointed to replace the BOG members whose terms ran out in July.

B. Personnel Development-Lisa stated that they have approved requests via email but there has not been a meeting to report on.

C. ACCE-Fred said that because he had jury duty, he was not able to attend the recent ACCE meeting. He was told that the scheduled HEPC meeting had been postponed. ACCE is working to compile information on classified staff raises that will be given at all colleges and hopes to have that information within a week.

D. Flower Fund-Anita was not able to attend the meeting but sent report to Carol that the current balance in the flower fund is $528.77 with one outstanding invoice.

E. Holiday Lights Committee-Michele stated that she had recently contacted Blain Braithwait with the South Bluefield Neighborhood Association to see if he might be interested in collaborating on this project. Mr. Braithwait explained that the Merchants Association had a Community Christmas Tree last year on Bland Street and thought they might be planning another one this year. He said he would be talking to the President of that association that day and would ask if they might be interested in collaborating. Michele said that because the idea behind the initiative was to try to promote campus/community relations, and because the tree that the merchants assoc. has is on Bland Street, that she did not feel this was the route that should be taken. She will wait to hear back from Mr. Braithwait on the matter.

F. Social/Activities Committee-Carol reported in Joan’s absence that once the new semester begins, they will be trying to plan some sort of spring activity.

G. Wellness Committee-Lisa reported that at this time there were only 12 people signed up for the health screening. Roy said that the lady from Pathways would be emailing information about the walking program to him and he would be distributing it in November. Lisa also wanted to make everyone aware that PEIA will pay for up to 20 sessions of message therapy when prescribed by a physician.

Other-The question was raised why we are seeing so many ads on television for other colleges and none for BSC. Motion to recommend that Media Relations produce more television ads to run on local stations to recruit students for BSC was made and seconded by Daniels/Goss, all were in favor.

V. Next meeting/Adjournment

The next meeting will be Thursday, November 10, 2005 on the second floor of the Library.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned by Carol.

Minutes submitted by Michele Noe