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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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September 8, 2005

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Classified Staff Council of Bluefield State College Minutes

September 8, 2005

Members Present: Carol Baldwin, Joan Buchanan, Kim Daniels, Tracie Goss, Fred Hardee, Lisa Neel, Jeff Noe, Michele Noe, Berreda Ratliff, and Joanna Thompson.

Visitors Present: Karen Gordon, Tom Harrison, Shelia Johnson, and Lala Wooten.

Chair, Carol Baldwin called the meeting to order at 2:00 in Conference Room on the second floor of Conley Hall.

Carol informed the council that Jane Richardson has resigned her position and that the person who received the next highest number of votes in that category was Joanna Thompson. Joanna has agreed to serve on the council.

I. Minutes - A motion to accept the meeting minutes from the August 11 meeting with changes was made and seconded by Buchanan/Hardee, all were in favor.

II. Reports

A. Board of Governors-Because Frosty was not in attendance; Carol gave the following report of what she observed while in attendance: The meeting was held at the Upperclassman II. RW Management was awarded the food service contract for the lunchroom. They have stated that they will possibly begin delivering food to offices on campus in the near future. Food cards are now available for students, and they are looking into the feasibility of making those available to staff and faculty. RW Management has worked out deals with several restaurants on Cumberland Ave. for students to be able to use these cards at their facilities. The vending contract was subcontracted out by RWM to Kwik Kafe (this was lowest bid).

B. Personnel Development-Lisa stated that there was no meeting of this committee to report on.

C. ACCE-Fred reported that the meeting ACCE had with the Governor was not only short, but was interrupted several times. He said that the Governor was reluctant to make any promises to K-16 education employees about raises. They presented everyone’s concerns about the proposed PEIA 80/20 plan and how they will be affected if no raises are given. Fred said they are supposed to meet with WV State to help prepare a power point presentation for HEPC.

D. Flower Fund-Anita was not in attendance today and did not send a report.

E. Holiday Lights Committee-Michele said that she had made contact with the new mayor of Bluefield last week to see about getting the city involved. He seemed enthusiastic about the proposal but said that the logistics would have to be worked out through City Manager Mr. Henne. Michele then spoke with Mr. Henne’s secretary who said she would tell him about the proposal and have him return the call. Due to all of the budgetary issues hurricane Katrina has posed on the city (i.e. gas prices etc.), Michele said she was not going to pursue the issue until the end of the month.

F. Social/Activities Committee-Joan reported that the Classified Staff Picnic is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Sept. 30 from 12:00-1:30 p.m. on the Student Center patio, weather permitting. She is still waiting on John White to respond about the food. A motion was made and seconded to confirm the day and time for the picnic by Buchanan/Noe. Carol stated that she had received responses about shirt sizes from 67 of 112 staff members. Efforts will be made to contact those who did not respond. Carol said that as long as she has the order put in by Monday, the shirts should be in and available for distribution at the picnic.

G. Wellness Committee-Lisa reported that a staff water aerobics class began on Sept. 7 with 20 people registered and people on the waiting list. Roy hopes to schedule more of these classes in the future. Sandy Wynn has agreed to try to set up blood pressure and blood sugar testing on campus. They have already gotten approval for the purchase of blood sugar monitoring strips for this purpose. Due to confidentiality issues, the nursing students will do this at the student health center and it will be offered 2 days per month. The PEIA health screen is scheduled for October 25 in the Student Center. A college forum on "Recognizing the Symptoms of Methadone Use" will be on September 13. Roy has made arrangements for staff, students, and faculty to receive free bowling on September 15 starting at 9:00 p.m. at Mountaineer Lanes in Bluefield. Dr. Dragich is arranging for flu shots to be available on campus. Roy is working to set up a walking program through the Pathways to Wellness. Red Cross is asking for volunteers to help stuff emergency bags for hurricane Katrina relief. There is a new weight loss pilot program offered through PEIA at the Bluefield Wellness Center. Interested staff members should contact PEIA to see if they qualify.

III. Old Business

A. Pay raises – Shelia Johnson handed out charts showing where BSC stands on funds distribution and current pay schedule funding. She went into great detail about the challenges BSC faces in trying to fund the schedule. In addition to the normal challenges faced, BSC has issues relating to the division of funds in the split between BSC and NRCTC as well as additional challenges brought on by legislation. She challenged all classified staff members to contact their elected officials to rally for a more equitable division of funds as well as creating a better peer group for comparison.

B. Sexual Harassment Guidelines-this issue was tabled until the next meeting due to time constraints.

C. Hiring Procedures and Guidelines-this issue was tabled until the next meeting due to time constraints.

IV. New Business

A. Position requirements – Tom Harrison brought to the table a position vacancy advertisement from another college that included a statement that experience could be considered in lieu of education. He wanted to present this to the council for consideration of a request that it be put in BSC position vacancy advertisements. The council stated that this should be brought up at the next meeting when the new HR Director, David Lord, would be here for input on if that is possible or not. Tom also mentioned that administration is considering implementing the use of nametags by staff. He was asked to present the issue to the council to see what their response to the idea was. After much discussion, everyone agreed that we did not support the use of nametags by staff on campus.

B. ADA Committee representative-Carol was asked by Mr. Lord for a representative of staff council to be on the ADA Committee which will be chaired by Carolyn Kirby. Because there were no volunteers, Carol said that she would volunteer to serve on the committee.

V. Next meeting/Adjournment

The next meeting will be Thursday, October 13, 2005 at 1:00 in the Private Dining Room of the Student Center.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned by Carol.

Minutes submitted by Michele Noe