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Monday, December 05, 2016
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May 15, 2008

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May 15, 2008

Members Present: Mr. John Shott, Ms. Gloria Stephens, The Rev. James Palmer, III, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Daniel Frost, Ms. Angie Lambert, Mr. Sylvester Myers
Members Absent: Mr. Larry Morhous, Mr. Norris Kantor, Ms. Anne Crowe, Ms Ashley Froy
Guests/Staff Present: Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. John Cardwell, Mr. Jim Nelson, Dr. Don Smith, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Dr. Tracey Anderson, Dr. Sapphire Cureg, Ms. Karen Harvey, Ms. Leah Taylor, Ms. Anita Barilla, Ms. Deirdre Guyton, Mr. Erik Guyton, Mr. Scott Stevenson

Call to Order – Chairman James Palmer
Chairman Palmer called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. in the BSC Othello Harris-Jefferson Student Center Private Dining Room and informed the group that he would be modifying the agenda by moving the Executive Session after the approval of the minutes. 
Approval of Minutes – April 17, 2008
Mr. Palmer asked for a motion to approve or corrections to the April 17, 2008 minutes.  Mr. Frost asked that the last paragraph have the word “fully” added to clarify the paragraph about the classified staff receiving full funding of the classified salary schedule. Motion was made (DFrost/JShott) that the minutes be approved with the amended wording.  Motion carried.
Executive Session
A motion was made (JShott/LGuy) to go into Executive session to discuss the President’s contract. Motion carried. 
A motion was made (DFrost/JShott) to return to regular session.
A motion was made (DFrost/LGuy) to extend the President’s contract for an additional two years from the end of the current contract. Dr. Walker’s contract will extend to 2011. Motion carried.
President’s Report – Dr. Albert L. Walker
- Three hundred and forty students graduated at BSC’s 2008 commencement.
- Battle of the Bluefields basketball games between BSC and Bluefield College is to be held on December 1, 2008. At this time this event will be held at Bluefield College. However, due to construction plans at Bluefield College, the location may change to BSC.
Financial and Administrative Affairs – Ms. Shelia Johnson
- Ms. Johnson called the group’s attention to the Financial Report as of March 31, 2008 included in the BOG packet received earlier. She reviewed the information with the group.
- Proposed 2008-2009 Faculty and Staff Salary Increases – Ms. Johnson reviewed the information on new revenue versus obligations and recommended salary increases effective July 1, 2008 as follows: Classified -- continue implementation of the fourth year of five year classified salary policy, to fully fund the Mercer Classification schedule funding – 59.08% of current funding gap. Faculty – allocate 4.01% of current salary to faculty salary pay plan. Non-classified – 4.01% increase for each employee. A motion was made (JShott/DFrost) to approve the proposal. Motion carried.
- NRCTC Contractual Agreement – Ms. Johnson reviewed plans being made by NRCTC to move quickly in the process of separation from BSC and reported that several positions have been advertised.  She informed the group that issues need to be addressed. Discussion followed. The group decided to put together a resolution to be signed by all BOG members and presented to BSC personnel in thanks and commendation for taking on the extra responsibilities needed to keep both BSC and NRCTC operating efficiently. A motion was made (JShott/DFrost) to approve the MOAs as presented. Motion carried with one opposed vote from Dr. Lyn Guy.
- Travel Policy – Ms. Johnson presented a resolution to the group with specific additions to the current Travel Policy No. 22. She reported that Governor Manchin’s office issued a memorandum on vehicle policy guidance that all state agencies must consider when determining the best course of action regarding the use of vehicles. First, 3.10 Personal vehicles should not be used when reimbursement costs are expected to exceed $50 per day unless approved by the President or Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs. Second, 3.11 Personal vehicles should not be used when an employee’s duties and responsibilities require travel in excess of 12,000 miles per year. A motion was made (LGuy/JShott) to approve the changes. Motion carried.
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management – Mr. John Cardwell
- Enrollment Update – 1,171 students have pre-registered to-date. The orientation process has been restructured to allow high school students to be on campus.
- Commencement on May 10, 2008 went very well.
- Job Fair was very successful with students having the opportunity to interact with several potential employers.
- HEPC approved the border county expansion and Enrollment Management is now working on a recruiting plan for those areas. Mr. Cardwell reported that he is hopeful of adding an additional recruiter for the expanded area.
- Mr. Cardwell reported that the student representative for the Board of Governors is Mr. Erik Guyton. Mr. Guyton will take office July 1, 2008.
Academic Affairs – Dr. Don Smith
- Faculty Recruitment Update – Some engineering positions are still pending until funding assistance is received from industry as previously promised. Search committees are currently interviewing for Accounting, History, French, Education, and Nursing faculty positions. 
Institutional Research and Effectiveness – Dr. Tracey Anderson
- Dr. Anderson called the group’s attention to the final draft of the Strategic Plan contained in the packet of information received prior to the meeting. She explained that the document will be a living document which will change with time. The institution’s mission statement will be examined in the fall in preparation of reaffirmation of accreditation. Dr. Anderson explained several components of the Strategic Plan for the group.

 Chairman Palmer discussed the frequency of the BOG meetings and informed the group that BSC is the only institution in the state that meets every month. He reported that state code requires six meetings a year. Mr. Palmer distributed two proposals for an adjusted meeting schedule for 2008-2009. Discussion followed. A motion was made (JShott/LGuy) to change the BOG meeting schedule to the following schedule:
August 21, 2008
October 16, 2008
February 12, 2009
March 19, 2009
April 16, 2009
June 18, 2009
Motion carried. Mr. Shott asked that attention be given to the BOG Agenda to determine which items might be handled through email or other methods of transmitting information to reduce the length of the meetings.
Next meeting date is June 19, 2008.
 With no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita Barilla