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Friday, December 09, 2016
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February 15, 2007

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February 15, 2007

Members Present: Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. John Shott, Mr. Larry Morhous, Mr. Jeffrey Forlines, Ms. Anne Crowe, The Reverend James Palmer III, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Daniel Frost, Mr. Kevin Pruitt, Dr. Norman Mirsky
Members Absent:  Ms. Gloria Stephens, Mr. Norris Kantor
Guests/Staff Present: Dr. Albert Walker, Ms. Anita Barilla, Mr. John Cardwell, Mr. Jim Nelson, Dr. Tom Blevins, Dr. Don Smith, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Dr. Tracey Anderson, Ms. Dedriell Taylor, Ms. Karen Harvey, Ms. Angie Lambert, Ms. Deirdre Guyton, Mr. Ergie Smith, Mr. David Lord

Call to Order
 In the absence of Chairman Norris Kantor, Vice Chairman Jeffrey Forlines called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Private Dining Room of the Bluefield State College Othello Harris-Jefferson Student Center.
Approval of Minutes – January 18, 2007
 Mr. Forlines asked for corrections or a motion to approve the minutes of the January 18, 2007 meeting. A motion was made (NMirsky/LMorhous) to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.
Human Resources Report – Mr. David Lord
 Mr. Forlines informed the group that the Agenda would be modified to allow Mr. David Lord to present his report. Mr. Lord referred to material the group received prior to the meeting.
- Board of Governors By-Laws – Mr. Lord discussed the BOG Manual received by each member prior to the meeting and reviewed the by-laws that will be placed in each member’s manual when approved. These by-laws have been reviewed by Mr. Bruce Walker, attorney for HEPC. The group discussed the need to include a county school superintendent on the Board even though that is no longer a mandated position. Discussion followed. A motion was made (LAikens/ACrowe) to approve the policy with the understanding that the BSC Board of Governors would continue to include a county school superintendent from the areas served by the institution in the recommendations made to the Governor for membership. Motion carried.
- Policy 19 – Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion, and Tenure – Motion was made (DFrost/KPruitt) to accept the policy. Motion carried.
- Policy 42 – Hiring Policy – Mr. Lord reviewed the comments his office had received and the group discussed wording changes. A motion was made (LGuy/JShott) to approve the policy with the minor changes discussed.  Motion carried.  Mr. Lord will make the adjustments and post these policies to the BSC website.
President’s Report – Dr. Albert Walker
- Dr. Walker introduced the new Institutional Advancement and Planning Director Ms. Karen Harvey. Ms. Harvey spoke with the group concerning fundraising plans for the institution. She informed the group that NIP tax credits have been depleted and that a request will be made for additional credits, but that the institution must have written acknowledgement from potential donors in order to make the request.
- Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) – The BSC School Accounting Program is currently offer free income tax assistance to low income families.
- Mercer County Day at the Legislature – Dr. Walker reviewed the visit with legislators on February 6.
- Brick Sale Update: Ms. Deirdre Guyton has been working on the Brick Sale fundraiser and has currently collected $4600. The Alumni fund has reached $9650.
- Title III -- Dr. Walker reported conversations with legislators, indicating that the institution may receive additional funding to offset the loss of Title III funding.
- Presidential Quadrennial Assessment – this assessment is done at the end of the fourth year of a president’s employment at a state college or university. Mr. Kantor has made contact with consultants and Ms. Barilla will be coordinating the dates and appointments. The consultant will meet with various entities around the campus and the community.
 Dr. Aikens asked about the interaction with the Upper Classman II and the issues discussed at the last meeting. Discussion followed.  Mr. Forlines asked that Dr. Walker follow up with Mr. Bruce Walker of HEPC concerning the legalities and the liabilities of having the BSC name on the Upper-Classman II sign. This issue is to be updated during the President’s Report at the next BOG meeting.
Legislative Update – Mr. Jim Nelson
 Mr. Nelson gave an update of the various bills being presented in the House and the Senate and the impact to higher education. A delegation from the institution visited legislators during Mercer County Day and Higher Education Day at the Legislature. He reviewed specific bills and the potential impact on BSC and reported the that Chancellor Noland has bundled special requests which includes funds to offset the loss of the Title III funds in his presentation to the House Finance Committee.
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Update – Mr. John Cardwell
- Mr. Cardwell reviewed the enrollment numbers for the spring semester. Currently enrollment stands at 1,780.
- Freshman retention rate is 83.6%.
- Mr. Cardwell reviewed trend data to give the BOG an idea of where BSC enrollment stands and projects for the future.
- Enrollment has increased from the border counties and is expected to continue to increase beyond earlier expectations.
- Mr. Cardwell reported that he is currently working on a project with Mr. Frost to offer scholarships to the spouses and children of active military personnel. A press release will be done very soon announcing this initiative.
 Financial and Administrative Affairs Update – Ms. Shelia Johnson
- The ADA parking, campus signage, and roofing projects have been slowed due to weather conditions but will resume when the weather breaks.
- Many positive comments have been received by the community as well as those on campus concerning the electronic signs. 
- The Student Government Association has purchased banners for the campus as part of the campus beautification project. These banners will be put up in the spring.
- Ms. Johnson informed the group of problems in Dickason Hall with the transformer which ceased to function on January 25, 2007. She reported that an outside advisor has been called in to assist with issues surrounding the transformer and the emergency generator being used as a temporary backup. The insurance company has been contacted. Discussion followed.

Academic Affairs Update – Dr. Don Smith
Follow-up Report on Nanotechnology at BSC – Dr. Smith reported that Mr. Frank Hart, Dean of Engineering Technology and Computer Science, has researched the concept of nanotechnology and has several faculty members interested. He is exploring the idea of sending four or five faculty members to Penn State to participate in a workshop. Mr. Frost informed the group that there is $1 million in the Governor’s budget set aside for technology development. He suggested that the institution should submit a proposal for these funds to help with a nanotechnology program at BSC. Discussion followed. Mr. Forlines asked that Mr. Frost mail the information to the members of the Board and that the possibility of applying for these funds be investigated.
- Advertisements for faculty positions vacant due to resignations or retirement will be sent out soon. Those ads will include the statement that BSC prefers experience or an interest in nanotechnology.
- Dr. Smith updated the group on the development of new programs of study and the expansion of current programs.
- Articulation agreements are being created for those programs having no formal agreements in place between BSC and New River Community and Technology College.
Institutional Research and Effectiveness Update – Dr. Tracey Anderson 
 Dr. Anderson updated the group on the Strategic Planning process and reported that a research working group has been formed to help guide the institution in endeavors of nano research.
 Dr. Smith discussed the information in the BOG packet concerning international initiatives submitted by Dr. Sudakhar Jamkhandi. Discussion followed.
 Dr. Aikens discussed the issue of his membership on the BOG instead of the current president of the Alumni Association. Discussion followed. The recommendation was made that Dr. Aikens write a letter of resignation from the Board of Governors with the request that the position be filled by the current Alumni Association president, Mr. Joe Lewis. Chairman Norris Kantor will then follow the appropriate protocol with the Governor to request the new appointment of Mr. Lewis. The group agreed that Dr. Aikens would continue to serve on the Board until the new appoint is made.
 Mr. Frost asked how the search for the Human Research Director is progressing. Dr. Smith reported that the field of applicants has been narrowed down and that interviews are being scheduled for the next couple weeks. Discussion followed.
 Mr. Frost reminded the group that the salary of Mr. Jerry James, BSC Research and Development Corporation, was to be funded from a source other than Title III funds by February 2007. Discussion followed.
 Mr. Forlines announced that the next meeting will be on March 15, 2007.
 With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita Barilla