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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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February 16, 2006

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February 16, 2006

Members Present:  Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. John Caffrey (via conference call), The Reverend Garry Moore, Mr. Norris Kantor, Mr. Jeffrey Forlines, Ms. Anne Crowe, Mr. James Palmer III, Mr. Eli Sharp, Dr. Norman Mirsky,

Members Absent:   Mr. Edward Knight III, Mr. Jack Stafford, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Daniel Frost

Guests: Dr. Albert Walker, Ms. Anita Barilla, Mr. John Cardwell, Mr. Jim Nelson, Dr. Tom Blevins, Dr. Don Smith, Mr. Terry Brown, Mr. Roy Pruett, Mr. Roger Workman, Mr. John White, Dr. Jim Voelker and students from his American Government class

Call to Order – Chairman Norris Kantor
 Mr. Norris Kantor called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. in the Hebert Gallery of the BSC Harris Jefferson Student Center and welcomed the students from Dr. Jim Voelker’s class.
Approval of Minutes – January 19, 2006
 Mr. Kantor asked for additions or corrections to the January 19 meeting minutes. Dr. Norman Mirsky called the group’s attention to a typing error in the name of Mr. Tom Ridge. With the correction noted a motion was made (NMirsky/LAikens) to approve the minutes as amended. Motion carried.
President’s Report – Dr. Albert Walker
Athletic Department Report – Athletic Director Mr. Terry Brown
 Dr. Walker informed the group that he would not be giving a President’s report but Mr. Terry Brown would be making a presentation to address some specific areas of the Athletics Department in response to inquiries from January’s Board of Governors meeting. Mr. Brown reviewed a handout of athletic scholarships and informed the group that this information is filed in compliance with the NCAA each year. Mr. Brown discussed the requirements for athletes and the processes the institution uses to recruit for all sports.
Human Resources – Mr. David Lord
 Chairman Kantor informed the group that in the absence of Mr. David Lord, Human Resources Director, the discussion concerning the policy changes and the comments received will be discussed at the next Board meeting.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management – Mr. John Cardwell
Student Housing Report – Mr. Roger Workman, Upper-Classman II Residential Center
 Chairman Kantor welcomed Mr. Roger Workman from the Upper-Classman II. Mr. John Cardwell reminded the group about concerns from Board members from the January meeting about the food service at the facility and transportation to and from BSC for students. Mr. Workman shared handouts with statistics concerning the facility and the occupancy numbers this semester as well as renovation costs and projected costs for 2006. He reported that students are served breakfast and lunch on the BSC campus due to the low number of students interested in that service. However, the food service at the facility is fully functional and has been since the fall of 2005. Service is available for students between the hours of 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. but normally serves an average of only four (4) people per night. The facility is opened conservatively for meetings but there is no advertising to the public in order to preserve a college environment.
 Dr. Aikens asked about transportation available for students from the facility to the Bluefield State campus. Mr. Workman informed the group that the city bus company has changed the daily route of the buses to include regular stops at the facility but most students either have their own car or ride with another student.
2006 Spring Enrollment and Retention Update
 Mr. Cardwell reported that there are 113 students who remain unpaid for the spring semester. Enrollment figures are ahead of the final enrollment for spring of 2005. A grant from HEPC for retention has enabled the institution to move forward with plans to for the selection and training of faculty for the summer advising program. Mr. Cardwell reviewed information concerning student orientation, enrollments and graduation by academic major for 2003-2005, and the Student Profile Analysis for fall 2005. Mr. Forlines asked that Mr. Cardwell work toward offering courses to employees of area businesses who have education dollars set aside to increase the number of people in their employee who hold degrees.  Dr. Walker asked that Mr. Cardwell and Dr. Smith conduct a survey of the area businesses, informing the appropriate contacts that we have courses that can be taught on site if enough employees are interested. Then the instructors can be secured in the proper areas of study needed. Mr. Cardwell and Dr. Smith are working with the deans to make courses available in the evenings to accommodate the community. Discussion followed.
Border County Initiative
 Mr. Cardwell reviewed a study completed on enrollment for in-state and out-of-state students and various fee adjustments for border counties explaining that tuition of other out-of-state students would increase in order to lower fees for border counties.
 Mr. Cardwell reported that the institution is working closely with the Saudi Arabian Embassy to enroll 24 students for the fall semester. They will reside at the Upper-Classman II. Enrollment Management is also working with community colleges in the area to attract two year students into the four year programs at BSC.
Legislative and Media Relations – Mr. Jim Nelson
- Mercer County Day at the Legislature – Mr. Nelson reported that several representatives from Bluefield State went to Charleston and had the opportunity to visit with several legislators and discuss important issues.
- College Day at the Legislature – 30 public and private colleges attended the Legislative sessions. Representatives from BSC included faculty, staff, students from Minorities on the Move, various classes, and the Honors College. Legislators had the opportunity to interact with BSC students during the visit.
- Mr. Nelson reviewed several House and Senate bills and reviewed their importance to BSC.
- A report was given on Black History Month programs and the group was updated on various high schools in attendance.
-  CART has been contacted to assist in researching ways to use the robotics program in mine safety.
- Nanotechnology – reviewed concept of this technology and the importance of the production of a 21st century suit of armor.
- February 23-24 -- Mr. Nelson reviewed plans during the game between BSC and WV State  for two individuals to have the opportunity to win two 2006 vehicles. Tickets will be given away at the game.
- School of Business will be hosting a Small Business Expo.
- On February 27 the School of Nursing will have a luncheon to honor Dr. Bernadett Dragich as the George Cruise Endowed Chair in Nursing.
- Mr. Nelson informed the group that the discussion of peer institutions is a very important topic at the legislature. Another topic discussed with legislators has been the border county flexibility bill.
Vice President for Academic Affairs – Dr. Don Smith
- Dr. Smith reported that the issue of increased grant writing efforts has been discussed with the deans of the schools and a progress report will be given at a later date. Mr. Kantor asked that a full report on the efforts of the deans for more grants be given at the next meeting.
- The BSC Mission Statement has been rewritten and sent to the appropriate committees on campus for recommendations. It was the feeling of the group that modest changes will be easier to have approved. After College Council has reviewed the statement, it will be presented to the Board for approval. Mr. Forlines asked that a report be given each meeting until the Masters Degree in Business is approved.
Old Business
 Mr. Forlines inquired concerning the problems encountered with the chemicals in the labs in the Basic Science building and what costs or penalties have been assigned to the institution. Dr. Walker informed the group that the cost so far has been $5,000 but the final report from the Fire Marshall has not been received. Mr. Forlines asked that a plan be put in place to monitor and prevent future problems of this type.
 Mr. Forlines commented that the Board reviews an annual report every year and inquired if the Board reviews a budget. Dr. Walker informed the group that Ms. Johnson will be making a report to the group when that is received. Mr. Kantor reminded the group that no realistic budget can be done until the Governor and the Legislature agree on a budget for higher education. Ms. Crowe, Mr. Forlines, and Dr. Aikens asked if there is a policy or procedure concerning the responsibility of the Board for any emergency expenditures of the institution. Discussion followed. Mr. Forlines asked that a report be given concerning the expense side of the budget so the Board will have a better understanding of expenditures of the institution.
Next meeting Date – March 16, 2006
With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita Barilla