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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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September 15, 2005

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2005

Members Present: Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. John Caffrey (attendance by conference call), Mr. Edward Knight, Mr. Jack Stafford, Mr. Jeffery Forlines, Mr. Daniel Frost, Mr. Elijah Sharp, Dr. Norman Mirsky, and Mr. John Barnes, Chair

Members Absent: The Reverend Garry Moore, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Norris Kantor

Guests Present: Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. John Cardwell, Mr. Jim Nelson, Dr. Tom     Blevins, Dr. Don Smith, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Mr. David Lord, Ms.     Anita Barilla, Ms. Carol Baldwin, Dr. Martha Eborall, Dr. Betty     Rader, Dr. Elaine Scott, Dr. Jim Voelker and students from BSC     American Government Class

Call to Order
Chairman John Barnes called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. in the Hebert Gallery of the Harris-Jefferson Student Center.

Approval of Minutes – August 18, 2005
Mr. Barnes asked for additions or corrections to the August 18, 2005 minutes. Motion was made and seconded (NMirsky/ESharp) to approve the minutes as received. Motion carried.

Human Resources Update – Mr. David Lord
Mr. Lord called the attention of the group to a handout entitled Bluefield State College Employment Data Sheet and reviewed the information. He informed the members that the Director of Student Support Services has requested that the non-classified position of Counselor of Student Support Services be moved back to a classified position. Mr. Lord explained that the Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) makes the position a Counselor II position with a Pay Grade 17. Discussion followed.

Mr. Frost questioned Mr. Lord concerning the breakout of critical and non-critical positions. Discussion followed.  Mr. Lord will provide more information at the October meeting.

President’s Report – Dr. Albert Walker
- Dr. Walker reviewed his September 11-14, 2005 trip to Washington, DC to attend a meeting of the White House Initiative and discussed the various topics addressed.
- Update given on Bluefield State’s efforts to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina and the projects to help in various respects.
- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Review
  BSC’s “Team CART” finished one step short of qualifying for the DARPA’s   2005 Grand Challenge after advancing through six stages of qualifying to reach  the semifinals.
-Dr. Walker reviewed recent faculty accomplishments.
- BSC’s Radiologic Technology accomplishments:
 100% passage rate on national licensure exam for Class of 2005
 100% employed in field for the Class of 2005
- Review of Fall sports was given.
- Participation of Mr. Frank Hart and the BSC Engineering students in the Bluefield Coal Show.
- Dr. Ted Spring will start September 26, 2005 as the second president of New River Community and Technical College. 
- Intend to continue to pursue the Masters Degree program.
- Discussed steps with Senator McCabe for BSC to move forward toward university status.

Vice President for Academic Affairs – Dr. Donald Smith
Dr. Smith introduced the Deans for each School for this year:
 Dr. Tom Blevins - Interim Dean of the School of Teacher Education 
 Dr. Betty Rader - Interim Dean of the School of Nursing and Allied Health
 Dr. Martha Eborall – Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
 Dr. Elaine Scott – Interim Dean of the School of Business
 Mr. Frank Hart – Dean of the School of Engineering Technology and Computer  Science

Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs – Ms. Shelia Johnson
- Ms. Johnson provided the Board with a packet of information and reviewed a proposal made at the Higher Education Policy Commission meeting concerning the Hurricane Katrina victims indicating that a Board could approve in-state fees for assistance of those students affected. Students would be required to meet the regular admission standards for all students. Discussion followed.  Motion was made and seconded (DFrost/JStafford) to give authority to the institution to accept students who meet the requirement standards affected by Hurricane Katrina. Motion carried.
- Ms. Johnson discussed the handout showing HEPC approved project priorities.
- Health Safety and ADA handout reviewed.
- New System Bond Issue was approved at the Policy Commission meeting on Wednesday.
- Ms. Johnson shared graphs compiled by the BSC business manager and discussed the data.
- The School of Engineering Technology and Computer Science has received a special allocation specifically for the DARPA robotics program.

Mr. Knight inquired concerning the Lewisburg Library. Ms. Johnson reported that an attorney must be hired to look at the old liens before the transfer of property can take place.

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Report – Mr. John Cardwell
- BSC now has six approved housing facilities to serve students’ housing needs. Mr. Cardwell reported that a Housing Advisory Committee is being formed to address any housing concerns and issues.
- Information concerning car pooling has been compiled and distributed to students to help ease travel costs due to rising gas prices for students commuting to campus. Mr. Stafford inquired concerning schedule changes to reduce the number of days students would need to travel to the campus for classes. Mr. Cardwell discussed various options being researched and informed the group that every effort will be made to help students financially.
- Enrollment currently at 1812 for the fall semester.
- Fall recruiting season is in process. Mr. Cardwell shared new view pieces and the new BSC catalog being used in the area high schools as recruiting tools.

Motion made and seconded (DFrost/ESharp) to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters. Motion carried.

Motion made and seconded (DFrost/NMirsky) to return to regular session. Motion carried.

Actions items from Executive Session:
Motion was made and seconded (LAikens/DFrost) that the personnel at the college be funded a 4.75 percent salary increase for faculty, 4.75 percent increase for non-classified, and 27.12 percent increase for the funding of the gap for the classified employees effective November 1, 2005.  Motion carried.

Motion made and seconded (ESharp/DFrost) that personnel matters be left up to the discretion of the president of the institution. Motion carried.

Old Business
Legislative Committee Report – Mr. Jack Stafford reported that the Committee has met twice since the last BOG meeting and that funding issues for the college are the major focus of the Committee at this time. The Committee plans to arrange a meeting within the next two weeks with Dr. Jerry Beasley, President of Concord University, and personnel from BSC and Concord to make sure both institutions are working toward the same goals. Based upon the information from this meeting, the committee plans to conduct a short seminar in early December with all legislators and other interested people in our area to discuss the needs of the college and the strategy to address these needs. Mr. Stafford stressed that dissemination of information is vital before the legislative session begins so legislators will be aware of the college’s needs and be willing to support Bluefield State during the next session. Mr. Stafford stated that BSC cannot fulfill its mission of expanding economic development and enhancing the overall welfare of the state without the financial resources necessary to accomplish that mission.

New Business: No new business.

Next Meeting Date – October 20, 2005

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Anita Barilla