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Thursday, December 08, 2016
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September 16, 2004

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Bluefield State College
Board of Governors

September 16, 2004

Members Present: Mr. John Barnes, Mr. Norris Kantor, Dr. Louis Aikens, Dr. Frank Ball, Mr. Kevin Pruitt, Mr. Daniel Frost, Mrs. Anne Crowe, Mr. Edward Knight  

Members Absent: Dr. Lyn Guy, The Reverend Garry Moore, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Mr. Jack Stafford

Guests/Staff:  State Senator Jesse Guills, Mr. John Manchester, Dr. Albert Walker,   Mrs. Shelia Johnson, Dr. Mindy Maher, Dr. Tom Blevins, Dr. Tom Eaves, Dr. David Perkins, Dr. Felica Blanks, Mr. John Cardwell, Mr. Lionel Craddock, Mrs. Angie Lambert, Mrs. Peggy Turnbull, Mr. Bill Bennett, Vivian Sidote
 Board Chairman Mr. John Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Recognition of distinguished guests

 Mr. Barnes recognized two distinguished guests - John Manchester, Mayor of Lewisburg, and Senator Jesse Guills.

Approval of Minutes

 The motion was made and seconded (NKantor/JBarnes) to approve minutes of the August 19, 2004 Board meeting as submitted.   Motion carried.

Board of Governor’s Training

 Mr. Barnes announced that every member of the Board had received the notification and agenda for the Board of Governors’ training to be held in Charleston, September 24.  He also mentioned that Chancellor Mullen has invited the presidents of four-year institutions and Board of Governors’ chairs to a dinner meeting on September 23.  Mr. Barnes indicated that he would not be able to attend the dinner meeting, but noted that he would be at the training session on September 24.  Mr. Barnes asked that Mr. Norris Kantor, Vice Chair, attend the dinner meeting in his behalf.  Mr. Barnes urged all members to attend.  Mrs. Vivian Sidote indicated that all members attending should send all of their receipts to her and she would get their travel forms prepared.

Oath Of Office

 Mr. Barnes gave the Oath of Office to Board member Mrs. Ann Crowe, who has been reappointed by the Governor.  Ms. Remona Finney, notary, was introduced and she notarized the Oath of Office form. 

New River Community and Technical College

Accreditation Review

 Dr. Felica Blanks indicated that the accreditation process is going well.  She indicated that material is being collected and relocated to the research room.  Dr. Blanks said a copy of the self-study report would be sent to Board members and asked that the reports be returned to her with corrections noted in the reports.  Dr. Blanks also indicated that the site visit will be  November 14-17.  Mr. Barnes asked that the agenda for the site visit be distributed to Board members as soon as possible so they can note the dates on their calendars.  He said Board members should make every effort to attend the initial dinner meeting during the site team visit. 

NRCTC Colored Logo

 Dr. Perkins described the NRCTC logo.  He said his Board of Advisors approved the logo and he asked that the BSC Board of Governors approve this logo as well.  A motion was made and seconded (LAikens/NKantor) to approve the NRCTC logo as presented.  Motion carried. 

NRCTC Vision, Mission & Values Statement

 Dr. Perkins indicated that in conjunction with preparation for the accreditation visit and also as part of the planning documents for accreditation, a vision, mission, and values statement was prepared and approved by his Board of Advisors and he asked that the BSC Board of Governors also approve the vision, mission, and value statement as submitted.   A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/LAikens) to approve the vision, mission, and values statement.  Motion carried.

Financial and Administrative Affairs

 Shelia Johnson discussed the following items:

1. A financial audit of the Institution will begin within the next few weeks;

2. The College will undergo its first purchasing performance audit by an outside independent firm hired by HEPC;

3. Legislative auditors requested a great deal of information in two areas--purchasing and bookstore policy, and;

4. She distributed information showing Pell grant and student direct loans.  Discussion followed. 

Bond Issue

 Shelia indicated there were $152 million in bonds sold and another $9 million was distributed for different projects.  It was noted that $1 million was issued for the Lewisburg Library. Mrs. Ann Crowe noted that she was surprised that money was issued for the Lewisburg Library and not for higher education.   She said she works with bonds and did not see anything come through on this.  Mr. Barnes said he authorized a letter be sent under Dr. Walker’s signature to bond counsel with a list of questions which Mr. Kantor read.  He said he is waiting to get a response from bond counsel before taking any action on this issue.      

Library Project

 Chairman Barnes asked for a motion to extend a long term lease to the Greenbrier County Library through the City of Lewisburg, which would allow that organization to raise money for the project. He said an agreement cannot be signed prior to obtaining bond counsel approval.  Chairman Barnes again asked for a motion for a long term lease, noting that this is pending the direction of bond counsel.   Mr. Frost commented that we should wait until we get an answer from the bond counsel and we should table this action.  Dr. Aikens questioned what this bond issue has to do with leasing of property.  Mr. Kantor responded that the money to build the library is coming from bond money earmarked for this school.   Dr. Aikens said this appears to him to be two different issues—the bond issue and the lease to the land to which we hold the deed.  Dr. Aikens made a motion to lease the property to the city of Lewisburg  for $1 a year for 99 years.  Senator Guills indicated that this was a $2.6 million project and that $1.6 million will come from the City of Lewisburg.   He indicated that the $1 million coming from the bond issue, because of this the library is going to be a huge benefit to NRCTC.   Senator Guills said there would not be any problem in leasing that property subject to satisfaction of bond counsel, adding that this in no way jeopardizes or anyway creates a problem for Bluefield State College.  He encouraged the BOG to approve the lease of land for the library.  Anne Crowe indicated that if the bond counsel says that we cannot do that, and we go ahead with this that we may have a liability if we go to the next step.  After further discussion a motion was made and seconded (LAikens/JForlines) to extend a long-term lease for the Greenbrier County Library with the conditions that the opinion of bond counsel does not preclude the transaction and that the $1 million from the bond issue can be used and if the library board does not continue with the project that the lease would be terminated.  There were six votes for the motion, Anne Crowe voted against the motion, and Daniel Frost abstained from voting on the motion.  Motion carried.

Highway Department Property

 Mr. Barnes indicated that this building was an excellent facility except that the roof needed to be repaired.  Dr. Perkins mentioned that this building would help accommodate the overflow of students at the current NRCTC building.  Mr. Kantor mentioned that the cost of the roof would be NRCTC’s responsibility and not the responsibility of Bluefield State College.  Dr. Perkins said that condition was included in their report. A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/KPruitt) to accept the highway department property.  Motion carried.

Executive Session

 A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/KPruitt) to go into executive session at 8:05 P.M.

 A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/LAikens) to go back into regular session at 8:20 P. M.

 A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/NKantor) to change the Human Resource Director position from classified to non-classified. Motion carried.

Academic/Student Affairs

Dr. Eaves announced the following:

1. The ABET accreditation site visit has been completed.  There were a few concerns and  Mr. Hart  and faculty will respond to the concerns within ten days.  However, the College will not be  notified of the final ABET decision until July, 2005; 
2. The NCATE accreditation site visit will take place in April, 2005.  Dr. Michele Farley, and Dr.  Tom  Blevins are working on this initiative;

3. A report to the national accrediting body for the College’s business programs was  submitted on
  September 1, 2004;

4. In athletics the volleyball team is undefeated;

5. New men’s basketball coach Don Jones is hard at work, and there are two rivalries that are very  important: 1) BSC-Bluefield College game on November 29, and 2) the home-and-road series  with Concord;

6. The Student Support Services program at BSC has applied for re-funding for the next four  years. The grant was submitted on August 30 and he commended Ms. Carolyn Kirby,Interim  Director for her outstanding job in completing and submitting the grant;

7. He had hoped to present academic programs to the Board at this evening’s meeting. He said the  deans and faculty are working diligently--looking at areas for academic concentrations and the  feasibility of those being in degree majors, looking at different academic minors and creating new  majors.  He said he hopes to have this information for presentation at the Board’s November  meeting, and;

8. Dr. Eaves reviewed a summary of comparison of majors and minors, as well as a summary of  evening programs. 

 There was a lengthy discussion concerning the different accreditation visits.  Dr. Frank Ball was concerned because the School of Business and the Education program have both lost faculty and the accrediting team will look at this.  Dr. Walker said the College is at that minimum range and is not in danger of losing accreditation.

Enrollment Management

 Mr. John Cardwell distributed a one-page enrollment report.  The enrollment census date is October 1 and the final year end date is November 1.  There still exist numerous public relations challenges for the College, seeking to counter the news related to, and rumors arising from, the 2004 legislative session.

Institutional Development

 Dr. Felica Blanks announced:

1. The BSC Research and Development Corporation ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on September 20 at l0 a.m. with U.S. Congressman Nick Joe Rahall, II as guest speaker;

2. Plans are proceeding for a November 2004 dinner to raise funds for scholarships;

3. Plans are proceeding for another fund-raising phone-a-thon, and;

4. Discussion took place concerning how to connect the BSC R&D Corporation building to the BSC campus with some wireless features.  Planning is proceeding for lease connectivity from Frontier.  Additionally, work is advancing on a telephone communication and computer connection which should be established by mid-October.

President’s Report

 Dr. Walker gave a Powerpoint presentation on the activities that have taken place since the last Board of Governor’s meeting. 

 The main topic concerned student housing.  Dr. Walker asked Mr. Kantor to give a summary of a recent visit to Huntington to look at student housing there.   Mr. Forlines said that he talked with the manager of The Maples who is interested in providing student housing.   It was suggested that a short presentation or summary proposal for that project is needed.

Next Meeting

The next meeting date is October 21, 2004.

 With no other business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,