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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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June 17, 2004

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Bluefield State College
Board of Governors

June 17, 2004

Members Present: Mr. John Barnes, Mr. Michael Hanna, Mr. Daniel Frost,  Mr. Jack Caffrey, Mr. Jeff Forlines, Ms. Ann Crowe, Dr. Louis Aikens, The Reverend Garry Moore, Mr. Norris Kantor

Members Absent: Dr. Frank Ball, Mr. Jack Stafford, Dr. Lyn Guy

Staff Present:  Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. Jim Nelson,  Mrs. Shelia Johnson,  Dr. Tom Eaves, Dr. David Perkins, Dr. Felica Blanks, Dr. Tom Blevins, Dr. Raphael Heaggans, Dr. Mindy Maher, and Mrs. Vivian Sidote
Guest Present:  Mr. Bob McCormick, Ms. Helen Harless, Ms. Ann Farr, Senator Jesse Guills, Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester

Approval of Minutes

 Mr. Barnes asked for approval of the minutes of the May 20, 2004 meeting of the BSC Board of Governors.   A motion was made and seconded (JCaffrey/DFrost) to approve minutes as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.

Recognition of two Board Members

 Two members, Mrs. Anne Crowe, and Mr. Mike Hanna, whose terms will end June 30, where recognized for their outstanding service as members of the Bluefield State College Board of Governors and Chairman Barnes presented each with a plaque and certificate of appreciation for their service while on the Board.

Greenbrier County Library Board of Trustees

 Mr. McCormick indicated that $1.1 million has been committed to the Greenbrier County Library project and $33,000 for preconstruction has come from the public sector.  He said project supporters have sought state revenues for the past four years but their efforts to date have been unproductive and as a result they hope to begin a capitol campaign in September with a focus on the private sector – local and national foundations, businesses, organizations and individuals.  Their goal is to reach $1.5 million.  He said the trustees favor a plan whereby they would receive the deed to the College property as a gift and feel that this would be a mutually beneficial situation.  The library would enhance the cultural setting for the College and community, better serving both public and academic needs.  He said  the Greenbrier campus would have library access seven days a week instead of five days a week; would have ten modern computer stations, 10-50 laptop computers, spaces for reading rooms, and spacious student parking.  Mr. McCormick said the Library Board asks for early consideration and action on this meaningful project and requested the Board’s cooperation in this effort.

 Senator Guills asked for the Board of Governors’ support of this project.  He said he looks at this project to serve not only Lewisburg, but Bluefield, as well.  A promise has been made that the state would support the library in the form of Budget Digest funding.  He said he was assured by the chair of the Senate Finance Committee that the money will be awarded.  He said he is comfortable the money will be a substantial amount.  He said the library will augment the development of a beautiful campus that will encompass an educational institution with a library, etc.  He asked that Board to act favorably on this request from the Library Board.

 Mr. John Manchester, Lewisburg Mayor, said the area that is being discussed is a beautiful piece of property overlooking the town of Lewisburg and urged the Board of Governors to act favorably on the Library Board’s request.

 Chairman Barnes opened the discussion to receive questions.   Vice-chair Kantor indicated that sooner or later the College would need additional facilities and wanted to know the status of the State Highway Department building contiguous to the New River Community & Technical College/Greenbrier Valley campus.  Dr. Perkins indicated that the Greenbrier County Commission has already voted to give that property to Bluefield State College at no cost.   Dr. Perkins said they are waiting to prepare a deed and a copy of the survey.  He said that, following the Board’s approval, this matter would also have to be sent to the Higher Education Policy Commission for its approval.   

 Dr. Perkins indicated that his Board of Advisors voted to support this library project.  Mr. Frost asked how, when NRC&TC becomes independently accredited, does BSC benefit from this initiative?   Chairman Barnes said that he is for this project and also is also an advocate for education in this region.  He said this library will support the educational development of students, not just current BSC or NRC&TC students, but the individuals could later enroll at NRC&TC and BSC.  He said the library is opened to the public.

 Mr. Barnes said the Board could not take action during the current meeting on the library but he proposed to give authority to Norris Kantor and Senator Guills to work out all of the legal aspects of this property (i.e. cost, deed, etc.)  before a vote is taken on this matter.   Mr. Barnes said he thought that the motion was to give approval of the project pending consideration of the legal issues related to property transfer.  A motion was made and seconded (JCaffrey/LAikens) to implement Mr. Barnes’ suggestion.  There were three yes votes, three no votes and two abstentions and Mr. Barnes voted yes to break the tie in support of this project.  Motion carried.

 Mr. Jeff Forlines asked if he could receive material related to this initiative to learn more about this project because he felt that this was discussed before he became a member of the Board.  It was suggested by Chairman Barnes to give Mr. Forlines a copy of all Board minutes of the last year.
Executive Session

 A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/GMoore) for the Board to enter into executive session at 7:48 p.m.  A motion was made and seconded to return to regular session at 8:55 p.m.   
 A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/DFrost) that with respect to salaries and financial matters, the Board approve annual salaries for Dr. Perkins at $106,000 and Dr. Walker at $140,000 and that Classified employees receive a 1 ½% increase in pay effective July 1,2004 and for all employees a lump sum payment to be made on December 1 with amount to be determined in a future executive session.  Mrs. Shelia Johnson mentioned that the last day to submit a detailed budget to the state is July 1.  After much discussion, it was decided to make the increase 1.6% effective August 1, 2004.  Motion carried.  

New River Community and Technical College Report

NRCTC Accreditation

 Dr. Blanks indicated that accreditation preparation activities are proceeding on schedule.

Funding & Program Realignment

 Mr. Barnes indicated that the Governor has directed that BSC and NRCTC come to an agreement regarding finances and realignment of degree programs.  The Board had previoiusly decided to retain certain associate degree programs, as it was permitted to do under the provisions of HB2224.  There were three programs in question - AS General Business; AS General Education; and AS Radiologic Technology.   Discussions have taken place between Bluefield State College and New River Community & Technical College to transfer General Business and General Education to New River Community & Technical College.  At the same time this transfer is tied to financial realignment of state appropriations between BSC and NRCGC.  He said state appropriations were split in March 2004 as follows:  of a total of $8.6 million in state funding, $3.2 million would go to BSC and $5.4 million would go NRCTC.  The realignment of state appropriations based upon student enrollment at both institutions will be $5.4 for BSC and $3.2 for NRCTC.  This includes the differential added for the high cost associate degree programs maintained at BSC, an amount of $772,000.  Mr. Barnes said an additional item added to this agreement is that the tuition and fees for A.S. students at BSC will be the same as for B.S. students at BSC.  After further discussions, a motion was made and seconded (LAikens/JCaffrey) to approve this agreement.  Motion carried.

Policies approved by NRCTC Board of Advisors

 Dr. Perkins indicated that Policies C.100 through C.1000 were approved for Bluefield State College and he requested that the same policies be approved for NRCTC with the only changes involving name of institution, etc.  A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/MHanna) to approve all policies.  Motion carried.

 Dr Perkins said that Policy 21, 23, & 28 were not ready for approval and would be submitted at the next meeting.

Financial and Administrative Affairs Report

Policy 19 - Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion and Tenure

 Additional information is needed prior to presentation of this policy to the Board, and this policy will be submitted at the next Board meeting.

Contracted Service Agreement for BSC & NRCTC

 Shelia Johnson indicated that the proposed agreement has been submitted to the state budget office.  She said the agreement involves a very complicated process.  She said this agreement would have to be approved by the BSC Board of Governors and by the WV Community & Technical College Council but she noted that the deadline is prior to the next meeting date of the Board.  Shelia also stressed that even after the Board approves this report it is subject to change.  Mr. Barnes indicated that the Board would take necessary action to get this approved.

GASB Report

 Ms. Johnson reviewed the GASB report, which audits the financial statement of the Institution.  There was discussion concerning this report.

Summary of Potential Projects for Bond Funding

 Ms. Johnson distributed a two-page document showing a list of bonding projects approved.  Bluefield State College had two items approved 1) Phase II, ADA Access & Parking Improvement for $750,000, and 2) Nicholas County Center - Purchase or lease of property $1,335,000.

 Dr. Perkins said that his share of Perkins funds will increase to more than $80,000.

Academic and Student Affairs Report

Center for Applied Research and Technology

 Dr. Eaves indicated that he presented the Center for Applied Research and Technology proposal at the last meeting.  A motion was made and seconded (JForlines/JCaffrey) to approve the Center for Applied Research and Technology by-laws.  Motion carried.

Baccalaureate Academic Initiatives

 Dr. Eaves distributed to Board members a document listing the College’s baccalaureate academic initiatives to show what has been accomplished during the previous year.

Enrollment Management

Mr. Ralph Patsel distributed a report of detailing the College’s enrollment in the absence He said the College continues to show an increase in enrollment over year-ago, same date, figures  

President’s Report

 Dr. Walker gave a Powerpoint presentation of the different activities taking place at the College since the last Board meeting.

Meeting Date

 The next meeting of the Board of Governors is July 15, 2004


 A motion was made and seconded (LAikens/NKantor) to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 p.m

Respectfully submitted,