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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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May 20, 2004

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Bluefield State College
Board of Governors

May 20,  2004

Members Present: Mr. John Barnes, Dr. Frank Ball, Mr. Michael Hanna, Mr. Daniel Frost,  Mr. Jack Caffrey, Mr. Jeff Forlines, Dr. Lyn Guy, Ms. Ann Crowe, Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. Jack Stafford  

Members Absent: Mr. Norris Kantor, The Reverend Garry Moore

Staff Present:  Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. Jim Nelson,  Mrs. Shelia Johnson,  Dr. Tom Eaves, Dr. David Perkins, Dr. Felica Blanks, Mr. Bruce Mutter, and Mrs. Vivian Sidote
Guest Present: Mr. Bob McCormick, Ms. Helen Harless, and Ms. Ann Farr, Librarian/Greenbrier County Library
Approval of Minutes

 Mr. Barnes asked for approval of the minutes of April 15, 2004.  Mr. Daniel Frost mentioned that, on the last page of the April minutes, under the topic “Executive Session,” last paragraph, a motion was made and seconded concerning the salary for the president of New River Community and Technical College. At the end of the motion it should have read motion unanimously approved.”  Mr.  Barnes indicated that there was some confusion concerning the motion, as it should also clarify “if funds are available.”  A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/LGuy) to approve the minutes as corrected.  Motion carried.

Greenbrier County Library Board

 Dr. Perkins introduced the Greenbrier County Library Board of Trustees - Mr. Bob McCormick, Ms. Helen Harless, and Ms. Ann Farr, Librarian.  The Board of Trustees gave a presentation of the new public library in Lewisburg.  The site for the new library is behind NRCTC campus and the total cost of construction for the new library is projected to be $2.6 million. 

 The Greenbrier County Library Board of Trustees is proposing: a) A long-term lease between Bluefield State and the City of Lewisburg at a cost of $1 per month as long as the land is used for a public library; b) A purchase option in the lease that allows the City of Lewisburg to purchase the four acres at a nominal price after completion of building construction; c) Transfer of the four acres, now or at building completion, as a gift to the City of Lewisburg.

 There was considerable discussion concerning this issue.  Mr. Barnes recommend that as a good gesture on behalf of Bluefield State College that the Board should consider the library proposal.
 Mrs. Ann Crowe indicated the need to have in writing a document that states the minimum criteria required to consider the Library property proposal (i.e. purpose, cost, alternate site, etc.).  The Board members requested that she put together the minimum criteria and bring this before the Board at the next meeting for discussion and possible approval.
Financial and Administrative Affairs

Mrs. Shelia Johnson discussed the following:

1. Policy 19 - Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion and Tenure.   She indicated that this policy needs to be consistent with Series 9.  This policy will be voted on at the next meeting of the Board.  She said information added is shaded and information deleted is underlined. 

2. A packet of information (revised E & G funding from state appropriations based upon 2005 funding compared to 2004 enrollment; end of semester headcount for purposes of contracted services between BSC and NRCTC for informational purposes, clarification material on SB448, and Tuition and Fees as approved by HEPC) was distributed for Board members to review. 

3. The budget process--A firm agreement of the budget between BSC and NRC&TC is needed, and she asked the Board for guidance.  It was recommended to contract out services for different entities.  Mr. Barnes indicated that there must be a complete assessment of how the funds are to be divided.  Discussion followed.  Dr. Walker said this is a transition period and will be challenging. 

4. The Tuition and Fee Simplification Schedule. 

Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Tom Eaves discussed the following:

1. A proposal for the Center for Applied Research and Technology (CART).    Dr. Eaves said this Center will support the College’s School of Engineering Technology and Computer Science.  He said a similar center has been developed as the Research Triangle in North Carolina.   He said CART will be a research endeavor and will generate research dollars for BSC and its School of Engineering Technology and Computer Science.  Dr. Eaves asked that this proposal be reviewed and voted upon at the next meeting.  There was discussion concerning the Board of Directors for CART and Board of Governors of BSC.   Mr. Bruce Mutter gave an overview of this new organization.

Legislative Update

Mr. Jim Nelson announced:

1. The May 2004 legislative interims took place Sunday through Tuesday of the current week.

 2. The National Collaborative Forum for Postsecondary Policy  will be held at the Mine Academy next Tuesday.  Delegates from Washington, West Virginia, Missouri and others will be in attendance.

3. He provided information on dates/sites for future legislative interims.

4. He reviewed the geographic distribution of representation on key senate and house education and education-related committees.

Enrollment Management

               Mr. John Cardwell presented a report on College enrollment, comparing current enrollment figures to those of one year ago, same date.  He said enrollment for fall semester is up 10% over last year at this time.

New River Community & Technical College

           Dr. Perkins had no new information to present. He turned the meeting over to Dr. Felica Blanks to give a report on accreditation.

Accreditation Report

 Dr. Blanks discussed the revised timelines for accreditation.   Dr. Blanks indicated that faculty from Bluefield State College and New River Community & Technical College have been working on accreditation-related initiatives.  Mr. Barnes indicated that he prefers that the accreditation committee maintain its original timeline. Mr. Stafford agreed with Mr. Barnes’ concerns.

President’s Report

Dr. Walker gave a Powerpoint presentation of College activities that had taken place since
the last Board meeting.

Executive Session

 Mr. Barnes indicated that the Board needed to convene an executive session.  A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/JForlines) to go into executive session at 9:20 p.m.  The Board came out of executive session at 9:50 p.m.  A motion was made and seconded (JForlines/DFrost) to extend Dr. Walker’s contract for three years beyond July 1, 2004.  Motion was approved unanimously.

 A motion was made and seconded (JStafford/JCaffrey) to request that Chairman Barnes work with staff to evaluate the possibility and companion budgetary requirements related to salary increases for the entire staff at Bluefield State College.  Motion carried unanimously.  
Meeting Date

 The next meeting of the BSC Board of Governors will take place on June 17, 2004 in the Private Dining Room/Harris-Jefferson Student Center.

 With no other business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,