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Friday, December 09, 2016
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January 15, 2004

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Bluefield State College
Board of Governors

January 15,  2004

Members Present: Mr. John Barnes, Mr. Norris Kantor, Dr. Frank Ball, Mr. Michael Hanna, Mr. Daniel Frost, Ms. Ann Crowe, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Mr. Jack Stafford, Mr. Jeff Forlines, and Dr. Lyn Guy  

Members Absent: The Reverend Garry Moore, Dr. Louis Aikens

Guests/Staff:  Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. Jim Nelson,  Mrs. Shelia Johnson, Dr. Tom Blevins, Dr. Tom Eaves, Dr. David Perkins, Dr. Felica Blanks, Dr. Mindy Maher, Dr. Raphael Heaggans, Mr. Bruce Mutter, and Mrs. Vivian Sidote

Guest via Phone: Mr. Dennis Juran 

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made and seconded (JCaffrey/NKantor) to approve minutes of the November 20, 2003 Board meeting as submitted.   Motion carried.

Financial and Administrative Affairs Report

Financial Audit

Mrs. Shelia Johnson distributed the financial audit and introduced Mr. Dennis Juran, who reviewed the audit report.  There was discussion that followed.

Classified/Non Classified

Mrs. Johnson gave out material on classified/nonclassified positions.  She indicated that an August 10, 2001 Memo #4 gave latitude to change positions from classified to nonclassified.  The three positions involved at BSC include:   Gary Brown, Women's Basketball Coach; Carolyn Kirby, Counselor in Special Services Office, and; the Athletic Trainer position should have been nonclassified positions.  Mrs. Johnson indicated this was an oversight.    A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/JStafford) to approve changing these positions to nonclassified.  There was discussion that followed.  Mr. Frost indicated that the College have lost several classified positions and does not need to change these positions to nonclassified.  Ms. Crowe asked if these positions were all the same at the other state colleges/universities.  Mrs. Johnson said they were mixed.    Dr. Guy recommended to approve these positions as nonclassified but if they are vacated to revert the positions back to classified status.   A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/JStafford) to approve these positions as nonclassified, but change them back to classified status when they are vacated.  Motion carried. 

Academic/Student Affairs

Dr. Eaves mentioned the following:

Program Reviews

Dr. Eaves said the College currently has one program review, the B.A. in Humanities.  Information concerning this matter will be brought to the Board meeting in February.

Collaborative MSN degree program

Dr. Eaves said the MSN program in collaboration with BSC has started with 12 students in attendance at BSC and five at Marshall.  He said BSC anticipates offering this program in two to three years without it being a collaborative program.

Collaborative Masters/Engineering program

Dr. Eaves said Mr. Frank Hart, Dean of the School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science is working closely with Pittsburg State University in Kansas.  Dr. Eaves said BSC faculty would be teaching a number of the courses in this program.  He said Mr. Hart is also talking to Virginia Tech regarding the possibility of additional masters/engineering technology programs.  

Professor of the Year

Dr. Eaves announced that Dr. Steve Bourne has been nominated as one of five individuals under consideration for the Faculty Merit Foundations Professor of the Year award in West Virginia.  Dr. Bourne is going to Charleston next week for a final interview with the selection committee.

Accomplishment & Goals

Dr. Walker indicated that he will be meeting with his cabinet to discuss their goals and objectives.  Dr. Walker said he would send to the Board information regarding cabinet members area accomplishments if they wanted to receive this information.  Board members indicated they wanted copies of cabinet members accomplishments.

Mr. Kantor asked Jim Nelson to write a news release detailing these graduate programs and indicate in the MSN program story the number of BSC students who have registered for this program and also to write news release on Dr. Steve Bournes nomination for the Faculty Merit Foundation award. 

Media Relations

Jim Nelson mentioned that a button and bookmark were placed at each Board members seat to promote awareness of the Colleges Black History Month program of activities.

He also reviewed the mid-year accomplishments for the office of Media Relations.

Enrollment Management

Jim Nelson also presented an enrollment report update for Mr. John Cardwell, Executive Director of Enrollment Management, who was coordinating spring semester general registration at the Beckley/NRCTC meeting.  He noted that the percentage of minority students college-wide has declined, but the total number of minority students at the College has increased.  He attributed the minority student percentage decline to the addition of the Nicholas County campus, which has only one African-American student enrolled.  He said one challenge that Bluefield State College faces is the need to increase the diversity of its student population.

He said fall enrollment showed a 26.7% increase over a year ago, 8% when factoring out students from the NRCTC/Nicholas County site (students not counted as BSC students in year-ago figures).  Spring semester has shown an overall increase compared to one year ago of 22.5%.  The College has 2966 students enrolled on this date, as compared to 2414 one year ago.

New River Community & Technical College

Dr. Dave Perkins announced the following:

Accreditation Progress Update for New River Community & Technical College

Dr. Perkins indicated that activities continue to progress  independent accreditation.  He gave out the timeline for institutional accreditation for New River Community & Technical College.
Dr. Perkins said the Preliminary Information Form report is at the printers and will be mailed to the accrediting body  tomorrow.   He said it will take sometime to receive a response from the North Central Association team. 

The next task is the Self-Study Report.  Because of the time frame, Dr.  Perkins has already initiated activities involved in developing the self-study report.  A Self-Study Committee has been set up comprised of the following: Dr. Felica Blanks, Chair, Dr. John Mullens, Co-Chair, Dr. Mindy Maher, Dr. Tom Blevins, Mrs. Elizabeth Belcher, and Mr. Ken Baker. 

There was discussion concerning the accreditation process and progress.

Policies for New River Community & Technical College

Dr. Perkins said Elizabeth Belcher reviewed the policies for New River Community & Technical College.  She said they were the same policies that Bluefield State College has in place and were the same policies that the Board had approved for BSC.  The only changes made were the title changes.  Mrs. Anne Crowe made a recommendation to allow the Board members time to review these policies and vote on them at the next Board meeting.  This recommendation was approved by Board members. 

Virtual College

Dr. Tom Blevins mentioned the following:

Internet Radio Station

Dr. Blevins said he and Jim Nelson met with Wisdom Media and Star 95 to see if they could  provide radio programming for use on the Colleges streaming audio radio station.  He said equipment has been ordered and design plans have been submitted to the maintenance department for construction of the station.  He said work is continuing to prepare the station for broadcasting.


Ten data ports have been installed in the Hardway Library.

Plans are proceeding for expanding the BSC Archives, and steps have been taken to develop a College records management program.


Currently, six WebCT courses are being offered by the College, with 15 to be offered during the fall semester.  Dr. Blevins mentioned several courses that will be offered online.


He said the College has 800 desktop computers and 15 servers.  One hundred new computers were placed into use during the prior semester.

Institutional Development & Advancement

Dr. Felica Blanks said:

New River Community & Technical College

There is a need to raise funds for New River Community & Technical College and to provide grant-writing training.  Training is also needed in developing relationships with individuals and organizations in the Raleigh and Nicholas County areas.

Neighborhood Investment Program

The College has received NIP tax credits of $52,000.

Cultural Activities

The need exists for more arts-based and cultural enrichment activities at the College.  Dr. Blanks said Dr. Heaggans is working to arrange these types of activities.


Dr. Blanks said the BSC Research & Development Corporation has extended a contract for the purchase of the building.  She said Marshall Miller and Associates will do an environmental analysis of the building and after this is completed the contract will go to the PSC for approval.  She indicated that the projected closing date could be by the end of March.

Presidents Report

Dr. Walker delivered a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted many of his offices activities over the past two months.

Meeting Date

The next Board meeting will be held on February 19, 2004.


Mr. Jack Stafford indicated that at the last meeting the Board approved policies.  However in Policy 29, Mr. Stafford said that under 8.14.1 the provisions of this policy do not apply to procuring professional engineering/architectural services.  These services shall be procured in accordance with Chapter 5G, West Virginia Code.  Chairman Barnes asked Shelia to review this matter and report back to the Board.    Dr. Walker asked whether the State Attorney Generals office should be contacted. A motion was made and seconded (Stafford/Frost) to amend Policy 29 to reflect the pertinent provisions of Chapter 5G of the State code.  Motion carried.

With no other business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,