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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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June 19, 2003

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Bluefield State College
Board of Governors
June 19, 2003 

Members Present:Mr. Norris Kantor, chair, Mr. John Barnes, Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Dr. Steve Bourne (via phone), Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Burt Clark, Ms. Carol Baldwin, Mr. Frank Wilkinson, Ms. Ann Crowe, The Reverend Garry Moore 

Guests/Staff:   Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. Jim Nelson, Mr. John Cardwell, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Dr. Don Smith, Ms. Kathy Epperly, Dr. Skip Sullivan, Ms. Vivian Sidote Mr. Tom Hanna, Ms. Cochran, Mr. Phil Lafferty 

Board Chairman Norris Kantor called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

The motion was made second (GMoore/LGuy) to approve minutes of the May 15, 2003 Board meeting as submitted. Motion carried. 

The Board of Governors and the Role of the Chairperson 

Mr. Kantor gave a report on the role of the chairperson as he felt it was appropriate to give this report because of the requirement of the Board of Governors to elect a chairperson at the June meeting for a one-year term and would limit the chairperson to two consecutive terms. Mr. Kantor said for those chairperson elected to the Board in 2001, they would be ineligible for election to chair for the next year. 

Mr. Kantor said the role of the chairperson are: 

Do not just preside at meetings for the Board of Governors. 

He said other than the president of the college you are leading spokesperson for the college 

you are also the president confidant, sounding board and sometimes chaplain. 

He said the faculty and students look to you to help save the school from unwarranted legislative administrative actions and to assist the president and his staff in all of their response to such legislative and administrative action. 

By virtue of this position you are automatically appointed to the Boards of Bluefield State’s Research Development Corporation and the WV Access Committee for Higher Education. He said each of these boards meet on a quarterly basis. 

In addition, by virtue of this position you will be an ex-officio member of any research development corporation committee. 

You will also be a member of the Board of Governors Governmental Relations Committee. 

When the legislator is considering bills for higher education you can expect to attend called meeting in Charleston to address legislative issues. 

You will be respectfully invited to attend workshops sponsored by Jerry Messatesta, Chair of the House Committee on Education with the next meeting scheduled at 4:30 p.m, Sunday, August 3, 2003 in Charleston. 

Additionally you will be invited to special meetings with the Governor and higher policy committee such as the one held on June 4 of this year with representatives from the National Center for Public Policy for Higher Education. 

You will also be appointed from time to time to serve on special committees at the College such as the committee for the duty of having our accreditation renewed by the North Central Association. 

You will also be asked to participate in various school functions such as graduation ceremonies, banquets, etc. 

When Legislator is in session you may find it necessary to travel to Charleston to meet with various delegates, state senators to discuss the legislative effect on BSC and lobbying for or against a particular piece of legislation. 

You will also be requested from time to time to submit a article for one of the schools publications 

You will be without pay, a public relations expert for BSC 

Election of Officers A motion was made and second (FWilkerson/LGuy) to elect John Barnes, Chair and Norris Kantor, Vice Chair. A motion was made and second (Gmoore/LGuy) to close the nominations. Motion carried. The secretary position would remain with Vivian Sidote. 

Financial and Administrative Affairs Report 

Shelia Johnson said that we have reviewed the institution policies. She said we have not completely reviewed all of them, but the ones that were given to you have been reviewed by the faculty, staff, president’s staff, and submitted to the college council. Shelia said this fall the last of the policies will be reviewed. Steven Bourne had a question regarding Policy A600 dealing with Faculty Emeritus Status. Ms. Johnson said the only item taken out of Faculty and Classified Emeritus Status is the internet excess. She said now there is a charge for internet excess. Burt Clark had a question concerning Policy 400 Student Conduct Code, page 6, section b, paragraph 1 which states, “During the hearing(s), with the student, no party present shall be accompanied by legal counsel. There was a lengthy discussion concerning this. Mr. Clark made a motion to accept all policies excluding C400 to be sent back to College Council for review. Because of lack of a second to that motion the motion died. A another motion was made and second (JCaffrey/FWilkinson) to approve all of the policies. There 10 yes votes, and 1 no vote by Mr. Burt Clark. Motion carried. 

Programs transferred to New River Community and Technical College 

Dr. Smith said at the last meeting he presented a request to approve specifically moving of AS and certificate programs to be transferred to New River Community & Technical College. His proposal was That the A. A. In Business and the A. A. In General Studies currently in place at Glenville State Community and Technical College be accepted and adopted at NRCTC as the general equivalent of BSC’s A. S. General Business and General Education programs. There was a lengthy discussion concerning this. Mr. Kantor asked that he make up a committee with someone from GCCC, Beckley, and NRC& TC to review this item and bring back their recommendation to the next Board meeting. Dr. Bourne recommended that Dr. Debbie Halsey-Hunter be included on this committee. 

Dr. Smith second proposal to rescind the board action of May 15, 2003 to transfer the A. S. Corrections and Law Enforcement programs from BSC to NRCTC. Mr. Kantor said this would be treated the same as the first proposal. 

Logo for New River Community and Technical College 

Mr. Nelson gave out one page document with several Logos printed in color for the Board to see and review. Mr. Kantor said this was very well done. Mr. Caffrey made a recommendation to change Welch to McDowell County. A motion was made and second (JCaffrey/LGuy) to approve the logos with the one change. Motion carried. Mr. Barnes complimented Mr. Nelson for job well done and coming back with information that they asked for. 

Legislative Update 

Mr. Nelson brought up the policy on full-time and adjunct faculty and full-time and part-time classified employees. He said in HB2224 on page 60-61 it indicated that the policy needs to be approved by the Board of Governors by July 1. There was discussion concerning both policies. It was mentioned that both policies was developed with the same scope. After much discussion, it recommended that the second paragraph under policy on the role of adjunct faculty to delete No precise mathematical formula exists to determine the appropriate number of full-time faculty. A motion was made and second (Jcaffrey/FWilkinson) to accept the policy with the change. Motion carried. 

Executive Session 

A motion was made second (LGuy/JCaffrey) to go into executive session at 8:10 p.m. to discuss personnel matters. 

A motion was made and second (GMoore/BClark) to go into regular session at 9:07 p.m. 

Mr. Kantor said the members of the Board whose terms have expired have to stay on the Board until there position has been replaced. He said that the Governor’s office has required that every state college/university to send to them a list of board of members with date of appointment, etc. He said they are reviewing these and deciding what to do and ultimately that is a decision that the Governor will have to make. Mr. Kantor said by statute that you can be reappointed for an additional term. 

Selection of New River Community & Technical College Provost 

A motion was made and second (LGuy/ FWilkinson) to hire Dr. David Perkins as the new provost of New River Community & Technical College at a salary commensurate with the position. Motion carried. Mr. Barnes suggested that Dr. Perkins be called tonight and offered the position. 

Certificate Presentation 

Mr. Kantor said by operation of law that we have three individuals who graciously go off of the Board. They are: Faculty representative, Staff representative, and Student representative and strictly held by election and do not have the ability to let you succeed yourself. Mr. Kantor on behalf of Board of Governors presented Dr. Steve Bourne, faculty representative, Mrs. Carol Baldwin, staff representative, and Mr. Burt Clark, student representative with plaques to thank them for their service on the Board of Governors. 

Meeting Date 

The next meeting date will July 17, 2003 



Mr. Kantor talked about the meeting that he attend at the request of Delegate Messestta who is chairman of education. Mr. Kantor said this meeting turned out to be a work session and in attendance was Delegate Duell and Ms. Kay Goodwin, governor representative and at the end was senator Plymer. He said one of the things that they ask the chair of the governing board to bring back is to come up with what our five top priorities from a governance stand point and what does impact our Board and more particularly our relationship with higher policy commission. Mr. Kantor suggested that at the July meeting to give Mr. Barnes some pertinent suggestions that he could discuss at the next board meeting. 

Mr. Kantor said another thing that they are also working on is for all of us to consider that they want content standards at all of the colleges and community colleges, on what they consider core courses. He said they want to make sure that all core courses at all eleven colleges and universities are transferrable and accepted automatically. They suggested that a good model as an example of statewide content standards is to look at Computer Science. 

Drug Testing 

Mr. Burt Clark brought up the student perspective on drug policy. He said first and foremost the testing policy could be conceived as invasion of privacy and there is concern from students to have to pay for these services. He also said there was concern in the criteria that is used in selecting the students that will undergo testing. 

Mr. Kantor said it is becoming mandatory for every hospital in the state and nation to have anyone coming into the hospital to undergo drug testing. He said the students going into health science programs i.e. nursing, radiologic technology, etc. must take the drug testing before they can complete their program. 

There was much discussion concerning this policy. 

Mr. Kantor said this is not an action tonight, but before it does become an action item we would like faculty and staff to have for us the actual specific policy of hospitals, laboratories where we send our students for clinics. He said if the institutions say that is their policy we will either have to live with it or send the students some where else. 

Student Election 

Mr. Burt Clark said that he had student representatives from Bluefield State College to bring up the issue of how students is appointed to the Board of Governors for Bluefield State College. Mr. Kantor ruled it our of order because that decision is already made for this coming year and by this time next year he felt that this would not be a problem because there would be a different structure. He said if it would appear to be a problem that it should be taken up before it ever becomes a voting issue for the students of the student government association. There was discussion concerning this. Mr. Kantor again said that according to Robert Rules of Order, he ruled Mr. Clark out of order. He said Mr. Clark can appeal the ruling of the chair by getting a majority vote. Mr. Clark made a motion to overrule the chair, since Mr. Clark did not get a majority vote, Mr. Kantor than made a motion to abstain the vote of the chair. Motion carried. 

With no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Norris Kantor