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Saturday, December 03, 2016
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February 19, 2003

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Institutional Board of Governors Meeting
February 19, 2003

6:00 P.M.        Dinner
Private Dining Room, Harris-Jefferson Student Center

6:45 P.M.        Business Meeting
Hebert Gallery

A G E N D A 


Call to Order - Chairman Norris Kantor 

Approval of Minutes - December 19, 2003 

Financial and Administrative Affairs Report - Mrs. Shelia Johnson Bumping Policy* 

Legislative Report - Mr. Jim Nelson 

Enrollment Management Report - Mr. John Cardwell 

Institutional Development Report - Dr. Felica Blanks Annual Fund Drive/Funds Collected 

President’s Report 

Executive Session 

Next meeting Date - March 20, 2003 


Adjournment *-Denotes Action Item(s) 


M I N U T E S 

Members Present:        Mr. Norris Kantor, chair, Mr. Burt Clark, Ms. Carol Baldwin, Dr. Steve Bourne, Mr. Frank Wilkinson, Ms. Ann Crowe 

Members Absent:        Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. John Barnes, Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. Jack Caffrey, The Reverend Garry Moore 

Guests/Staff:   Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. Jim Nelson, Mr. John Cardwell, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Dr. David Perkins, Dr. Don Smith, Ms. Kathy Epperly, Ms. Vivian Sidote 

Board chairman Norris Kantor called the meeting to order. 

A motion was made and seconded (SBourne/BClark) to approve the minutes of the December 19, 2002 Board meeting as submitted. Motion carried. 

Bumping Policy 

Shelia Johnson noted that the proposed “Bumping Policy” was distributed to Board members at the January meeting for their review. She indicated that WV State Code Section 18B-7-1 established a bumping policy based upon seniority and should serve to clarify the process. She said the classified employees and Classified Senate have reviewed this policy and added that the policy was recommended for approval by the College Council. A discussion of the policy followed. A motion was made and seconded (Wilkinson/SBourne) to adopt this policy. Following discussions, and with the following corrections: 1) on page 3, first paragraph, seventh line, to insert or refuses and 2) on page 4, second line, insert certified letter, the policy was approved. 

Legislative Report 

Jim Nelson distributed a three-page document, summarizing the status of bills impacting higher education that are currently under consideration in the State Legislature. Jim mentioned that there would be two Senate Education Committee meetings tomorrow. He indicated that the House Education Committee, chaired by Delegate Jerry Mezzatesta, has been divided into ten subcommittees with two to three members per subcommittee. The Senate Education Committee is chaired by Senator Robert Plymale from Wayne County. That committee has been divided into four subcommittees to consider and make recommendations concerning proposed legislation. Two of the Senate subcommittees deal with higher education. Jim reviewed the bill status summary document. There was discussion that followed. Chairman Kantor reminded Board members to maintain contact with legislators to sustain a positive relationship and communicate thoughts and concerns regarding proposed legislation. 

Enrollment Management 

John Cardwell distributed two documents concerning the College’s enrollment. The first handout provided a statistical report of enrollment. John indicated that the College’s current enrollment was approximately 2900 students. He reported that Dr. Walker has challenged BSC employees to increase enrollment by 20%, or approximately 600 students, for the Fall Semester. The second handout listed some new initiatives--offering continuing education courses and adding those students to the headcount enrollment; expanding high school course offerings, and; expanding the course schedule available at the BSC Beckley Center. 

Institutional Development 

Dr. Felica Blanks presented a report on the annual fund drive. She said $229,708.40 in contributions have been received in the annual fund drive, and she added that the College is accepting additional contributions. Dr. Blanks said she is working with the BSC athletic department to coordinate fund raising efforts in that area. She also reported on the results of a payroll deduction campaign involving BSC employees. She said that there was a 64% participation rate in this campaign among classified employees, and a 9% participation rate among faculty. 

Dr. Blanks provided a summary of the activities of the Research and Development Corporation. She detailed several projects, including a “Four Seasons” retirement center, work with the town of Pocahontas to assist growth in that area, initiatives involving training for the Bluefield Regional Medical Center, and the status of the Wade School Project, where a feasibility study is being completed. 

Economic Enhancement 

Greg Shrewsberry reported that a meeting has been scheduled at BSC on March 7, involving representatives from Bluefield State College, Concord College, Bluefield College, Wytheville Community College, and Southwest Virginia Community College to discuss opportunities for collaboration with a focus upon economic development. 

President’s Report 

Dr. Walker provided a Powerpoint presentation of College events and activities that had occurred during the period since the last Board of Governors’ meeting. 

Next Meeting Date 

Mr. Kantor said the next meeting is scheduled for March 20, 2003. He said that, at the April meeting, the Board will consider whether it wants to meet on a monthly or on an every other month basis. 


Chairman Kantor said he was selected by the Board to meet, along with representatives from other boards, with the WV Higher Education Policy Commission during the legislative session. He reported that there is consideration concerning a letter from Marshall University, requesting that the HEPC weigh the possibility of suspending the job evaluation process for classified positions set forth in Series 8, as well as the job family review process. Items that will be discussed include: the status of the state budget and the HEPC response; a round table discussion with some “outside the box” thinking; an exploration of strategies by which colleges can collaborate to save money, and support for the proposed tax increases on cigarettes and soft drinks (all presidents of private and public colleges have endorsed a resolution to increase the cigarette tax).

Dr. Walker discussed promotion and tenure guidelines. He said the College is working on the guidelines, and that until those guidelines are revised, no promotion and tenure applications are being accepted. Faculty cannot receive salary increases as a result of being promoted until funds are available. 

Chairman Kantor reminded Board members that they have received a list of the Board’s standing committees. Burt Clark requested to be placed on the Budget Finance Committee. With no other business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Norris Kantor