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Monday, December 05, 2016
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September 19, 2002

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Bluefield State College
Board of Governors
September 19, 2002 

Members Present:        Mr. John Barnes, Ms. Ruth Payne Brown, Mr. Burt Clark, Ms. Carol Baldwin, Dr. Steve Bourne, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Frank Wilkinson, Ms. Ann Crowe, Reverend Garry Moore 

Members Absent:        Mr. Norris Kantor, Mr. Jack Caffrey 

Guests:            Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. Jim Nelson, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Dr. David Perkins, Ms. Vivian Sidote 

Vice chairman John Barnes called the meeting to order. 

A motion was made and seconded (GMoore/LGuy)) to approve the minutes of the August 15 Board of Governors’ meeting as submitted. Motion carried. 

U. S. News & World Report 

Jim Nelson said he received on September 11 an electronic notification from U. S. News & World Report that the publication had selected Bluefield State College as one of “American’s Best Colleges” for 2003. Mr. Nelson said Bluefield State wasn’t the only college in the area to be selected. However, he noted that this marks the third consecutive year BSC has been chosen for this distinction. The magazine ranked America’s colleges by region. Ranked colleges were subsequently placed in “tiers.” Bluefield State College was ranked in the South region, third tier. Dr. Walker said this honor would be used by the College throughout the year for marketing purposes. 

Travel Regulations 

Shelia Johnson said there were some proposed modifications, identified as text that is underlined, incorporated in the Travel Regulations. College Council met the previous day to consider the matter of Travel Regulations. However, only nine of the body’s 18 members were present, resulting in an insufficient number of members to constitute a quorum. One of the nine members not in attendance had indicated to Ms. Johnson that the policy was acceptable, except for one needed grammatical correction. College Council said it would interpret this conveyed sentiment as a vote of approval from that member. 

Ms. Johnson reviewed the proposed changes to the regulations. The first change on first page involves changing the word “traveler’s” so that it reads “travelers.” The next change, on page four, section three - under the topic “Lodging,” proposed that wording be inserted to read “Reimbursement of lodging will be at the cost effective room rate available at the most convenient facility.” Lodging receipts must show a “$0.00" balance. 

Ms. Johnson said much discussion took place concerning rental cars. Insurance coverage is provided if the traveler uses the State “Diners Club” card. Ms. Johnson said that she verified this information through the State Auditor’s Office. 

She said the Travel Regulations have to be filed with Auditor’s Office by October 1, 2002. 

A motion was made and seconded (FWilkinson/SBourne) to approve the revised Travel Regulations as submitted. Motion carried. 

Special Project Funding 

Ms. Johnson reported that she received last week a “Special Projects” funding list. The Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) has asked the Institution to prioritize up to five Special Funding projects. Last year, the highest priority item was funding in the amount of $105,000 for the Greenbrier Community College Center. She said when this year’s prioritized list from the College is presented to HEPC, that body will prioritize expenditures for all schools. She reviewed Bluefield State College projects listed “two” through “five.” She said “project five” is not specifically a Bluefield State College project, but is instead a Bluefield State College Research & Development Project Corporation for Wade School. A motion was made and seconded (FWilkinson/GMoore) to approve the list of Special Projects funding. Motion carried. 

Update Budget and Fee Collection 

Ms. Johnson said the College has collected 22% of students fees. She said many BSC students have tuition assistance provided by third party payments such as the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitative Services or WIA, and she noted that the College will not receive those payments until December. She also stressed again that the College’s budget will get tighter, adding that the Institution has been instructed to plan for a 10% budget reduction in next year’s State-appropriated funds--a reduction of approximately $800,000. 

Mr. Barnes asked about the status of final payment for the GCCC building. Ms. Johnson said that she had sent a letter, at the direction of the BSC Board of Governors during its last meeting and added that she had also talked to Ms. Mason. She suggested that a letter or phone call from Mr. Kantor might produce some action on this matter. 

BSC Research & Development Project 

Dr. Steve Bourne presented a brief report on behalf of Dr. Felica Blanks, who was ill. The first item mentioned was the Summer Development Team, and Dr. Bourne reviewed a list containing the faculty members on the team, as well as the different grants that they are planning or have submitted. The second item mentioned was a list of proposals submitted and those that have been awarded. One proposal mentioned was the Southern WV Literacy Center funded by the HEPC, from which BSC was awarded $35,000. He said there are several other grants that have been submitted and are awaiting approval. 

Institutional Development & Advancement Position Vacancies 

Again, representing Dr. Blanks, Dr. Bourne reported that there are 12 positions underwritten through the College’s Title III Grant. Dr. Walker said, if the Institution does not use its federally allocated funds, when the awarding of new federal funds is considered, agencies can reduce allocations to institutions that haven’t spent prior year allocations. He said if College positions are totally federally funded, the Institution needs to fill those positions in a timely fashion, making certain that Human Resources guidelines on advertising are followed, and that job descriptions for each position have been developed. 

Founders Day/Homecoming Activities 

Kathy Epperly, interim Vice President for Student Affairs, could not attend the Board of Governors’ meeting because her son’s marriage was taking place during the same week. The Board watched a video presentation she had developed, detailing Homecoming 2002 activities, which will take place, October 5-11. Ms. Ruth Payne Brown mentioned that there will be a BSC Alumni Association reception, welcoming Dr. and Mrs. Walker, on October 4, from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. at the Bluefield Holiday Inn, and she invited everyone to attend. 

Success Stories 

Jim Nelson represented Dr. Don Smith who was not able to attend this meeting. He said that Dr. Smith had compiled a list of faculty and student accomplishments within each academic division of the College. 

Self Study Update 

Mr. Jim Nelson gave a review of the document, “Bluefield State College: Strengths and Issues in a Climate of Change.” He said there are three suggested changes that have been incorporated into the previously distributed generation of the document. They included: 

1) on page 8, next to last line, Mr. Caffrey had suggested that the wording be changed to read “BSC’s President”; 2) on page 12, next to last line, text was modified at Dr. Walker’s suggestion to read, “enrollment has generally increased”, and: 3) on page 23, a paragraph was added at Chairman Kantor’s suggestion, at the end of the section on The Future Relationship with the Greenbrier Community College Center. The added paragraph reads, “Finally, there is the fact that BSC has 16 nationally accredited programs. This adds value to a student’s degree because it stresses the quality of the education received. Which other higher education institution is prepared to bring such opportunity to students of the Greenbrier area? It would be a disservice to students to deprive them of the chance to benefit from these nationally accredited programs and/or the “+2" opportunities to continue their studies seamlessly into our baccalaureate programs.” Mr. Nelson indicated that this document has been transmitted with two corrections to every member of the WV Legislature, The BSC Board of Governors , HEPC, Chancellor Mullen, and the Chancellor’s senior staff. 

President’s Update 

Dr. Walker gave a power point presentation focusing upon the mission and his vision for Bluefield State College. Dr. Walker mentioned that the current fall semester enrollment is 2990 students, a record figure for the College. He reviewed the Vision Statement, which reads, “The vision for Bluefield State College is to provide students an affordable, geographically accessible opportunity for public higher education.” All programs are designed to promote the student’s intellectual, personal, ethical, and cultural development.” He said it is very important for the College to indicate that it is an Historically Black institution. He said this one statement opens the doors of opportunity for the College and distinguishes BSC when state and federal funds are considered. 

Dr. Walker said when 60% of the College’s faculty hold terminal degrees, BSC can then start discussions about offering graduate degrees. Dr. Walker reviewed “Preliminary College Priorities.” He indicated that BSC will establish College-wide goals and objectives by the Leadership Team. Dr. Walker said in January, the College will advertise all interim positions and will include students, faculty, staff, on hiring committees. 

Dr. Walker distributed two publications—“Demographics of Bluefield State College,” prepared by College Registrar Ray Mull, and the “2002-03 Guide to Historically Black Colleges & Universities,” published by Ebony Magazine. 

Mr. Barnes invited Dr. Perkins to give an update on the Greenbrier Community College Center (GCCC). Dr. Perkins said GCCC had a very smooth opening to the fall semester. He noted that preliminary enrollment figures at GCCC show a substantial increase over the previous year, and that he had received no student complaints about the semester’s class schedule. Dr. Perkins said he looked forward to working with Dr. Walker and he stated his strong support for the relationship between GCCC and Bluefield State College. 

Mr. Barnes pointed out the potential now for offering more classes at the Beckley Center of BSC--classes that the College could not offer previously in Raleigh County because of a resolution from the former State College System. He cited the potential for enrollment growth at the College’s Beckley Center, along with the affordability of tuition, adding that the Institution needs to provide financial resources to support this growth. He said the College must capitalize on this opportunity in Raleigh County as quickly as possible. 

Meeting Date 

The next meeting date for the Board of Governors was scheduled for October 17, 2002 at 6 p.m. for dinner and 6:45 p.m. for meeting in the Private Dining Room/Harris-Jefferson Student Center. 

Executive Session 

A motion was made and seconded (GMoore/FWilkinson) to enter into executive session at 8:05 p.m. Motion carried. 

The committee exited its executive session at 8:35 p.m. 

With no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

John Barnes