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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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June 20, 2002

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Institutional Board of Governors Meeting
June 20, 2002

6:00 P.M.        Dinner
Private Dining Room, Harris-Jefferson Student Center

6:45 P.M.        Business Meeting
Private Dining Room - Harris-Jefferson Student Center



Call to Order 

Approval of May 16, 2002 Minutes 

Greenbrier Community College Center 

Bluefield State Community and Technical College

Core Faculty/Contracts

Study by Higher Education Policy Commission 

Reorganization of Administrative Structure Draft 

President's Update 

Executive Session 


Next Meeting

Bluefield State College
Board of Governors

June 20, 2002 

Members Present:        Mr. Norris Kantor, Mr. John Barnes, Mrs. Ann Crowe, Ms. Ruth Payne Brown, Mr. Burt Clark, Reverend Garry Moore, Ms. Carol Baldwin, Dr. Steve Bourne (via phone), Mr. Jack Caffrey (via phone), Mr. Frank Wilkinson (via phone) 

Members Absent:        Dr. Lyn Guy 

Guest:  Dr. Robert Moore, Mr. Jim Nelson, Ms. Vivian Sidote 

Mr. Norris Kantor brought the meeting to order and ask Rverend Moore to give belated blessing over the meal and convocation. 

Mr. Kantor mentioned that there is a new member on the Higher Education Policy Commission replacing Dr. Ron Stollings. His name is Mr. Richard Kenneth Hall who is a member of the teamsters' union in Charleston. 

A motion was made and second (GMoore/CBaldwin) to approve the minutes of May 9 and May 16 as distributed. Motion carried. 

Greenbrier Community College Center 

Mr. Kantor indicated there is a lease by and between the Greenbrier County Building Commission, the State of West Virginia by the Secretary Department of Administration on behalf of the Board of Directors of the State College System and Bluefield State College. The Lease was dated July 21, 1995 and is a 40-year lease. There is a provision in the lease, paragraph #17 which says upon expiration of the lease the obligation the lessor having been paid in full. The lessor without any further consideration is requested by the tenant to transfer the lease facility to the tenant. A more important provision provides in addition that the "Lessor hereby grants unto the Tenant the right to purchase the leased facilities prior to expiration of the forty (40) year lease period, together with all improvements thereon, at any time for a sum equal to the amount required to redeem the obligations upon said leased facilities on the date of such purchase and payment therefore." The payment to date to pay in full is $105,000. Mr. Kantor said there is a resolution that authorize us to pay off that amount and take over control of that building with the amount from BSC capital funds to be repaid upon receipt of lottery funds for 2003. A motion was made and seconded (RBrown/GMoore) to adopt resolution. Motion carried. 

Bluefield State Community and Technical College - Core Faculty/Contracts 

Dr. Moore gave out a study that he completed on the last six semesters as it relates to the faculty that have taught at BSC over those three years. BSC has two essential conditions that have been evaluated by the Policy Commission not being met: 1) Core Faculty in the community and technical college; 2) appointment of president at Beckley. It would cost $200,000 to fund and support a president position and once the funds are received for this position a president could be hired. 

In December, the Policy Commission changed the procedural rule from Board of Directors/Board of Trustee from Series 36 to Series 9. In this rule it changed how the classification can be used on a faculty. Phase I of Dr. Moore report show the separation of faculty into Community & Technical College and Baccalaureate Programs. All faculty that are in Associate Degree or Certificate programs will be the Core faculty in the community and technical college. Phase II is to look at the other faculty. Dr. Moore said he recommended to the President's Staff that when the faculty come back in the fall they should start talking about what is a community college faculty member at Bluefield State College. 

Working Plan for Higher Education Policy Issues

Identified in Legislative Study Resolution - Bluefield State College 

This is a draft of the plan to study the role and mission of Bluefield State College and the relationship to the GCCC. This is Dr. Mullen's plan on how that study is to move forward. The target date to finish this report is October 1 and brought to the Governing Board to vote on and than present this to the legislative oversight committee at their November meeting. 

Working Plan for Higher Education Policy Issues

Identified in Legislative Study Resolution - Beckley Area 

This is a study of Bluefield State involvement with Beckley Center as Community & Technical College. This study was presented by Mr. Jim Skidmore. The one item Dr. Moore said the Board of Governors needs to fight is the item "Develop plans with Bluefield State College for an independently accredited community and technical college in Beckley." 

Dr. Moore said there is another component in Beckley. He said in the legislature Beckley is to be affiliated with Bluefield State College. It is to move toward its own accreditation, its own president, its own budget, etc. There is also a Higher Education Center being developed in Beckley that will be supported by six public institutions and one private institution that the community and technical college will be associated. The Governing Board's task over the next five years is to build that program and show those people that it is beneficial to stay with Bluefield State College. 

Reorganization of Administrative Structure Staff 

Dr. Moore indicated this is something he will share with new president. 

President Update 

Administrative Bulletins and Procedures 

A memorandum from Dr. Mullen listing some new bulletins and procedures that will be passed down to Board of Governors that you will need to look at over the next year. 

Strategies for Higher Education Budget and Program Reviews 

The Governor has mandated all state agencies to go through a program review looking at reduction in their base budget. Higher Education next year has to give back 115 million dollars. This is for informational purpose. Dr. Moore said 33% of the state budget will be held back until the fourth quarter 

Thank You 

Dr. Moore thanked everyone and said he appreciated working with them as the Board of Governors and last year as Board of Advisors. Ms. Ruth Payne Brown said she appreciated Dr. Moore in terms of what he has done for her as an individual and the help with Alumni Association and the work on the Board of Governors. She said it has been a great experience. She said she hoped that all will go well for Dr. Moore and his family. God Bless you and your wife. She also thanked him for the work on Alumni House. 

Mr. Barnes said over the last two years he has grown to know and respect Dr. Moore and has really and truly enjoyed working with Dr. Moore and his staff. I have supported you in every endeavor and will continue to think of you fondly, hopefully you and your family will enjoy reduced duties and enjoy each other more. He thanked Dr. Moore for building the institution to the state it is and we as the Board of Governors will try to continue the efforts you have started to put forth. We hope to maintain your legacy as we move forward. 

Mr. Kantor said on behalf of all of us we truly appreciate your efforts. They are outstanding with some of the programs as they go forward have real meaning and will ultimately bear a lot of fruit for everyone. 

Dr. Moore mentioned we received notification from North Central that the visiting team report to the readers and they will make their recommendation within a month. This will go for a vote on August 5 by the Commission and if there are some issues they will be sent to us.  

Mr. Kantor mentioned a faculty member has come to him requesting that he appear before the Board on a matter between the faculty member and administration. Mr. Kantor advised that the way the Board is set up we will not act on this until it goes through the complete grievance procedure. 

The next meeting is scheduled Thursday, July 18, 2002. 

Executive Session 

A motion was made and second (Gmoore/RBrown) to move into an executive session at 8:00 p.m. 

The Board of Governors resumed a regular session at 8:30 p.m. 

A motion was made and second (RBrown/GMoore) to offer Dr. Tom Blevins the position of Interim President. Motion carried. Mr. Kantor said he would convey the information to Dr. Blevins and than would notify the Chancellor tonight. 

A motion was made and second (GMoore/CBaldwin) to adjourn the meeting 8:40 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Norris Kantor