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Friday, December 09, 2016
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May 16, 2002

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Board of Governors Meeting
May 16, 2002

6:00 P.M.        Dinner
Private Dining Room, Harris-Jefferson Student Center

6:45 P.M.        Business Meeting
Private Dining Room - Harris-Jefferson Student Center


Call to Order 

Approval of Minutes April 23, 2002 

ASN Admissions Change - Action Item 

MS in Technical Studies - Youth Care Program Specialist - Action Item 

Component Community College Tuition Rate Approval - Action Item 

Compact Format - 2002-03 

President's Update 

Executive Session 

Next Meeting 


Bluefield State College
Board of Governors


May 16, 2002 

Members Present:        Mr. Norris Kantor, Chair, Mr. John Barnes, Co-Chair, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Reverend Garry Moore, Dr. Lyn Guy, Ms. Anne Crowe, Ms. Ruth Payne Brown (via phone), Dr. Steve Bourne 

Members Absent:        Ms. Carol Baldwin, Mr. Frank Wilkinson, Mr. Burt Clark 

Guests:            Dr. Robert Moore, Mr. Jim Nelson, Ms. Vivian Sidote, 

Mr. Kantor brought the meeting to order. 

Mr. Kantor asked for approval of minutes of April 23, 2002. A motion was made and seconded (Caffrey/Guy to approve the minutes with the following corrections: 1) On page three it should say Procedures for Search and Selection of President not Job Description. Motion carried. 

ASN Admissions Change 

It is the recommendation of the AS Nursing department to delete the ACT composite score of 20 from the admission requirements because the NLN Pre-RN Admission exam is like the ACT but more health/nursing related and the students are required to make a 100 or better for admission. A motion was made and second (Caffrey/GMoore) to approve this recommendation. Following discussion, the motion was approved. 

AS - Technical Studies - Youth Care Program Specialist 

The Home Society of West Virginia has requested we develop a two-year program to be offered to their employees of 13 locations throughout West Virginia. At the same time they have to send the troubled youths which they work with to rehabilitative facilities in neighboring states. They want Bluefield State to offer this program statewide. This was brought before the Bluefield State Faculty and their recommendation is to offer Component I - General Education; Component II - Technical Core/Occupational Specialty and Component III - On-the-Job (OJT) Training. A motion was made and second (Caffrey/Guy) to approve this recommendation. Following discussion, the motion was approved. Mr Kantor asked Mr. Nelson to send out a press release. 

Component Community College Tuition Rates 

A memo from Dr. Michael Mullen was given to members which stated: "The Policy Commission has not mandated that the reduction in proposed increases be made, but receipt of the proposed increased incremental funding is contingent upon meeting the Policy Commission's suggested increases. If your institution decides to reduce your proposed increase, and thus become eligible for the increased allocation, please notify me so that it may be processed". On the third page of this document is a Table I which shows Bluefield State College proposed 9.2% which came to 9.19%. BSC had the option to receiving $100 from the state bring down the tuition to 4.81% for the Community and Technical College Component. We have to go on record to receive $100 and to drop tuition to 4.81%. A motion was made and second (Caffrey/Moore) to approve the $100 and to drop tuition to 4.81%. Motion carried. 

Compact Form 2002/03 

We have in the past given an update of our compact. However this coming year the institutions where to integrate the statewide strategic plan into their strategic plan. Reporting this has been postponed one year. This coming year we will give another statistical update of our progress toward the outcomes that we had determined previously. The information given out is for information purpose which shows what the statewide strategic plan is going to involve and what has to be integrated into our strategic plan in 2003-2004. This document also shows some indicators that must be in our strategic plan. Mr. Kantor indicated these documents would be mailed to the members not here. 

President Update 

Memorandum from Central Office. This is a breakdown of monies that will have to operate under as of April 25. Bluefield State College will receive two million ninety dollars for the Baccalaureate Programs and five million seven hundred seventeen dollars for Community and Technical College.  

Expenditure Schedule Account Summary. This document came from administration of state agency. In the Fourth Quarter of next year BSC and governing board will receive 33% of the state appropriation. 

Freshman and Sophomore Retention. Gave two documents which relate to retention. BSC had the highest retention of baccalaureate students. 

Higher Education Policy Commission meeting on May 17, 2002 will have on the agenda the resolution for Beckley campus. 

Application for Fall 2002. This is a information item. We have a record number of early registration. 

2001/2002 State Department of Education breakdown of public school enrollment. This lists all the Counties in West Virginia. The total enrollment shows 281,000 students in public schools of that 12,220 are blacks.

Letter from Wellinton Swingdale, from Phoenix, Arizona given us $14,000 for scholarships and books and has pledge $100,000. 

Are pursuing Cocoa Cola and Exxon grants. Dr. Blanks will be in Atlanta and their may be some monies connected to these two companies. 

Have hired thirteen faculty members for this summer to write grants. There are 5 or 6 activities that we have come across that they will focus on. There is a $600,000 state research grant that a team from the thirteen will be working on to get those grants out. The goal is to get an additional five grant proposals. They will also be trained to do grant writing. The Board of Governors will have approved a Title III modification to create professional grant writer. 

Last week end was graduation and it went very well. BSC had 588 graduates total - 321 AS 267 BS 

August 2nd, Policy Commission will meet on campus starting at 9 a.m. and ending l p.m. 

Sports Camp for disadvantaged youth is for ages 9-15. There was discussion concerning McDowell County not letting us use their school buses to transport students to Bluefield State for the camp andhow we may provide this service. 

Executive Session 

A motion was made and second (Guy/GMoore) to go into executive session at 7:45 p.m. Motion carried. 

Regular session resumed at 8:25 p.m. A motion was made and second (GMoore/Brown) to meet June 20 at 6 p.m. Motion carried. 


Moore gave out lapel pins to all members. 

Mr. Kantor mentioned that one of our members, Ms. Ruth Payne Brown received a BSC Medallion at Commencement on Saturday. 

Mr. Kantor mentioned that Mr. Jim Campbell and Mr. Sam Moore were the speakers for commencement and they were both exceptional. 

With no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Norris Kantor