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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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February 28, 2002

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Institutional Board of Governors Meeting
February 28, 2002

6:00 P.M.        Dinner
Private Dining Room, Harris-Jefferson Student Center

6:45 P.M.        Business Meeting
Hebert Gallery



Call to Order 

Approval of January 17, 2002 Minutes 

President's Update 

Policy Review 

Meeting Date 

Executive Session 


Bluefield State College
Board of Governors

February 28, 2002

Members Present:        Mr. Norris Kantor, Chair, Mr. John Barnes, Co-Chair, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Dr. Steve Bourne, Ms. Carol Baldwin, Mr. Frank Wilkinson 

Members Absent:        Reverend Garry Moore, Mr. Aaron Judy, Ms. Anne Crowe, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Burt Clark, Ms. Ruth Payne Brown 

Guests:            Dr. Robert Moore, Mr. Jim Nelson, Ms. Vivian Sidote 

Mr. Kantor brought the meeting to order. 

Mr. Kantor asked for approval of minutes of January 17. A motion was made and seconded (Caffrey/Bourne)approve the minutes. Hearing no corrections, the minutes stood approved as distributed. Motion carried. 

President's Update 

Side by Side Comparison of SCR 32 and HB 4562 and the Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 32. 

Dr. Moore said what the oversight committee of the legislature in their resolution wants is to have the Higher Education Policy Commission do a number of studies. 

Listed in the resolution itself it states: 

They are looking at the future role and mission of Bluefield State College and its component community college, including, but not limited to, the appropriate relationship to the Greenbrier Community College Center; Development of an effective and efficient plan to deliver post-secondary education in the Beckley area. Dr. Moore said this refers to the independent accreditation of the Beckley Center. It also refers to the Higher Education Center in Beckley. 

Develop a specific implementation plan, with timelines to meet the essential conditions for community and technical college education in every region of the state. The central office did an analysis of conditions that are in the bill. We met every one of the conditions except the core faculty and the president for the independent accredited site. 

Develop a plan for expanding access to dual-credit courses by high school students and a determination of the feasibility of providing financial aid opportunities for those students. Dr. Moore said this could in the future cause some financial monies being shifted to high school students with dual credit. 

The Resolution has a lot of potential implications for BSC but at this point we really do not know in which direction this is going or what is driving the request. This does follow the bill and what as been moving in the past. 

Radiologic Technology 

Raleigh General Hospital will no longer do our clinicals for radiologic technology students. They will give us one more year to allow the second year students to complete their clinicals. Dr. Moore said Mountain State is going to start a radiologic technology program and will put an amount in excess of one million dollars. 

Our Director of Radiologic Technology is looking at other sites so that we can get some clinicals. We may drop down to ten students. 

Dr. Moore said BSC's fear is losing nursing clinicals. The new Higher Education Center in Beckley is tire directly to medical education. 

Bluefield State College's radiologic technology program is accredited, however when Mountain State starts their program it will not be accredited until they finish the program. 

The applicants for the Radiologic Technology and nursing have improved significantly in the selection process for the program. 


The latest from Central Office is that Bluefield State College will receive $112,000 of new monies next year. The good news is there is potential for southern states looking at 10%-15% increase in tuition and fees because of the economic downturn in the southern states. Their colleges and universities are looking at 10%-15% increase in tuition and fees. 

In West Virginia, the Policy Commission is looking at less than 10%. There was discussion of cutting tuition and fees in the community and technical college by $200 and is being reconsidered. There is also discussion about dropping the tuition and giving BSC the monies out of general funds. 

The 3% cut in the base budget shows the community & technical college would lose 1 ½% and baccalaureate college would lose 2% in tuition and fees. 

There are also discussion about peers as they look at education in the general funds category for determining the cost of FTE. The cost of FTE has to be appropriate to the tuition and fees we charge. 


Dr. Moore said we have got to look at splitting the faculty into the community and technical college and the baccalaureate college. He said he is working on a study of what the faculty taught for the last six semesters. There was much discussion concerning this. This is something that the Board will have to look at. 

Series Nine 

Series Nine use to be Policy 36. This is the policy that guides the faculty. Dr. Moore asks that they look over this policy. 

Default Rate 

The Default rate for BSC went into double digits last year and now it has gone down to 9.6%. 

Student Government Resolution 

Dr. Moore said he would make a recommendation at the next meeting for this board to vote on the resolution from the Student Government to name a mascot the "Blue Devil." 

Policy Review 

Mr. Jack Caffrey asked why the last policy was not included with BSC policy. He said this policy is a good policy. Mr. Kantor asks that this be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. 


Mr. Kantor mentioned that the Development and Research Corporation and the West Virginia Access Center for Higher Education corporation have been created and are moving on implementation. 

Meeting Dates 

A motion was made and second (Caffrey/Barnes) to approve the following meeting dates: March 21, April 18, May 16, and June 20. 

Executive Session 

A motion was made and second (Bourne/Wilkinson) to go into an executive session at 7:50 p.m. Motion carried. 

A motion was made and second (Wilkinson/Caffrey) to go back into regular session at 9:00 p.m. Motion carried. 

With no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Norris Kantor